Reversing Celiac with The pH Miracle Lifestyle

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

pH Miracle Living

 One of the best things I’ve done for my health lately is I’ve started drinking Chlorophyll……or as my friend Adam likes to call it, the “elixir of the Gods.” 
Adam’s parents, Robert and Shelley Young, own the company pH Miracle – near San Diego, California. When I was living there in 2008 I was fortunate enough to get to know more about the “pH Miracle way of living.” I read their book, the pH Miracle, which you can orderHERE. (I highly recommend it!)You should also LIKE their Facebook page – it’s amazing to see how they have helped people with mild to serious conditions (have even cured tumors and cancers!) with the pH Miracle lifestyle. It’s all about alkalizing your body so that you create an environment in which the body heals itself. They believe that there is only one disease – and that is an acidic environment which leads to a host of problems. As I have adopted more of this way of life – eating a lot of greens, using the right kind of salts, and now – drinking Chlorophyll, I have noticed huge improvements in my energy level and overall well-being.

One of my concerns was about my hemoglobin  levels, since being Celiac and just being awoman puts me at risk for having lower levels. I noticed that my energy level just wasn’t where it needed to be, and so Adam suggested I start drinking this stuff: 

Why Chlorophyll?
*It’s an anti-aging “super food”
*Cleanses the blood
*It is known to relieve inflammation
*Destroys fungus in the digestive tract
* Dilates the blood vessels to improve circulation
*Improves the immune system and intestinal function
*Improves liver functioning
*Improves hemoglobin levels within just two weeks
*Is a natural remedy for anemia

Need more reasons to drink Chlorophyll? Read this article by Dr. Robert O. Young:
  A Natural, Healthy, and Legal Way to Increase Blood Volume: Pass It Along to Lance
….and don’t forget to order a copy of the pH Miracle BOOK.

Thank you Adam and the rest of the YOUNG family – for helping me stay YOUNG too! 😉

(Just be careful – you might turn green! 😉 
Happy Gluten-Free Wednesday! 
♥ Christie 

3 thoughts on “Reversing Celiac with The pH Miracle Lifestyle”

  1. The article does not load correctly on my screen. My son has celiac so I'm wondering if you're still diagnosed with the disease but the PH lifestyle has made you feel better or if it has cured you of celiac and you can now eat wheat. Thanks.


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