Listen to a Live Interview of Dr. Robert O. Young Tuesday December 10th at 2 pm PST or 5pm EST

Hi All!
Please welcome Dr. Robert Young and Lisa Wilson to our show on December 10th!
We are very excited to have you joining us this week and we know your fans, listeners, and community will be wanting to join in on this great discussion as well!  I’ve included all the information you’ll need to let them all know how to hear the show and support your amazing work!!  So, please feel free to email your list and invite them to…
Listen Live here:
Promotional Info For Use By Your Team:
I’ve attached instructions on how to Invite All Friends on Facebook
Facebook Post: 
Join hosts Nathan Crane, Mixtress Hava and Laura Fox with guests Dr. Robert Young and Lisa Wilson – for some in-depth and first-hand truth about the health care industry. Both of these guests have  extensive experience with what works and what doesn’t in the health care world as far as truly giving individuals the tools and the know how to truly heal! You can catch it live or archived, at You’ll also get special segments and free reports by Clementine Libre and the community lo-down from Mixtress Hava. Tuesdays at 2 pm PST.  Dec 10th, 2 pm pst, 3 pm mst, 4 pm cst, 5 pm est.
Twitter Post:
Dr. Robert Young and Lisa Wilson join Nathan Crane, Laura Fox & Hava Dec 10th 2pm PST Alkalinity and Nutrition!
Here is the INTERNAL Call-in Information for show hosts/Dr. Young and Lisa Wilson ONLY: 
This information is for Show Guests and Hosts ONLY
Listeners Also have access to call-in information by visiting – as it is displayed on the player on the home page
All guest and hosts are asked to call in by 1:45pm (PST) Tuesday the 10th  
We’ll align for 15 minutes or so and then start recording which is typically an hour to an hour and 15min
1:45 – 2:00pm (PST) hosts & guest align show
2:00 – 3:00/3:15pm (PST) record show (usually 60-75 minutes) 
Event: RLR Dr. Robert Young and Lisa Wilson
Time: Tuesday, December 10th
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Dial-in number:  cid:image001.png@01CEEEDB.916B7430(206) 402-0100 
Conference ID: 167032# (hosts only!)
Or, check for a local dial-in number…
Artwork is attached
Invite All for Facebook is attached
Also, Lisa, if you get the chance it will be helpful for our hosts if you can complete this form.  Thanks!!  – Dr. Young, we have yours on file already.
Contact me directly if you have any questions.  Thanks!! 
Be Well, Be Inspired and Be The Change!!
Clementine Libre
760-521-5330 Cell or Skype
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Be Well, Be Inspired and Be The Change!!
Clementine Libre
760-521-5330 Cell or Skype
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