The Truth About Dr. Robert O. Young’s Discoveries – From Losing Weight To Reversing Cancer To Curing Toe Nail Fungus

For some time I have felt a growing need to write this review because, first, there have been some rather confused discussions about “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss” including the entire pH acid-alkaline balancing science. Yet, it is not complicated. The beauty is that Dr. Young’s science has clearly articulated the infrastructure for understanding the long sought common denominator for all health, disease and dis-ease.

Second, I can see the handwriting on the wall. Dr. Robert O. Young and his extraordinarily talented wife and partner, Shelley Redford Young, are at the forefront of an obvious American revolutionary movement.

Both modest and soft-spoken leaders, the Youngs have become highly recognized spokespersons for a movement which includes an increasingly formal and cohesive fraternity of responsible Americans. This formidable group is pushing the allopathic medical industry, slowly and inexorably, toward defensive management decisions increasingly highlighted by arrogance and desperation. Fortunately for Americans, this misguided leadership is now operating in an increasingly transparent arena with less and less ability to hide their monstrous deceit.

In the 1930s, when Dr. Royal Rife reluctantly and cautiously demonstrated to members of the American Medical Association how he cured cancer, public awareness was miniscule to absent. At that time it took many months for information to be disseminated from city to city by telephone, newspapers and the fledgling radio industry.

Dr. Rife—not a medical doctor—cured 17 of 17 cancer patients in a closely monitored medical experiment in San Diego just as he had previously done with many hundreds of laboratory animals. Then, when physician members of the AMA and the medical establishment could not control the credit and the fruit of Rife’s life-long labor, they were able to suppress and blackball for decades his incredible accomplishments. Unfortunately, the world knew little to nothing of what had transpired over a several decade period, and Dr. Rife died quietly and near penniless in Mexico in 1971. (see

Yet, “truth will out and dreams come surely true.” Operating under the radar scope of the FDA, hundreds of Rife devotees now strive to replicate and improve the science that Rife discovered more than seven decades ago. The allopathic, government-controlled, medical establishment, working hand-in-hand behind the smoke-screen science funded by the pharmaceutical industry, sets forth substantial disinformation and policing efforts aimed at suppressing and denying the efforts of complementary and alternative medical research and clinical intervention such as Rife practitioners.

Likewise, the truth and beauty of Dr. Young’s discoveries are increasingly difficult to hide from the scrutiny of all Americans. This is true despite the unscrupulous power which can and is often wielded by the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

For sure, the grasping, self-righteous and officious leaders of an increasingly pretentious and drug-oriented western medical science are now under the vigilant glare of massive, grassroots infrastructure and Internet communications technology. Because of mass communications, America’s once proud medical industry is now increasingly understood for what it has sadly become and the depths to which much of this once professional industry has descended.

Once you, the reader, understand the power and control that the trillion dollar medical-pharmaceutical complex holds over the pocketbook of America, you will begin to understand the threat that trailblazers like Dr. Robert O. Young pose to this un-American medical nightmare and the shameful money-grab which hides behind the now vulnerable skirts of western medical science. No physical science has lost its way more than medical science funded by the pharmaceutical industry and its greedy and conflict-ridden research. And it is slowly being exposed for the incompetence by which it is permeated.

“The pH Miracle for Weight Loss” is an excellent publication that has two central stories: a) the pH Miracle phenomenon and b) a sure-fire method of losing weight.

To order go to:

Even if your only desire is to lose weight and not gain insight into “New Biology” which will change the face of 21st century medicine, this book is still for you. Once a person understands the diet and nutrition concept and is willing to give it a try, “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss” it is a very easy diet to follow (assuming you have your own kitchen) and virtually anyone can lose weight regardless of individual medical history, health, or constitutional anomalies.

This writer also posted a much more comprehensive review at under the book title of “The pH Miracle” which was published in 2002 and continues to sell very well and is now being translated throughout the world. Some people have found it more helpful to read that book first, although I think both are very valuable regardless of the order in which they are read.

As a psychologist with nearly 40 years of professional experience, I have spent literally thousands of hours talking with executives, managers, doctors, scientists, educators and leaders of all persuasions. I have been in the very fortunate and unique position of being able to step back and view the big picture more and more clearly.

If you have been paying even sporadic attention to the world of health, nutrition, and the conflict-of-interest-ridden field of “medicine,” you must by now be aware that health care” or “health management” has for a long period been more accurately described as “sickness management.” Medicine for tens of millions of Americans nowadays means that maybe you don’t die—but you don’t get better either.

To understand the backdrop of “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss,” it is important to have an understanding of that which has occurred over the last 50 years in “health care” in America. In the hopes that some brief history and discussion will help you appreciate the value of the Young’s life work, I will spell out some of the unhappy details for you.

1. The beloved family doctor who traveled to your home with his black bag totally disappeared many decades ago. Bedside medicine, education, counseling, and guidance has long given way to tests and machines which would usher in an explosion of diagnostic labels and related drug prescriptions. The Young’s books are the embodiment of education and guidance in the finest medical tradition.

2. It is now difficult to locate a good “family physician” as doctors now sub-specialize in many dozens of new and expensive micro-systems of so-called medicine. For the most part, doctors tend to know more and more about less and less.

3. Formerly among the most revered of professionals, America has lost much respect for doctors and lawyers who are now making a career on the coattails of the half trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry. Today, pharmaceutical companies pretend to provide technical assistance instead placing doctors on their sales team. In any number of ways, Big Pharma “pays” the doctors to sell their poorly researched, misunderstood and over-hyped drugs. Many doctors learn too late that Big Pharma has led them and patients into various forms of medical problems, potential litigation, and deteriorating doctor-patient relationships. Faulty “medicines” aimed at simple symptoms that are mislabeled as diseases eventually raise malpractice insurance rates so high that many doctors now leave their chosen medical fields.

Meanwhile, lawyers team up with patients and sue both the doctors and pharmaceutical giants. Pharmacy companies escrow billions of dollars to pay anticipated claims. And you pay for all of it as four of the top 10 companies selling public stock in America are giant pharmaceutical corporations. Some pills that ultimately cost pennies to make are marked up more than 10,000 times. Concurrently, the American public gets sicker and fatter—and in most cases—poorer. By contrast, an avocado is marked up one or two times its original cost.

Once out of medical school, doctors are frequently trained by pharmaceutical sales personnel who frequent their offices. Doctors are also invited to fancy dinners and vacation-like junkets to be wined and dined by pharmaceutical companies whose intentions are to sell the doctor on using their drug products. They also spend $100 billion a year on advertising to train the public to ask doctors for specific medicines. The public is looking for the same quick fix that they see on the phony television ads in which a paid actor pretends to be a patient who popped a pill and got better fast. No wonder the pharmacy ad always says, “Ask your doctor if Poizon is right for you.” Notice they don’t say “good” for you.

4. Symptoms are now diseases. Obesity is now a major disease, not a series of bad and learned habits by those who were not taught the importance of good nutrition and the insights necessary to control their God-given “body-sense-mind” equipment.

Who in the world could dream up a “disease” like Restless Leg Syndrome? What use to be shyness is now Social Anxiety Disorder. Heartburn is now Acid Reflux Disorder. Many children suffering from disgraceful, sugar-filled nutritional diets are now labeled with “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” Alcoholics have a “disease.” And they all have pills to take to make the problem “go away.” Guess again!

If a man has trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, is that really a disease? It must be, because now we see drug ads for men (and even women) promising to help them become sexually aroused. (“Excuse me Miss, I don’t really love you, and I need to visit my medicine cabinet for just a moment.”)

5. The main thing your health insurance company really “insures” is their substantial profit. In the crassest of all relationships, insurance companies make huge amounts of money by denying coverage to you or by paying you as little as possible when you are ill. Doctors often do not have the final say on what patients need. For all practical purposes, they simply make recommendations to the insurance company. The person deciding what treatment you will be accorded may or may not have finished college or may have been on the job for mere months. Few businesses in America have a greater conflict of interest than health insurance companies because the less care they provide for you, the more profit they make.

6. How high can you construct a building with a faulty foundation? When a building is started wrong, how many stories can you pile onto a structure with a weak foundation?

Once the building is big enough and is making a lot of money for the owner, they aren’t about to tear it down and start over. At best, they might try and shore it up here and there or just “pray” that nothing bad happens. They may also spend a lot of money on insurance! My metaphor, of course, is the medical industry built on a faulty foundation.

Part of the confusion and misunderstanding of the pH Miracle series of books is that most people do not really seem to understand that if Dr. Young is correct—and there is certainly impressive evidence that says he is—then the entire medical industry, a multi-trillion dollar annual enterprise, is built on a weak and incorrect foundation.

Consider this. What if Louis Pasteur’s theory was wrong all along? That’s exactly what the pH Miracle for Weight Loss explains to the reader.

What if Pasteur’s germ theory is even partly wrong? We have built a trillion dollar annual building on a weak foundation. Do germs really harm us? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. What if germs only harm some people and not others? If people from Iowa can’t get the flu, should they be vaccinated anyway?

What if outside germs and toxins can not harm us if our body is properly pH balanced and ready for the fight? What if Dr. Robert and Shelley Young are correct and all of your unwanted weight is NOT simply a matter of eating excess calories or too much food?

What if the real problem is simply eating too much ACIDIC food and not enough ALKALINE food? What if your fat cells are nature’s way of keeping deadly acid food away from your cells, tissues, organs—and most importantly—your blood?

7. Have you heard this quotation? “Any important truth is first resisted, second, it is ridiculed, and third, it is considered self-evident.” I wish I had said that.

Dr. Robert O. Young’s acid-alkaline theory is in the first stage—it’s, “resisted” by scientists who do not want to even consider it. I thought scientists were supposed to be open-minded!

The evidence that Dr. Young is correct is overwhelming—but no one in the allopathic pharmacy-controlled medical field will bother to look seriously at the evidence. Since most research in America is controlled by money and self-interest, then who will shoot themselves in the foot to do the research to prove that Dr. Young is right?

(Incidentally, there have been others over the past century from whom Dr. Young has learned, but they had even less success in fighting “established medical science.”)

Back to tall buildings. With a building already 200 stories tall, nobody is about to tear it down and start over. Yet that is what will have to happen. One day soon, if a doctor mends bones and patches car accident victims, his business will be less affected. But if the Doc makes a living peddling drugs for Big Pharma—oncologists for instance—then they will be out of work unless they retread.

Soon the entire world will come to understand that all drugs are poisonous because they are acidic. Any perceived benefit is more apparent than real. Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” He is also credited with saying, “First, do no harm.” I guess he didn’t anticipate the brilliance of using a little bit of poison to cure a problem.

When “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss” explains that you must give up your acidic lifestyle and convert to an alkaline way of living—when that concept begins to take hold in society—we enter the second stage. If “resistance” is the first stage, then “ridicule and attack” will be the next. It would not surprise me if Dr. Young, like many trail-blazers in the medical field, will one day have to relocate to another country in order to avoid the power and the retribution of those in charge of the economic infrastructure of our nation.

How big an infrastructure? The STATUS QUO medical industry is way over a trillion dollars a year. The cancer business alone is several hundred billion a year. Fortunately, many doctors will be replaced over the next 50 years by organic farmers growing alkaline foods with no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other poisonous toxins added to the soil, plants and foods.

8. “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss” operates from the scientifically measurable premise that about 90% of the food in your grocery store—even some health food stores—is not very good for you. Some is actually very bad for you. Let’s take, for instance, the can of vegetarian chili sitting beside me—a well-known “Organic Chili, Medium, with vegetables.” It’s vegan since it has no animal products or bi-products. It labels all ingredients as organic: red beans, filtered water, onions, bell peppers, potatoes, carrots, corn, rice flour, high oleic safflower or sunflower oil, jalapeno peppers, spices garlic sea salt.

So what could be wrong with that? Plenty. Canned food is heated in the canning process killing all the healthy electrons and diminishing much of the nutritional value. Corn is a lousy vegetable and breeds internal fungus. Potatoes are healthy only if they are really fresh because they deteriorate rapidly. Ask yourself if the vegetables you are eating are fresh or stored—meaning 6 months old or last year’s crop which is nutritionally diminished from 50 to 90 percent.

Did the organic vegetables come from a local farm? Not likely. America has far less than a million acres of USDA certified organic farmland. Now that Wal-Mart and their kind are pretending to be interested in your health, most of the available organic food will be from another country. Do you suppose they put your organic carrots and red beans on a jet from Australia to your kitchen? Hardly.

Here’s how it works. Your veggies are picked in outer Mongolia and sit in a truck for a day or two. Then it goes from the truck to a warehouse to another truck and then to the shipping port. It may be stored there for several days or more. Then the boat steams off with your vegetables in the hold. This is not a speed boat. Then another port with a day or two before being loaded into another truck ride to storage or cannery where it has the healthy electrons removed. Next the cans are taken to storage, then trucked to a distributor warehouse. Then the distributor trucks it to the grocery chain and finally to the storage room of your grocery store. Eventually, it gets to the store shelf, then to your grocery cart, and then it sits in your family cupboard another day or week or month. Elapsed time: 60 to 120, minimum.

No wonder we put all those poisonous and acidic preservatives in our food! Finally the food makes it into your deteriorating body—adding more acid to a body already brimming with acid—a body already creating acid by the sheer nature of its bodily function. As Dr. Young explains, the body is alkaline by design, but acidic by function. So, if your heart is beating, if you are breathing, and if you walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, you don’t need more acid! Your body creates acid every second of your “functioning” lifetime. You certainly don’t need more acid food and medicines!

9. As a psychologist, I worked a lot with weight problems and other appetitive disorders. I learned more than 30 years ago that people are not very interested in PREVENTION. We don’t prevent things—we wait and try to FIX them. Prevention requires an open mind, education, human insight, maturity, and the ability to discipline yourself today for the fruits of your labor many tomorrows down the road. Like I said, people are not very interested in Prevention. Otherwise we wouldn’t have laws for seat belts, smoking, helmets, and speeding.

“The pH Miracle for Weight Loss” is not just a weight loss program. It is a prevention program. Once you understand how to eat and drink correctly according to the “New Biology” of Dr. Young, you will not only drop your weight, everything else that is wrong with you will begin to improve, and you will also be PREVENTING most future health-related problems.

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Somebody once suggested to me that Dr. Young’s book could be called “The pH Miracle for…anything unhealthy for you.” It could be called the pH Miracle for cancer, arthritis, migraine headaches, acne, toe and finger nail fungus, skin disorders, heart problems, stroke prevention–and so on.

Perhaps, the main reason to learn more about Dr. Young’s “New Biology” is not just about losing weight for yourself. Everyone you love is vulnerable to the faulty food-medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex. Everyone you love can live many more healthy and happy years than the mortality charts predict. But YOU may be the one who has to start the ball rolling. But, at least there is one thing of which you can be confident.

Now you know where to start.

Dr. Patrick

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