Tis The Season for the Next pH Miracle 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse!

‘Tis the Season for the next pH Miracle® 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse. Based on the science of Dr. Robert O. Young, pioneer of the New Biology™ for over 3 Decades. Join us as we empower you to take your health to the next level
The pH MIRACLE 14 Day
Whole Body Cleanse
Two Weeks of Education and Transformation
Our Group Cleanse consists of Daily Cleanse Classrooms and
Nightly Calls with Expert Guest Speakers:
December 4th – 17th, 2013
 Hosted by:
Glenn & Lori Stone,
& Brian Claypool
Join us for the FIRST Complimentary Cleanse Kick-Off Call this
Wednesday September 29th
6:00 pm Pacific/9:00 pm Eastern.
In December, we give gifts to our friends and love ones, this year how about giving yourself the ultimate gift of all, health and vitality by learning and experiencing how to alkalize and energize your body temple. Why wait until the holiday season is over? Take charge of your life now. Get a jump start by getting into the cycle of balance. Join us for 2 Weeks of Total Lifestyle Transformation on this 14 day pH Miracle™ Whole Body Cleanse December 4th-17th, 2013. This group cleanse has been designed by Shelley and Dr. Young to allow us to support you with all of the resources, strategies and accountability to be your own pH Miracle®.
Dial-in Number: 530-881-1300
Access Code: 475073#

If you have any challenge with the above number, we have provided a backup number.
Back-up Phone Number: (559) 546-1400
Enter the Dial-In Phone Number & Access Code
On the complimentary informational calls you will learn the following:
  1. Learn the New Biology™ and Alkalarian lifestyle in a practical and easy to understand way.
  2. Learn the four choices to cleanse during this holiday season.
  3. Learn which foods, drinks and supplements to move towards and which to move away from.
  4. Learn strategies on how to stay alkaline and maintain balance during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season
  5. Learn how to create a healthy alkaline Thanksgiving meal 70/30.
  6. Learn how to naturally support your immune and lymphatic system while avoiding any of the flu like symptomologies.
  7. Learn how to transform your mind body and soul into the alkaline way of living, eating and thinking.
This is just some of what you will receive when you sign up for this cleanse.
  1. A 30 Minute Complimentary Coaching Call to discuss your products and individual requirements.
  2. The Daily Cleanse Classroom is where you can interact with other cleanse members, instructors and get all of your questions answered live.
  3. Nightly Cleanse Call Including Expert Guest Speakers including Dr. Young. Audio Recordings of each call will be provided.
  4. Personal Email Support – Email us anytime and we will respond ASAP.
  5. *Enroll in the cleanse and receive 20% off the products on the pHMiracleCleanse.com website.
  6. **Refer 3 People and Get Yours Free
  7. Get a tremendous amount of massive support for the next 6 weeks, by listening to the complimentary calls and signing up for this cleanse.
You will receive all of these benefits AND more for only $318.00. 
Also ask us about our Alkalarian community.

To find out more about the pH Miracle® Cleanse visit our website here
To sign up for the cleanse Register Here. Also feel free to email us at support@phmiraclecleanse.com or call us at 619-947-6337.

Enroll Now

Complimentary Cleanse Kick-Off Calls Schedule

Please join us for any one or all of the 4 complimentary kick-off calls, prior to the actual cleanse. During these calls we will discuss the various ways to do the cleanse including the best ways to prepare for the cleanse and get the most out of this life changing experience. This includes which products are the best to support you, during and after your cleanse.

We will also be answering questions at the end of each call.

Wednesday, November 13th 2013 6 pm Pacific 9 pm Eastern
Sunday, November 17th 6 pm Pacific 9 pm Eastern
Wednesday, November 20th 6 pm Pacific 9 pm Eastern
Sunday, November 24th 6 pm Pacific 9 pm Eastern

Dial-in Number: 530-881-1300
Access Code: 475073#
If you have any challenge with the above number, we have provided a backup number.
Back-up Phone Number: (559) 546-1400
Enter the Dial-In Phone Number & Access Code

To your extraordinary health,
Glenn & Lori Stone
Brian Claypool

*Get 20% off all pHMiracleCleanse.com packs and products except for pH Strips, Oils & Books

**Referrals for Refer 3 Get Yours Free Program must enroll in the cleanse for you to receive free cleanse

This cleanse and these materials, documents, and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before starting this program please be sure to check with your physician or health care practitioner.

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