Only Ten Days To A Healthy YOU!


by Timothy McNamee
thumb_COLOURBOX4034373Okay so here it is! Many of you have messaged me on what exactly I “do” to stay fit and healthy, so this is my Christmas gift to all of you! With the New Year just around the corner what better way than to start it off  WELL?
First, I want to make it known what I study, and where I am coming from with all of this information – it is not my own,  it is referred to as “pH Nutrition – The New Biology of Health” by Dr. Robert O Young, a Cellular Microbiologist from California. ( With this you work with cleaning your body’s internal terrain (blood) to achieve all of the above. In a nut shell – because our blood is essentially who we are, and what makes us; when we clean the blood, we therefore clean the body. When our blood is clean, we return back to a state of balance and harmony (mentally, physically, and emotionally).. And it is from this state we achieve optimal health and fitness goals. I have been living this way for the past 3 and a half years now, and I haven’t looked back. It is by far the most amazing thing  I have ever been introduced to, and have never seen so many goals reached, lives transformed, and miracles happen with this “way of life”.  My purpose for this blog is to answer the questions i’ve been asked, and advise you through my own personal experience of getting you on the path of building healthy blood, eliminate  your body off unnecessary foods that are serving you no purpose but the joy of in the moment, self-indulgence, fulfillment, and satisfaction! We must STOP eating in the moment, and we must START eating for the sake of our future. Let the ambition of living a healthy, disease, and illness free life be your motivation!
Before I jump right in to some “healthy advice” I want to put something into better perspective for you, and perhaps give you an extra kick of motivation. Just as we commit to the gym to get “fit” – we must also commit to making conscious decisions on what we eat. Now ask yourself – what is the reason for going to the gym? I would bet over 90% of you would say “to lose weight”. But I ask you – how did that weight get there in the first place? I now want to point out to you that achieving your health and wellness goals (WHATEVER they may be) come far before you step into your local gym. Yes, going to the gym is a wonderful thing – and your MAIN reason for going to the gym should be to sweat out unwanted toxins from your body, keep your muscles moving, your mind agile, and your heart in good shape, which in result all together contribute to weight loss. However your slim, toned body should be the results first and foremost of what you put in your mouth.
We gotta face it; we are living in a world currently “spoiled” (as I like to call it) by these “delicious” foods full of  unnesesarry preservatives, chemicals, fats, processed ingredients, and most of all EXCESS SUGAR (the main and most evil culprit to sickness, disease, and obesity). We indulge in these foods, are addicted to these foods, and quite frankly if there were “AA” meetings for “Sugar and Carb addiction” we could all sign up. Though don’t go blaming yourselves for any kind of poor nutrition choices. In all fairness to you, the majority of us are undereducated on the proper foods to eat to achieve our health and wellness goals. Actually, most of us are undereducated on how our bodies are actually supposed to operate. I am here to give you a short insight of education to make you consciously aware of better nutritional choices and way of life.
These guidelines to achieving a healthier you in 10 days, are ones I believe and have witnessed that if taken seriously can provide you with a day and potentially a lifetime full of health, your ideal body weight, happiness, a clear mind,  sustainable energy, good nights sleep, all the while targeting those unwanted pounds you may be wanting to shed.


Must need Grocery List: Lemons, Limes, Avocados, Liquid Chlorophyll; diluted or concentrate (Pure-Le Natural – glycerin free or pH Miracle ChloropHeal, Steal Cut Oats, Almond Milk, Olive Oil, VEGETABLES! (Your choice), Himalayan Sea Salt or pH Miracle pHlavor salt, pHour salts, 1 Litre Water Bottle, Ezekiel Bread or any other yeast free bread.

*Day 1 thru 10 – Every morning when you wake up, and every evening before you go to bed, mix a 1oz shot glass of 40 drops of lemon juice in water. Followed by an additional 1 oz shot glass of diluted chlorophyll or if concentrate 15 drops chlorophyll in water.

Tip #1DRINK (Water)Now I want you to take your body weight, and for every 30 lbs of body weight, work up to drinking 1 Litre of Water everyday. I know, I know, don’t freak out.. It’s easier than it sounds, trust me. The reason is: our bodies are made up of 90% water and believe it or not without any physical activity we go through 2-3 Litres per day by talking, breathing, blinking, thinking, and organ functions. So it’s a safe assumption that the majority of us are internally dehydrated and don’t even know it. Actually next to excess sugar, this is our next problem. Make sure you include fresh squeeze lemon and or lime juice in ALL water you drink through out the day. This ups the alkalinity of the water, and because our blood is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.365 it will contribute to cleaning our blood more than normal water would which has a pH of 6.5 or lower. (Anything above 7 is alkaline, anything below 7 is acid.) We want to eat foods rich in alkalinity, and therefore electrical potential which results in sustainable energy for our bodies.. For more information on the importance of Alkaline water click here!

Tip #2. The sweeter it is, the more acidic. It’s pretty obvious to cut out sweets like chocolate, candy, ice cream etc. The higher the sugar content of something, the less we should have of it.  This also goes for fruits.. If you’re a fruit muncher, I recommend cut up white/pink grapefruit or pomegranate in substitute of anything else. For more information on the effects of sugar click here!

Tip #3. To all you caffeine drinkers! Caffeine sends the body on this roller coaster of highs and lows throughout the day, not to mention cuts off the stomach receptors (villi) that are responsible for absorbing vitamins and nutrients from foods.. This is NOT healthy and NOT what we want.. In order to maintain sustainable energy, make sure you take your shot glass of water and lemon, and water and chlorophyll in the morning.. And if you get a caffeine or sugar craving take another shot. The cravings for caffeine or sugar are our bodies cry for energy – sustainable energy.. So lets give it what it wants. For more information on the effects of caffeine click here!

Tip #4 .  The best thing you can do for breakfast is give your body a delicious alkaline meal! I like diced tomato and avocado with olive oil, or half an avocado with olive oil and sea salt, I also make steal cut oats and almond milk in substitute for oatmeal, or a piece of Ezekiel bread with almond butter, or a veggie smoothie. AVOID: Eggs.  Though delicious and popular, eggs have a very high bacterial content and mildly acidic metabolic breakdown.

Tip #5. Lunch time is probably my favourite time to eat! My typical lunch usually consists of salad or wrap jammed with any kind of veggies,maybe some tofu, feta cheese, or goat cheese. On any salad I mix lemon and/or lime juice, with olive oil and sea salt.. It’s a really simple dressing, but tastes more amazing on salad than you can imagine. Try and avoid vinaigrette’s as vinegar itself is highly acidic.

Tip #6. SUPPER TIME! Probably the biggest meal of the day for most of you, especially if you’re a breakfast or lunch skipper. Your dinner plate should be focused on vegetables and salad.. If you want to include a carb check out bismati brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, or millet. There are also special pastas made out of those grains if you want to try them! Your local health food store should carry them. They aren’t as starchy as other carbs, but remember they’re still a carb, carbs = sugar, sugar = acid.. So eat them sparingly please!

Tip #7. BUT WHERE’S THE PROTEIN!?  Probably the most popular question in this lifestyle.. What I have been educated and have experienced with this touchy question is that our bodies only require 7 grams, yes SEVEN (7) grams of protein per day to build healthy, strong, muscle. HEALTHY MUSCLE (and energy) come from HEALTHY BLOOD, period. Healthy blood builds healthy tissue, which builds healthy muscle. No more of this amino acid stuff.. Get it? Amino ACID; An unhealthy bi-product of excess protein. Just like Lactic ACID is a bi-product of physical exercise..  Yes absolutely, muscle can be attained through animal proteins and amino acids, sure.. But it’s not a healthy form whatsoever. If you’re a work out master and wish to add additional protein, check out Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein or pH Miracle HempH Profie or pH Miracle HempH Seeds ( And add 1 scoop to your litre of water 2-3 times per day. AVOID Soy, Whey, Brown Rice, and Animal ProteinTo learn more about protein and the pH lifestyle click here.

Alkalarian and Champion Body Builder Ryan Marcotte had no problem building muscle from blood!

Alkalarian and Champion Body Builder Ryan Marcotte had no problem building muscle from blood!

Tip #8. Snacking.. Mmm I love snacks! In between meals if you get hungry EAT! But eat the right things.. I prep cut veggies with hummus, bean salad, snap peas, almonds, or brown rice crackers with almond butter. My current fave is steamed Edamame with Sea Salt and Lemon Juice! SO GOOD. All great little snacks :) 

Tip #9. SALT IS GOOD FOR YOU.  Here this out.. With this lifestyle, it teaches us that our bodies are a salt water matrix.. Ever wonder why your blood, sweat, tears, are salty? WITHOUT salt, the transportation and vital processes of absorption or elimination would be impossible. Dr. Oz explained on an episode of his show that “the human heart is a Salt Water Electro-Magnetic pump”. Our bodies require sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium as a vital part of our health. However, don’t pick up your table salt and shake it just yet.. It is correct to say the average table salt is absolutely terrible for you. If salt is white, it’s bleached, bleach = chemical, chemical = ACID! So which salt should you keep or add to your diet? Next time your in the grocery store look for non-bleached sea salt, grey salt, pink salt, himalayan salt.. All very beneficial to the body and provide us with sustainable energy!

Tip #10. Most Importantly:   Be gentle with yourself! Remember: this is starting you in moderation, giving you some good substitutes and a new way of eating, and living. Take it one day at a time, your body deserves to be treated as a temple.. It’s the only place you have to live your entire life! Smile! Be proud of yourself! This is about you and only you. You’re on the midst of making a wonderful transformation for you and those around you!
To sum this all up, Remember “COWS“!  No, NOT the meat.  Chlorophyll, Oils, Water, Salts. Four of the most important things to include in your diet everyday! Stay away from sugar, stay away from carbs (unless those specified above). DRINK YOUR WATER! Surround yourself with positive people and things, and don’t forget to pamper yourself, warm sea salt bubble baths are amazing while making this transition!
I wish you a New Year of unlimited possibilities, dreams, and desires. All the best to a new you, and a healthy, happy life!

(*NOTE: This lifestyle is easily maintained having natural, organic supplements as development by Dr. Robert O. Young ( as part of your daily routine. The pH Miracle nutritional supplements are not included here but can be purcahsed at: If you are interested in having your own one on one advising to best suit you and your goals, or have ANY questions about this post you can contact the pH Miracle Center at: 760-751-8321 or or!)

7 thoughts on “Only Ten Days To A Healthy YOU!”

  1. Hi Jessica!
    Yes cheeses are to be limited.. I wrote this blog directed for those whom have never “tried” the pH lifestyle.. As I have many friends nagging me on how they can start easily.. So my primary purpose/intention is for those to ease into it, keeping a couple foods that they should eat sparingly, and eventually will cut out.. 🙂 Thank you!


  2. Great article – I am going to try it for 10 days and see how i go. About 5 years ago i ate 90% alkaline for 30 days and lost 11kg. I had so much energy. I did mix up vital greens in water and had one bottle of that a day too. I do seem to remember eating a bit of fruit though – i found the bananas gave me that bit of carbs to keep me going – Are you saying that you wouldnt eat the brown rice crackers, wraps and fetta? And you feel full and sustained? Also, i found it hard to fit in with dinner with friends etc – could you have a good lifestyle eating alkaline all of the time but then having a beer with mates or a dinner with friends? Thanks for the article – loved it!


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