The Importance of Eating Daily A Minimum of Twelve Clean Servings of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Decades of research have shown that diets derived from plants (antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetables) have unrivaled anti-acidic or anti-cancerous- fighting powers. There is a pH Miracle secret that will allow you to maximize your exposure to the miracle antioxidant/electron rich substances in alkaline plants.

The problem is that all of these cancerous inhibitors or antioxidants/electrons are locked inside sealed compartments within alkalizing fruit and vegetables. Every compartment is a cell, but unlike mammalian cells, each is enveloped in a casing of cellulose. Unfortunately, the human digestive tract or better said, alkaline buffering system will not and does not possess the capacity of breaking down these tough shells.


Because the digestive system is not meant to digest food!  It was designed perfectly to alkalize food with an alkaline compound known as sodium bicarbonate! As a result, unless you break cell membranes with your teeth, you adsorb and then absorb little or none of your plant food’s antioxidant/ electron nutrients.

Fortunately, there are several solutions to this dilemma.  Chewing mechanically shatters most of the shells or membranes, but studies have shown that eating raw alkaline fruit and vegetables yields only about 30% of their nutrients since most people do not chew fruit and vegetables until they are a fine liquid mush.  Boiling also releases the antioxidant/electron nutrients, but are all destroyed or evaporated by the intense heat, while some are lost in the water in which they are cooked. Lightly steaming, low heat dehydration, or cooking using waterless cookware, like with Salad Master cookware, fruit and vegetables preserves over 95% of their antioxidant/electron rich nutrients.

The another method — which I prefer and is best — is to juice or puree fresh alkaline fruit and vegetables in juicer or high-speed blender. I use a brand for juicing called Green Power and a brand for blending or pureeing called a Vita Mix. When you juice, blend or liquefy alkaline fruit and vegetables in a press juicer or a high-speed blender, over 99% of the antioxidant/electron rich nutrients are released for internal absorption and utilization in the body for energy and the chelation of dietary and metabolic acids.

Many studies have shown that you must eat at least ten to twelve servings of alkaline fruit and vegetables a day to achieve maximum antioxidant/electron nutritional effectiveness. For those over age 55, it’s twelve servings. That’s a lot of alkaline fruit and vegetables. A serving is a cup of loose vegetables, such as leafy greens like spinach, and half a cup of more solid antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetables, like avocado, cucumber or broccoli. The reason you have to eat so many plants is that most people are absorbing only 30% of the nutrients because of congestion or damage to the root system or small intestine with acidic foods like animal protein and dairy. By putting the antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetables in a juicer or blender, you can consume a much larger volume and still get the full antioxidant/electron rich benefit while detoxing and healing the small bowel. That’s three benefits in one application.

To make it even easier to get your 12 servings of antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetables I created a 28 ro 1 concentration of antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetable powder called pH Miracle Greens and Doc Broc Greens. It takes up to two pounds of alkaline, antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetables to make 1 ounce of highly concentrated fruit and vegetable and grass powder. You can then add this to your juiced or pureed fruit and vegetable drinks or sprinkle it
on your food, or you can just mix it in your purified akaline water and drink your fruit and vegetables. I have also put the concentrated fruit and vegetable powder in capsules for easy ingestion and assimilation.

Most people have to develop a taste for concentrated fruit and vegetable powders and fresh juiced or pureed fruit and vegetable drinks. I love them all. But don’t make the mistake of using only high sugar fruit like banana and apple or high sugar vegetables like carrot and beet in your mix. Remember — all of these fruit and vegetables are highly acidic and contain concentrated amounts of sugar, and you will recall that all sugars are acidic to the blood and tissues that can lead to an inflammatory and cancerous condition.

Of course, all fruit and vegetables should be cleansed thoroughly in a vegetable wash to remove pesticides and herbicides. That is why I have created a fruit and vegetable wash called pH Miracle liquid puripHy.  All you need to do to clean your fruit and vegetables from pesticide or bacterial residue is to soak your fruit and vegetabes in purified water with ten drops of puripHy for at least 1 minute.

One major benefit which may be perceived as a problem with drinking antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetables, they can start a lower bowel detox.  Initially, some people new to this practice will not tolerate the high concentration of cleansing antioxidant, electrons and fiber. That is why Isuggest supplementing a magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate supplement to flush and cleanse the alimentary canal system or alkaline buffering system. There are two pH Miracle products for cleansing and detoxing the alimentary canal. The first product is called pH Miracle pHlush, which contains magnesium oxide for cleasing the alimentary canal and the second product is called pH Miracle pHour salts for re-establishng the alkaline design of the alimentary canal. Both of these products contain specific mineral salts that are naturally occurring in the body.

These products will help to cleanse the alkaline alimentary canal creating an environment which is better suited to absorb the antioxidant/electron rich fruit and vegetable powders, juices or purees.

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