The Cause, Prevention and Cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS!

This is an article on the most important aspects of acid/base chemistry in the prevention and cause of degenerative disease with a few notes on extra sources of hard core acids and their consequences in the cause, prevention and treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or in short ALS.

The first part of the dis-ease name in ALS, Amyotrophic comes from the Greek languageA- means “no”, myo refers to “muscle”, and trophic means “nourishment”; amyotrophic therefore means “no muscle nourishment,” which describes the characteristic atrophication or muscle tissue acidification of the sufferer’s muscle tissue which is being broken down from dietary and metabolic acids not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination. (Bowels, Urinary system, Lungs and Pores of the skin)  The blood will deposit dietary, metabolic, environmental and respiratory acids into the connective tissues, which includes the muscles to maintain the blood’s delicate pH balance at 7.365.   Lateral identifies the areas in a person’s spinal cord where portions of the nerve cells that are affected by acidiic waste products that are deposited into the tissues from the blood. As this area degenerates form acidic waste products of diet and metabolism it leads to scarring or hardening (“sclerosis“) in the region of deposit.  The body is designed to solidfy ALL liquid poison acids that are NOT properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination of prevent blood and tissue degeneration.  

The problem with maintaining the alkaline design of  the blood and then tissues is the accumulaton of an acidic load every day from personal acidic lifestyle and dietary choices.  FOR EVERY dietary and/or metabolic ACID MOLECULE EXCRETED BY THE KIDNEYS, THAT ACID MOLECULE MUST TAKE A BASE or ALKALINE MINERAL WITH IT TO KEEP IT NEUTRAL – to keep the acid waste part from burning up or destroying muscle cells, bone cells, brain cells, liver cells, kidney cells, etc.  This is how the body is designed to maintain its alkalintiy while dealing with its daily acidic functions, such as moving, breathing and thinking.  In other words, the human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function.  Stated simply, ALS is just another dis-ease of accumulated acidic dietary, metabolic, respiratory and/or environmentat waste products deposited from the blood into the connective tissues.  ALS has only one cause – ACID!  And, one cure – restore the alkaline design to the blood and tissues.
For example, in diet every animal protein acid (uric, nitric, phosphoric, sulphuric acids) molecule ingested, a base mineral must leave, eventually, through the kidneys.  Since the base molecule is lost through defecation or urination and not reabsorbed back into blood circulation that equates to a double loss of base and why eating animal protein is so dangerous to the health of the brain and body.
In a normal situation, the hydrochloric acid produced by the cover cells of the stomach is matched by the production of an equivalent amount of sodium bicarbonate (each molecule of sodium bicarbonate the stomach cells produce is matched by the counter production of just one, hydrochloric acid molecule). This sodium bicarbonate goes the other direction (except when ingesting food or liquids than the sodium bicarbonate molecule remains in the stomach to buffer the acids of the food or drink) into the blood stream and circulates all around, first flushing out the excess acid in the tissues and especially, freeing the collagen fibers and the colloidal connective tissue organ from the adsorbed acids stored there.  The acids buffered by sodium bicarbonate secreted by the cover cells of the stomach come from metabolism, diet, respiration and environment.
Any sodium bicarbonate that is left over is picked up by the alkaline glands, the liver, the pancreas, the salivary glands, the pylorus glands,  the duodenum,  the intestinal glands, etc.
An acid/alkaline imbalance leading to inflammation and then degeneration, that may be the cause of ALS happens because the sodium bicarbonate gener­ated by the stomach’s cover cells, does not all go to the alkaline glands (pancreas, liver, salivary glands and the alkaline glands in the duodenum). On the way through the body to those glands, most of it gets used up by neutralizing acid residues stored in the connective tissue organ, including the muscles.
If there are not enough bases left over after the ingestion of an acidic meal or enough bases to neutralize and clear the acids stored in the connective tissues,  a relative base deficiency develops, the latent tissue “acidosis”, and the salivary glands, pylorus glands, liver and pancreas do not end up with enough alkaline sodium bicarbonate juices to ensure proper alkalization of the food and drink ingested.
Alkalization of the food and drink ingested cannot proceed without enough of these alkaline sodium bicarbonate juices from the salivary glands, pylorus glands, duodeum glands, liver, pancreas, intestines, etc., so the stomach has to produce more acid, in order to make enough sodium bicarbonate base, leading to ad nauseum, of which one can develop stomach ulcers and eventual stomach cancer. The ulcer or cancerous of sclerosis condition is not the result of too much acid, on the contrary, it is the result of too little alkaline sodium bicarbonate base to neutralize the acidic poisonous waste products from dietary and lifestyle choices!
The ‘excess’ acid in the gastric pits of the stomach is there as a toxic byproduct of sodium bicarbonte production, as the organism has to generate it so more sodium bicarbonate can be made to satisfy the needs of the salivary glands, pylorus glands, duodeum glands, intestinal glands, liver and pancreas and prevent the compromise of the alkaline design of the blood and tissues.

If alkaline minerals are lost because they are excreted with the excess acids from animal protein and excess sugars consumed, it will be important to cut down on such consumption of animal protein and sugars and replace or supplement the alkaline mineral salts lost through urination, defecation. perspiration and respiration.
These lost base minerals salts can be replaced with alkaline green fruit, alkaline green vegetables, alkaline mineral salt supplementation, long-chain polyunsaturated oils, and good clean alkaline water at a pH of 9.5.  I strongly recommend infesting alkaline green fruit, vegetables, mineral salts and attend to your alkaline water everyday to prevent ALL sickness and disease, including ALS!

Alkaline minerals from plants, organic minerals and ionized minerals contained in fresh/clean ionized alkaline water are the very best ones the body can use. Sodium from a plant for example, is much different from the sodium from table salt. You can eat all the processed table salt you want and the cells themselves can still be sodium or base deficient. The sodium used for building cells has to be organic, from green plants or from a source such as the colloidal mineral salts from the North Shore of the Great Salt Lake.  Salt is the main base mineral in our body for transporting electrons, for energy to the cells and building alkaline mineral compounds such as sodium bicarbonate or magnesium, potassium and calcium.
We simply do not eat enough green electron rich alkaline fruit and vegetables to compensate for the alkaline minerals lost, because of our “rich”, fast-life acidic diet and lifestyles. If we are base deficient and most of us are, than our whole body is in a relatively acid condition. That is all there is to it!  We are not acidotic as they say in a hospital, when things have gone so bad that the blood pH itself begins to change, Code Blue. Rather, we are full of stored acid residues, residues stored in the Pishinger space waiting for a ride out of the body on base minerals, like sodium bicarbonate that are not present. This is “latent tissue acidosis”.  This is what causes in ALS the muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body caused by tissue acidosis degeneration of the upper and lower motor neurons. Unable to function, the muscles weaken and atrophy, all from ‘latent tissue acidosis’.  Individuals affected by this acidotic disorder may ultimately lose the ability to initiate and control all voluntary movement, although bladder and bowel sphincters and the muscles responsible for eye movement are usually, but not always, spared until the terminal stages of the disease.
The first stage acidic symptoms of ALS are typically obvious weakness and/or muscle atrophy, as the blood pushes out more and more acids.  Other presenting symptomologies include muscle fasciculation (twitching), cramping, or stiffness of affected muscles; muscle weakness affecting an arm or a leg; and/or slurred and nasal speech. The parts of the body affected by early acidic symptoms of ALS depend on which motor neurons in the body are damaged first by dietary and/or metabolic acids. About 75% of people with this acidotic die-ease experience “limb onset” ALS, i.e., first symptoms in the arms or legs. Patients with the leg onset form may experience awkwardness when walking or running or notice that they are tripping or stumbling, often with a “dropped foot” which drags gently along the ground. Arm-onset patients may experience difficulty with tasks requiring manual dexterity such as buttoning a shirt, writing, or turning a key in a lock. Occasionally, the ‘latent tissue acidosis’ symptoms remain confined to one limb for a long period of time or for the whole length of the condition.

About 25% of cases are “bulbar onset” ALS. These patients first notice difficulty speaking clearly or swallowing. Speech may become slurred, nasal in character, or quieter. Other symptomologies include difficulty swallowing and loss of tongue mobility. A smaller proportion of patients experience “respiratory onset” ALS, where the intercostal muscles that support breathing are affected first. A small proportion of patients may also present with what appears to be frontotemporal dementia, but later progresses to include more typical ALS symptoms.

Over time as acids buildup in the tissues, patients experience increasing difficulty moving, swallowing (dysphagia), and speaking or forming words (dysarthria). Symptoms of upper motor neuron involvement include tight and stiff muscles (spasticity) and exaggerated reflexes (hyperreflexia) including an overactive gag reflex. An abnormal reflex commonly called Babinski’s sign also indicates upper motor neuron damage. Symptoms of acidotic lower motor neuron degeneration include muscle weakness and atrophy, muscle cramps, and fleeting twitches of muscles that can be seen under the skin (fasciculations). Around 15–45% of patients experience pseudobulbar affect, also known as “emotional lability”, which consists of uncontrollable laughter, crying or smiling, attributable to degeneration of bulbar upper motor neurons resulting in exaggeration of motor expressions of emotion.  All of these sympotmologies of ALS have only one cause – ‘latent tissue acdosis’ or the body’s inability to buffer or neutralize dietary, metabolic, respiratory, and environmental acids and eliminate those acidic poisonous waste products via the four channels of elimination.

General Results of a Base Sodium Bicarbonate Deficiency That Leads To ALS
1.   Tissue acidosis leads to the pleomorphic or evolutionary changes in the blood and body cells.  Whenever there is organized matter in nature that is dying or beginning to decay bacteria, yeast and then mold is born. As the human body ages, becoming acidic and toxic, aging body and blood cells will evolve into bacteria, then yeast and finally mold.  In other words, the living indestructible anatomical elements that make up blood and tissues cells change form and stick together becoming a new form of bacteria, yeast and so on. This is how microorganisms are born.  They are born in us and from us. These new biological forms called mircoorganisms are not bad – they are the evidence of the evolution or change of matter due to a pH change in the alkaline environment of the body.
2.   Sodium becomes deficient first from the blood serum (most of the sodium in the body is in the serum whereas the potassium is inside the cells). The acids and even excess protein itself can be, as one of the last resorts, stored in the cells themselves. This causes the cells to swell and edema develops. Of course, one is already symptomatic by this time. The cells swell (edema) in order to dilute the metabolic acids in them, the acidic wastes that shouldn’t be there. High blood pressure to cerebral edema to the destruction of motor nuerons in ALS can develop because of this acidic waste retention.
3.   Potassium leaves the cells to buffer acidic wastes and muscle weakness, tiredness, and wasting develops.  Low blood pressure can be a result of this.
4.   Calcium leaves the bones, causing osteoporosis or bone loss. The bone calcium goes into the blood and this may cause muscle cramps. The blood has to get rid of the “extra” calcium very quickly or one develops tetany. Tetany is a Charley Horse-type cramp, of every muscle in the body. The body does not deal well with calcium in the blood. It gets rid of it by depositing it in the tissues or excreting it. So why should we “mess around” with calcium? It should only be used, as a medicine, in a hospital. All the organic, good calcium that our bodies can use is contained in the electron rich alkaline fruit and vegetables, especially the dark, green leafy ones. We do not need milk and we do not need extra calcium supplements.  The body produces the calcium it needs from blood plasma ionic sodium.  The formula for the creation of calcium is as follows: Na + H Mg + O Ca.
There are many studies from around the world that show that the more animal protein and eggs a society consumes, the more muscle wasting and osteoporosis that society develops. Osteoporosis and muscle wasting is definitely an acid caused disease. The body’s store of calcium is leached out of the bones by these dietary and/or metabolic acids to protect the delicate alkaline pH of the blood and tissues. When this leaching process continue and there is NOT enough base minerals than and only than are motor neurons affected in the condition of ALS.
This calcium has to be excreted by the kidneys or in the feces; otherwise it will be deposited somewhere in the glands or organs. It can be deposited in the lining of the arteries, kidney, breast, brain, thyroid or gallbladder and this is how brain, breast, blood, liver, gall and kidney stones can develop.
Calcium chelated metabolic acids or stones can be deposited in the brain causing dementia or arthritic deposits form, on and on…and then the microbes come out of the acidic, hurt, swollen cells to help get rid of the deposits. 

Inflammation develops, pain, more swelling, edema, muscle tone and strength is lost and blocked arteries. The amount of calcification of the body also correlates directly with the onset of ‘old age’.  I have said that you do not get old you mold and turn sour.
The blood and everything outside of the bones is already full of leached out calcium, because of the acidic condition produced by the base sodium bicarboante defi­ciency. If you take extra calcium by mouth, where does it go? It does not go into the bones.  It goes to chelate acid.

1) The condition of  “latent tissue acidosis” is not acknowl edged by current medical scientists.  If the above nonspecific symptoms are not recognized and dealt with for what they are, then, SPECIFIC ACIDIC DISEASES will develop.  ALS is one of those specific acidic dis-eases!

2) The above GENERIC SYMPTOMS ‘localize’ in the weakess parts of the body, the locus minoris resistentiae, and frank organ degeneration begins to take place.

3) ALS IS CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE DIS-EASE caused by tissue build-up of dietary and metabolic acidic waste products.  The build-up before the expression of the dis-ease condition I call ‘latent tissue acidosis’.

4) This acid “localization in the body’s place of least resistance” can take the form of any of the SPECIFIC, NAMED, CHRONIC, DEGENERATIVE, DIS-EASE. CHRONIC  DEGENERATIVE DISEASE IS WHOLISTIC: ACIDIC WASTE PRODUCTS AFFECTS THE WHOLE BODY.

5) To prevent or reverse chronic degenerative dis-ease, such as ALS one must restore the basic nature and design of the body with an alkaline lifestyle an diet!

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