Are You Losing Your Mind! Just A Gut Feeling!

Are You Losing Your Mind?  

Brain dis-eases like Alzheimer’s can be devastating to its victim as well as their family. Science has now discovered a very strong link between Alzheimer’s, dementia and chronic brain inflammation. Many people do not realize that they have more brain cells in their small intestines (the core or gut) than they have in their head.  And, when a persons lifestyle and diet is acidic (no exercise, stress, acidic foods and drinks) they first damage the primary brain cells in their gut which affects the healthy function of the secondary brain cells in their head.  In other words, Alzheimer’s dementia begins in your core or gut NOT in the brain in your head.  Finally, it is important to understand that you CANNOT have inflammation without ACID! or ACID without inflammation.  

Could it be Type 3 Diabetes? or Dietary and Metabolic Acidosis? 

Several studies have shown that diabetics have a significantly higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. This diabetes induced Alzheimer’s is now being termed Type III Diabetes. If an Alzheimer’s patient continues to consume sweet acidic drinks or sugary acidic foods, dairy products, animal proteins and alcohol he or she will get much worse, and the damage to the brain cells in the gut  will progress faster. This happens for the same reason that Type I and Type II diabetes gets worse if a person drinks acidic sweetened drinks, ingests animal proteins and dairy products over a long period. Glucose, fructose, sucrose, dextrose and maltose (sugars) and lactose, a sugar in dairy products, with uric and nitric acid from animal proteins, in high concentrations act like an acidic poison, especially to the gut brain and causes chronic gut and head brain inflammation that can lead to degeneration.  Why?  Because  all acids will rot your gut and your head brains leading to dis-ease! 

Sugar is an ACID that turns your gut and head brain to mush! 

The most common cause of gut and head brain dis-eases, like Alzheimer’s, is the consumption of large amounts of  the acid, high fructose corn syrup and other sugars, such as glucose, maltose, sucrose, dextrose, just to name a few. The strong acid, High fructose corn syrup is the major culprit — and it is found in a great number of processed foods and drinks.  It is one of my top ten foods to never ingest.

If you would like to seriously diminish the odds of ever developing Alzheimer’s, early dementia, or any gut or head brain dis-ease, then please read The pH Miracle revised and updated and The pH Miracle for Diabetes. Diabetes Reversal and Blood Sugar Prevention is completely in your control when you follow the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

The cost of sickness and dis-ease is huge. Along with Alzheimer’s dis-ease, the long-term consequences and complications of diabetes are devastating:blindness, heart disease, strokes, kidney failure/dialysis, amputations, nerve damage/neuropathy, pregnancy complications, birth defects, and impotence. All of these conditions are caused by the acids from sugar, dairy and animal protein. If you are experiencing or have experienced any of these above symptoms, your body is talking to you. Don’t make the costly mistake of not listening to your GUT feelings or primary brain. 

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The pH Miracle for Diabetes will show you ways you can control your blood sugar and potentially prevent or reverse this nightmare of acidic dis-eases. 

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