The Cause and Cure for Over 80% of ALL Lung Cancers!

90 percent of all cancers are Lung cancers and 90 percent of all lung cancers are caused by smoking.  Here is a recent study using Dr. Robert O. Young approach to reversing this acidic addictive disease causing habit.

Liquid Salt Stops The Addiction To Cigarettes !!!! By Dr R Young

Did you know that the addiction to smoking is a sugar addiction not a nicotine addiction?

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist at the pH Miracle Living Center, in Valley Center, California, “freshly picked green tobacco leaves are hung to dry and then coated with sugar! The addiction to tobacco is a sugar addiction not a nicotine addiction. That is why a smoker who is trying to stop smoking craves sugar!” The craving for sugar is the need for salt. When a smoker who wants to stop smoking eats salt instead of sugar when they crave a cigarette they lose their addiction for colloids of sugar in the tobacco smoke and the need to smoke burnt sugar.”

In a clinical study to stop smoking, 34 out of 37 smokers quit smoking and have not had a cigarette for over 6 months while using Dr. Young’s pHlavor salt. This is over a 90% success rate.

Dr. Young states, “if you want to stop smoking then start an alkaline diet and spray Young pHorever pHlavor salt in your mouth 6 to 9 times a day. You will not only lose your addiction to smoking that can cause lung cancer but you will start getting healthy and fit with colloidal pHlavor salt in your diet.”

The following is a summary from Mehmet Ozevlat who conducted the study. The following summary is from Mehmet Ozevlat, a health practitioner from England that helps people stop smoking and lose weight. Mehmet, in his research study, has found the secret to losing weight, increasing energy, and over-coming the addictions to sugar and tobacco – eating Salt.

For almost 20 years I have been helping people to give up smoking and to lose weight. To date I have seen around 3000 people for stopping smoking.

The tools that I started my career with was mainly Hypnosis. For about 10 years my success rate had been around 70% for stopping smoking- stopping smoking means not smoking for at least 6 months after the clients last session with me. This figure was not satisfactory for me as I continued searching for more answers. I incorporated NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other behavioural techniques which increased the success rate to around 74% but I still failed about 26% of the time.

I started focusing on what the patients experienced just before they relapsed. What made them start smoking again?, What were the feelings and sensations? After all, once they had their session with me, they walked out of my consulting room and were on their own. What I learned was that those who started smoking again reported a massive craving to smoke again.

But what was the craving to? Nicotine? Sugar? Whatever it was I had to find a way of disturbing this pattern.

Six months ago I gave a group session to a group of 37 smokers using the same techniques that I have always used but this time I introduced your Magical pHlavour Salt to them. The instructions were that they should spray it into their mouths 6-9 times a day especially when they experienced any craving for smoking. Now I didn’t have that many bottles with me but they went ahead and ordered them from your website and other websites. I monitored them and after 6 months and these are the results:

Out of 37 smokers who started the program over 1 year ago 34 are still not smoking!! That’s a massive 92% Success Rate.

You may say that 37 may not represent the other 3000 patients that I have seen in the last 20 years but those who stayed off the cigarettes in this group reported that pHlavour Salt was the single most important tool that curbed the craving to smoke.

As always Dr Young I am fascinated with your studies, your products and your passion to pursue with your New Biology.

I recommend pHlavour Salt to any smoker to is serious about wanting to give up. My next mini-research is to try to curb the appetite for those who want to lose weight

Mehmet Ozevlat C.Hyp, D.Hyp

For more information concerning the pH Miracle Protocol for Cancer read the pH Miracle Book I and II and listen to the audio book The pH Miracle for Cancer.  To order go to:

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