25 Foods and Drinks that Increase Your Risk for Cancer!

Here is my list of 25 cancer causing foods never to eat or drink from The pH Miracle for Cancer.


1) Alcohol – alcohol is an acid that is a known carcinogen increasing your risk for liver cancer.
2) Bread – constipating and associated with the cause of breast cancer.
3) Chicken – highly constipating and destructive to the aliminentary canal especially the intestinal villi increasing rish for diabetes and colon cancer.
4) Dairy products – high in the acid lactose increasing your risk for reproductive cancer.
5) Corn and all corn related products which are high in fructose a strong cancer causing acid.
6) GMO foods  – genetically altered food that are know to increase the risk of cancer.
7) Soda drinks including soda water – contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid which increase your risk for cancer.
8) Processed meats – contains cancer causing nitrosomines. Deli meats, summer sausage, hot dogs, bacon, and many other meats sold at the grocery store are often loaded with sodium nitrite and other chemical preservatives that have been linked to causing heart disease and cancer.
9) Vinegar – it is pure acid containing acetylaldehyde a known neurotoxin.
10) Peanuts – loaded with mycotoxins from yeast and mold which are cancer causing.
11) Soy sauce – a strong fermented food that is highly acidic increasing your risk for cancer.
12) Ocean Fish – contaminated with radio-acitive iodine and cesium from Fukashima, Japan nuclear melt-down increasing your risk for cancer.
13) Pork – a highly acidic meat with the risk of parasites increasing your risk for colon cancer.
14) Tabacco – the smoke contains burnt sugar that increases your risk for lung cancer and the main addictive ingredient.
15) Eggs – contain over 38 million bacteria and are highly acidic to the blood and tissues.
16) Chocolate – contains two cancer casuing acids of methylbromine and ethylbromine including sugar which increases your risk for cancer.
17) All sport and energy drinks – have a very low pH from the sugar nad/or caffeine they contain increasing your risk for cancer.
18) Black tea – contains tanic acid increasing your risk for cancer.
19) Coffee – has the perfect pH for keeping cancer cells alive.
20) Dehydrated fruit – contains 3 times the cancer causing ingredient fructose than fresh fruit.
21) Any form or type of sugar including dextrose, maltose, fructose, sucrose, lactose will all increase your risk of cancer.
22) All mushrooms – are all poisonous to a lesser or greater degree.  They acitivate the immune system when ingested and increase your risk for cancer.
23) Yeast – yes even nutritional yeast will increase your risk for cancer.
24) Enzymes – enzyme is another word for acid and will increasse your risk for stomach and intestinal cancer.
25) Margarine – Hidden in all sorts of processed foods, margarine, a hydrogenated trans-fat oil, is something you will want to avoid at all costs for your health.  Margarine is highly congestive and will increase your risk for cancer.

Did you know that the word CANCER is one of the most feared words in the English dictionary? Why? Because those who are diagnosed with it know that it’s a KILLER.

This year alone, over 1.7 million Americans will be told that they “have” cancer and 33% of those people will die. Every 30 seconds somebody is diagnosed with cancer. And the numbers continue to grow worse with each passing year, despite more medical inventions and technology promising early detection. It is a known fact that current treatments like radiation, chemotherapy and surgery have been gigantic failures.

Are you aware that there are early warning signs of cancer growth and tumor formation inside your body? Knowing what they are could be a matter of LIFE and Death.

Cancer prevention is possible, but only when you possess the RIGHT knowledge.

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