Reversing Celiac Sprue – Degeneration of the Intestinal Villi

Dear Family and Friends:
I must share with you an incredible testimony of healing that has taken place for
Aliki Pishev who was challenged with a “life threatening disease.”  May everyone who reads and understands Aliki’s pH Miracle bring hope to others who are in fear, pain and suffering with this message of healing light.
In love and light,
Dr. Robert O. Young 

Dear Dr. Young:

It is 7:30am on Mother’s Day and I should be staying in bed for the traditional “breakfast in bed.”  Instead, I feel compelled to write to you this important message.

Yesterday, I was at Jeff’s training which was awesome and one of the questions was, “What does pH Miracle Living mean to you?”  I responded quickly but now that I’ve had more time to think, I’ve come up with a more meaningful answer.

When you are given a diagnosis of a “life threatening disease,” you find yourself falling into this abyss of darkness.  You feel helpless, alone and powerless.  In September, I was diagnosed with celiac disease.  I was told that people with celiac have a higher chance of developing other conditions, including lymphoma.  When I asked about this potential danger and whether or not I should be worried, the response was, “………well, if you notice fatigue, weight loss or high fevers, come in right away.”  My immediate thought was, if I wait until then, it will be too late.  I decided not to wait and took matters into my own hands.  I took control of my health.

As a clinical psychotherapist I was comfortable with advocating for my patients.  I had considered myself a healer in some ways.  But now I needed healing and I didn’t know where or to who to turn to.  It was an all too familiar place.  A few years ago, I had gone through six years of repeated miscarriages (five losses in total).  The sense of loneliness, pain and fear that one goes through during a health crisis can be quite difficult.

That was when my journey began.  Through a long time friend who herself had some health challenges and regained health, I also took the leap of faith.  It was in January that I spoke with you and to be honest, it was the first time that I felt a surge of hope and joy.  It brings tears to my eyes just remembering the intensity of those feelings.  It felt like someone had thrown me a rope that I could finally hold onto. 

I was suffering from all kinds of symptoms: anemia for two years, elevated liver enzymes for three years, frequent headaches and migraines, osteopenia, vitamin D deficiency, regular painful mouth lesions/canker sores, low energy, inability to run for two years (after always being a runner), exhaustion.

As you suggested, I did the pH Miracle Whole Body cleanse and the complete program.  I’ve been drinking the greens faithfully since January.  Three weeks ago, my primary care physician called ecstatic saying, “I have never seen such good blood results on you!! Everything is normal!!!”.

Today, I feel like a new person!  My whole life has changed!  I can honestly say I feel the healthiest, probably that I have ever felt.  All my nagging symptoms are gone.  I’ve resumed running since January and now exercise four times a week (for a 42 year old with 3 young children and a busy job, that’s pretty good)!  I’ve had other surprising benefits as well.  I am sleeping naturally for the first time after years of needing medication to help me sleep. I feel calmer and happier.  People have commented on the changes in me.

So, what does the pH Miracle “LIFE” style mean to me?  I can say it with one word: HOPE.  You, through your research and your products, have given me the greatest gift.  My deepest fear has always been that I would not be around to see my children grow up.  Now I have the tools and knowledge to make sure that I have a long, healthy life.  This is the most valuable gift that we can give to our loved ones and to people everywhere.

On this Mother’s Day, an appropriate day for this message, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I know deep in my soul that God sent you to me, at a time that I most needed his help and guidance.  I’ve seen what miracles you’ve created for so many other people who have suffered with their health.  Dr. Young, you have changed my life and I will always be eternally grateful to you.

With the greatest respect,

Aliki Pishev

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