Become a pH Miracle Coach

I would love to share my experience with you..The pH Miracle coaching program was one of the best things I have done for myself, my family and it gave me an opportunity to serve others while making a  good income- and I have just started.

Like you, I’m sure, I have been interested, and practiced  good nutrition for years-30 for me. I have read all kinds of books, done all kinds of diets, cleanses etc.

I was introduced to Dr Robert O Young by Tony Robbins about 5 years ago and have followed his book and protocol on and off since that time.

After doing a cleanse with Caroline and Dawn, and feeling the full effects of releasing the acids from my body, I was on the HOOK and was never going to look back. I never wanted to feel the way I felt before. I continued on the cleanse for about 12 weeks.

During that time the coaching program was first announced. I jumped on it because I wanted to be able to share what I had received with everyone I knew.

Now keep in mind that my group was the test group – we were the first coaching group that Dr Young had allowed under his wings. He entrusted us to Dawn and Caroline who are the two most knowledgeable people in this business as far as I am concerned next to Dr Young and Shelley Young.

These women are highly organized and will walk you thru an efficient and effective coaching program that allows endless time for questions and answers. There were times our conference calls went on for hours, we weren’t done till              everyone had their answers or one on one appointments were set up. The conference calls always held high value, and it was extremely exciting when you were on the phone with Dr Young and Shelley Young themselves!

Dawn and Caroline made sure that you had a clear understanding of  the scientific information behind Dr Young’s theories, as this is crucial.

I encourage you all to take the time to read all the books that you receive as a coach and listen to all the DVD’s that you receive as a coach. There is so much valuable information given to you this way that I am guessing not every coach takes advantage of unfortunately.

Our private coaching facebook page gives you access practically anytime to someone to answer a question you may have since we have coaches around the world and Dawn and Caroline are present all day long. You can also email them with any questions.

Basically they are always there to support you. That has been the case for me. They are wholeheartedly in this for you to be successful. They love what they do and they love helping people get healthy.

If your passion is to use the most cutting edge theories of Dr Robert O Young, and help people to heal, while making this your business – this is the place for you.

I have chosen to go further and have become a microscopist also. I held a cleanse right away and received all of my money back from the coaching program the next month.

For more information on the pH Miracle Coaching Training go to:

2 thoughts on “Become a pH Miracle Coach”

  1. I work as a nutritional adviser. My specialty is caffeine addiction and chronic caffeine poisoning due to saturated metabolism.

    Caffeine and it's main metabolite, paraxanthine uric acid, are the main reason to acidity, because they obstruct blood circulation in kidneys by adrenal induction which constricts the blood vessels.

    Caffeine is known to lower the uric acid concentration in blood, and the mechanism is based on altered kidney function. The acids are directed out of the body through big sweat glands, bowel lining and mucous membranes of mouth, lungs and airways.

    After cessation, the blood uric acid concentration starts to rise fast, and caffeine withdrawal begins. Symptoms are caused by acidic caffeine metabolites returning to blood circulation.

    Caffeine uric acids crystallize in the body just as any other uric acids. The deposits start to create symptoms locally only after you start melting them.

    Blood UA concentration can rise above hyperuricemia very fast, and quantitative analysis of caffeine metabolites would nail the case, but health-care officials refuse to test this.

    Caffeine cessation with heavy duty alkalic diet and lots of water as only drink can clear severe depression, anxiety, panic disorder, etc in less than 24 hours. One of my patients was cured from alcoholism in a couple of weeks with the same approach.


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