Build Muscles with Green Foods NOT Protein!

Nick at the alkaline unripe age of 58 holds two weight lifting world records. One of his world records was lifting a 35 pound weight starting from the side of his body and then lifting the weight above his head with his arm fully extended and then back down to his side to start the rep all over again.  He did this over 1000 reps in less than 1 hour to shatter the world record. The prior world record last year was over 400 reps.  Nick blew the world record apart by training for 1 hour a day on an alkaline lifestyle and diet – NO MEAT and NO DAIRY!  Nick also does over 400 pull-ups everyday during his 1 hour exercise.  Remember you build strong muscles with blood and you build healthy blood with green fruit, green vegetables, healthy oils, mineral salts alkaline water and daily exercise for 1 hour per day.

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