Alkalizing Greens vs. Animal Flesh For Your Protein Needs

This question is asked me more than any other question. Where do you get your protein on an alkaline vegan pH Miracle Diet?

Check out the nutritional values of green vegetables like broccoli, kale and romaine lettuce vs. animal flesh/steak (chicken, turkey, pork and fish is just as bad for you). What is missing is animal flesh/steak provides cancer, diabetes and heart disease causing acids of nitric, uric, sulphuric and phosphoric acid.

These acids destroy the root system or intestinal villi of the small intestine causing most if not all sickness and disease.  When the intestinal villi are damaged or destroyed the body cannot create stem cells out of the food chyme and therefore no new red blood cells.

The second biggest problem of eating animal flesh is it does NOT digest or liquify.  In order for the body to create new stem cells and then new blood the food ingested must be in a liquid state at a pH of 8.4.  It is biologically impossible for animal flesh to liquify at a pH of 8.4.  That is why the ingestion of animal flesh is the number one cause of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

In fact, no one can eat animal flesh without seasoning.  Next time you think you want to eat animal flesh try it in a liquid state with no seasoning.  You will never eat the flesh of another animal again!

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