Lisa Garr of The Aware Life Show Interviews Dr. Robert O. Young

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Hi Everyone,
I love bringing you these shows, as my offering to you for a great life filled with health, happiness and wisdom. We celebrate you at The Aware Life and for the first time ever have an exciting new platform to bring you this life changing information with the leaders in mind, body and spirit. The Live Google Hangouts bring a dimension of fully interactive video where you can see me and my guests, sometime for the first time ever, doing readings, clearings, exercises and taking questions, as they share their latest creations. AND if you want to listen by phone or web, we always have that option available to you too.  Now, please watch or listen to these Limited Replays and enjoy these life changing shows. 
Doreen talks about how to create “miraculous solutions” to problems you are facing right now. This is her first time sharing this information for us too, and she even does an Angel Reading invoking Metatron … 

John Gray talks about years of rejection that brought him finally to abundance. This is the first time John has ever shared this and it is priceless wisdom, as my gift to you … 
Robert Young shares that there is only one disease and there is only ONE cure. If you want healing, or know someone that does, this interview is my gift to you … 

Kenji Kumara brings the clarity and wisdom we all need now. This one is selling out fast so please watch now while we still have it available. Kenji is manifesting universal oneness and beaming it to YOU! 

Dr Fab Mancini is possibly the most positive person on the planet. See why he is considered today’s health trend setter, with a program that has never been offered at such a low price, just for you. 
So please watch and listen now, share with your friends, grab ALL the gifts and know we will keep them up for you until the Special Offers sell through, which is happening very quickly. 
We make it easy at The Aware Show as we always want to be the One Place you can trust for knowledge and awareness that you can use and share with all you love.


Lisa Garr 
Host, The Aware Show
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