Everything You Need To KNow About Alkaline Foods From a pH Professional for over 30 Years



WE’VE ASKED THE TEAM from pH Miracle to keep talking to usabout the powerful effect internal pH can have on our overall health. Doctor Robert Young and his wife Shelley are the scientific masterminds behind pH Miracle’s effective programs and protocols that have helped so many recover from disease and reclaim vital health. The Youngs were even instrumental in helping our June Guest Editor Kris Carr find her path to wholeness and healing. Get ready for a little chemistry lesson as Shelley helps us unpack the basics of body alkalinity and guides us through the importance of drinking alkaline water!
Shelley Young: These days, we’ve got so much more medicine, but so much less health. More children are suffering from needless obesity and the three top killers, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, are on the rise! Something’s got to change!
Before things can change with the state of human health on this planet, we all have to realize that just as the earth has an external environment that has to be kept clean and clear for fresh air and pure water, each of us has an internal environment that must also be kept clean and clear. We have internal rivers and streams, veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels running through our bodies that must also be kept running pure, the state of which are vital to optimum health and strength.
The blood, tissues and organs of our bodies are kept in a delicate state of pH balance which is set as alkaline at 7.365. Many of you already know that a fish aquarium must be kept at a proper pH or the fish will die. Think of all of the cells in your body as being suspended in your own body “ocean”. The health of your cells will be determined by the environment they swim in. Those of you who enjoy your own swimming pools and hot tubs must also check the pH of the water to maintain its clean quality where bacteria cannot grow.  Just as your internal body temperature is held at 98.6, you are engineered to be alkaline by design at 7.365 and acidic by function.
(Quick review for those of you who haven’t taken chemistry in decades: the pH Scale goes from 1 to 14 – 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is acid, and anything above 7 is base or alkaline.)
All body functions – respiration, perspiration, urination and defecation – create acids that must be handled and discarded by the body. If the acids are not discarded, toxicity (acidity) will build up in the internal environment. When your body temperature changes (rises above or falls below 98.6), it is actually a sign that something is wrong. If your body pH changes, symptoms can occur.
The blood is strictly held at its alkaline pH by keeping mineral salts balanced in the blood. Acids that build up can be held in the connective tissues and other body tissues such as the skin, muscles and organs. These acids can result in degeneration and dis-ease. What we eat and drink contributes to the system which keeps the body in a state of pH balance. Once you learn more about your body chemistry, you can make the adjustments toward optimum health and vitality.
Hydrate Your Way To Health
The water you drink plays a crucial role in maintaining the body’s internal pH balance. You may have noticed water bottles with their pH listed right on the bottle. This is because pH MATTERS!
There is acidic water and alkaline water. The important thing is to drink water that is close to your own blood pH or even higher. Most water has a pH of around 9. It takes 20 parts alkalinity (sodium bicarbonate) to neutralize 1 part acidity (carbonic acid) in the body. You can’t over alkalize, but you can become overly acidic quite easily. Most people who eat the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) with its acidic foods and drinks become sick and tired. Signs that one is over-acidic include:
  • pain and inflammation
  • retention of water
  • skin rashes and eruptions
  • fatigue and allergies
  • More serious diagnoses could include cancer, diabetes, lupus, and heart disease, just to name a few
Hydration is the single most important thing you can do to start your alkalizing regime. A good rule is to drink one liter of pH water for every 30lbs of body weight.
Water ionizers can be connected to your kitchen sink to make all your drinking water alkaline. They also make acid water which can be used for external cleaning purposes (floors and counters). There are also drops made by health companies which use mineral salts such as Sodium Chlorite that can be added to any drinking water to push the pH up over a 9 while adding nacient oxygen to the water, too. BACTERIA CAN’T LIVE IN AN OXYGEN-RICH ENVIRONMENT. Dr. Robert O. Young, my husband and co-author of The pH Miracle, has developed these type of drops that are convenient for travel called Purify Drops.
When you are properly hydrated with pH structured water, all body systems usually improve in function – even the blood cells appear more plump and healthy! Circulation can improve! Once you start drinking water that is closer to the pH of your own blood and tissues, pain may diminish, rashes can clear up, unwanted pounds often drop off.
It only makes sense that keeping the pH balance in the body’s internal rivers and streams would improve the chances for good health, just as fish who swim in the proper pH fishbowl can survive and thrive. Think about it. If your pet fish was sick, would you treat the fish, or change it’s water?
Start alkalizing by just changing your water and see how you feel!
To your health,
Shelley Young
Alkalizing Giveaway!
We would love to give away some pH Miracle Purify Drops to one lucky Chalkboard reader today! Simply leave us your comments below to win. We want to hear your tips, questions or thoughts on body alkalinity! Good luck, readers!



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    JENNIFER H. | 08.21.2012 | REPLY
  4. I’ve enjoyed reading Shelley’s posts on this subject, and this is another great one. Love the fish tank analogy. She’s inspiring me to up my vegan lifestyle to the Alkarian level!
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  7. So insightful and informative! I’ve become more determined to eat clean but didn’t even think of the impact that even my water could make. And I also know that I should actually be drinking almost 4 liters of water per day!
    AYSHA | 08.21.2012 | REPLY
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    CYNTHIA | 08.21.2012 | REPLY
  13. I am so glad that this article was posted. I have been concerned about the quality of the water I have been drinking for a while now. It can be so confusing and overwhelming with all the filters out there and different things you read. The drops sound so simple, I would love the chance to try them out!
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    JESSICA | 08.21.2012 | REPLY
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    ROBIN | 08.21.2012 | REPLY
  28. I have been using the pH drops and trying to eat alkaline for about a year now and have found a great improvement in my health. I am close to 60 and have suffered from allergies and asthma since a child. Since starting the pH program I am about 80% improved. Ialso enjoy an increase in my energy levels. Thank you for helping me where traditional medicine could not.
    RENEE | 08.21.2012 | REPLY
  29. I recently discovered the PH Miracle as a result of a friend’s post on Facebook. As I researched the site and articles, I was very intrigued by the importance of alkalinity. Two subjects areas caught my attention, references to Crohns Disease and an imbalance of fluids in the body, as I struggle with both. I was encouraged as I read the seeming answers to questions I have had for a very long time. My Crohns is in remission, yet I still struggle with several factors stemming from the condition. My youngest son, age 22, was diagnosed with Crohns almost two years and is just beginning to come out of the stage of active disease. We have decided that we will approach this journey of achieving healthy alkalinity together, and have already begun to make needed dietary changes. Thank you for the informative articles you have provided. We would appreciate a chance to try the drops.
    SANDRA RECORDS | 08.21.2012 | REPLY
  30. Great…Iwant to know if this phmiracle will help with smartmeter problems?? if i go to smartmetersmurder.com and freedomtaker.com alot of people are having health problems from the
    radiation. and i am on a smart grid… trying to get landlord to change back…… Jerry DAy has a video-
    replacing a smartmeter with a safe analog meter.mov staying alkaline is of key importance , thanks
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    I would love to have a sample of your pH drops. Thanks!
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  34. water is the flow to life, it is very sacred and we do not look at it this way, without water we would not be…
    our water has not been well cared for and now we need to put the things back in it that we as a society took away from it….ph drops are a big part of my life, I have been on DR Young’s diet for three years, it has taken my body back to a purer way of being…back to good water….. the source of all life
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  35. As always, I’m glad to be reminded to boost my hydration. For a few months now I’ve been juicing my daily green drink and trying diligently to eat mostly alkaline foods. I enjoy Shelley’s recipes and strongly believe in Dr. Young’s philosophy that being alkaline is the ONLY way to be and remain healthy. I would really the opportunity to try the pH drops!
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    Lynn Gold
    LYNN GOLD08.21.2012 | REPLY
  39. How can we eat fresh organic veggies without paying through then nose? Sprouting! Yes, it’s easy, cheap, organic and as fresh as it canbe, some sprouts have up to 1000% the ammount of nutrients of regular veggies and can be ready to eat in as little as 2 days!!!
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    CHARLOTTE THOMAS | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  77. just recovering from my 2nd battle with cancer, first endometrial, now bladder…. bought the Ph Miracle and am starting to change several things in my internal environment… Ph diet, and macrobiotic, taking Papaya leaf extract tincture, and other cancer prevention tx… crystal singing bowl tx restored my energy, appetite, and feeling alot better since then… would love to make my well water (currently a 6.4) into a more healing level… I have a wonderful life and would love to have a long one as well… I am 69 and looking forward to many more healthy years… Thanks for sharing on Facebook… the articles are verrrrry informative… Regards, Dr. J
    DR. LINDA JOSEPH | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
    PAM LEONTE | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
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    Thanks to reply
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  84. It’s just so simple! Why do we need to make it so complicated? Alkalize and be healthy! So simple!!!
    LISA ROZ | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  85. I read their book about 2 years ago and just by adding more water in my everyday life with lemon juce and some green powder ( not from them though but similar ) and making more adjustments to my already ” healthy” food I lost lots of pounds not even making it as a goal ( goal was to improve some conditions I have for long time) . Now I defenetly can testify to those who can say it’s a bogus or another marketing ” miracle food” that it’s realy true and work . Also I would like to add some of my thoughts about alternative to “normal ” medicine cancer therapies . There are many different protocols exist and all of them works wonderful and sometimes people confuse wich one to choose and why they work. If you look at all of them in basic you will see that all of them do the change in pH by eleminating acid food and raising greatly alkaline food . That’s it! So , ladies and gentlemen, go for it without any doubts of having no results. If you do it consistantly , it will work. Good luck!
    ANNA | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  86. I’m just starting to really educate myself on alkalinity thanks to Kris Carr’s books where she talks about it. I’ve been eating vegetarian for the past year (I prefer to eat mostly vegan but I’m not totally there yet) & I feel so much better eating this way. Thank you for a great article that explains the importance of an alkaline diet in a way that’s easy to understand. I can’t wait to read more about your work and your husband’s work.
  87. Loved the article. I started the PH Miracle diet about 3 weeks ago. I love the great state of well-being that I feel everyday. ” A natural high”, so to speak. I have lost 10 lbs and no longer suffer from hypoglycemia. Totally love this way of life.
    ELIZABETH GARDNER | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  88. Great article. I love to read anything that will encourage me to follow this alkaline diet. The pH Miracle has changed my life and my outlook on what I put into my body. It’s still new, and sometimes tough, but IT’S WORTH IT. I could never go back to the old way of eating. To anyone who is thinking about making a change: DO IT. Your body will thank you. Whether you are seriously sick, or just tired and not feeling well, you will see a change in your health. YOU CAN DO IT. One step at a time, and it will become a way of life.
    JULI | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  89. Shelley is a pro. 18 months ago my wife and I both changed our lives to include an alkaline diet. I have never felt any better, have limitless energy and shed 45 lbs in 60 days. The first step for us was hydrating ourselves with alkaline water… it is a great first step to lead you on the path of full alkaline diet. Thank you for the article.
    BILL HARTFORD | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  90. Great article indeed! I have been using Doc Broc greens daily and have used the PH drops as well for at least 10 years, I have lost over 15 lbs and am keeping it off, I feel better and have more energy and have lowered my blood pressure meds from 20 mg/daily to 10 mg/daily – I know it is all because I have changed my highly acidic environment to a more alkaline one. I wish I had learned about this much sooner, I would have saved myself much suffering from being overly acidic for so many years.
    ARLENE | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  91. Shelley, why do you say the drops are sodium chlorite when the bottle says potassium hydroxide?
    I have been on the pH Miracle Lifestyle for 8 years and continue to see improvements in my health and overall well-being. My body craves green foods now – I make raw green bread to eat with green juice, kale chips, and green smoothies. YUM!
    PAMELA MARTIN | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  92. last yr i started suffering from severe guttate psoriasis. I went to several dermatologists all who wanted to inject and pump me up with lots of prescription drugs that had serious side effects. I continued to research holistic and healthy ways to treat it and met a wonderful doctor who put me on a very strict alkaline based diet, in addition my ayurvedic healer had suggested similar restrictions, including no nightshade vegetables– that are very high in acids. within a few weeks my skin started to calm down and 6 months later i am completely clear of any spots! i am very big supporter and living proof that an alkaline based diet is the key to healthy living.
    TAMARA | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  93. I’ve been looking at a lot of alternative resources for better health. Although many of them offer suggestions that seem logical and helpful, alkalinity makes the most sense from a physiological standpoint. I know the body has a delicate balance that requires exactness and care. I haven’t tried the purify drops, but I’d like to along with a carefully planned alkaline diet.
    MARY | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  94. Great article with great information to pass along!
    TAYLOR | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  95. Hello, I think all is on board for good health. If you read all these articles everyone is preaching the same thing to rid their body of toxins and myself also. We are looking for a better way of living and eating, the alkaline water that I have been drinking has cleared up a lot of health problems and organs flushed. I would not live without drinking it all day and feel great, so with the alkaline diet should make this body of my in great health. So bring it on flushing out the toxins with the water and eating the foods with the ph alkaline will works wonders. Thanks for all the infor your sharing too all of us.God Bless !!
    MARTHA08.22.2012 | REPLY
  96. Enjoyed the article and would like to win the drops to try.
    VICKIE | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  97. Thank you Shelley for the clear simple reminder, would love the drops to help keep up the good work!
    STEPHANIE | 08.22.2012 | REPLY
  98. Thank you for the article. I am trying to help my husband`s health (he has reflux, bowel trouble and recently has been diagnosed with hidden blood in his depositions, which can be a symptom of something serious. We would be really grateful of trying this drops, to improve his health and well being. I would very much appreciate any advice or orientation you could provide. Thanks again.
    PIA | 08.23.2012 | REPLY
  99. I appreciate the reminders about the importance of eating and drinking alkaline. Thanks.
    LOUISE | 08.23.2012 | REPLY

12 thoughts on “Everything You Need To KNow About Alkaline Foods From a pH Professional for over 30 Years”

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