The Cure for Cancer NOW!

The community has asked us to pull together a physical compilation of some of the greatest research, insights, and interviews ever recorded on natural and integrative approaches to preventing, healing, and reversing cancer…

…and here it is; it just became available for you today!

Today marks the age of a new dawn of collective and collaborative Educators, Scientists, Researchers, and Doctors working together to support the healing and health journey of all people on the planet. No longer are you in this alone. Never before have you had access to leading and progressive thought leaders in this format who compassionately care about your health and are here with you working towards the same goal; preventing, healing, and reversing cancer.

For the first time ever in recorded human history there is a compilation of information available that combines 27 different perspectives from some of the most trusted leaders in the Integrative Medicine and Natural Healing fields of health; and it just became available today!

The Cure to Cancer Book and Cure to Cancer CD Set are the culmination of hundreds of years of collective research from dozens of committed Doctors and Researchers around natural and integrative solutions to prevent, heal, and reverse cancer.

Be one of the first to pre-order your copy today:

It is true that we all can find Scientists, Doctors, Educators, and Researchers in Integrative Medicine working tirelessly to bring you their information out of the passion of their heart; but what we don’t know is that most of them have been doing all by themselves for decades.

But now the times are changing with the help of Integrated Health International and Panacea Publishing, Inc., as they bring forth the first ever Cure to Cancer Book and CD Set highlighting 27 leading experts with the intention to help millions of people prevent, heal, and reverse cancer by accessing the newest insights and research around alternative and integrative approaches to cancer.

Get access to this life changing information here:

In the brand new Cure to Cancer Book and Cure to Cancer CD Set you will learn:

• A variety of alternative cancer therapies you’ve probably never heard about.

• An array of integrative approaches that combine conventional and complementary treatments.

• Natural healing approaches to reverse disease or avoid it in the first place.

• Shocking cancer facts and statistics.

• How to balance your PH levels- a key to reversing chronic illness.

• A variety of nutritional approaches to healing.

• How dental toxicity can contribute to degenerative disease.

• The power of a mind/body approach to healing from cancer.

• How emotions play a major role in the onset of cancer.

• How to shift your consciousness to facilitate healing.

• The role of spiritual healing in reversing cancer.

• Cancer survivor secrets to activating your inner guide.

• How regeneration can keep you healthy beyond the age of 100.

• And so much more!

Pick up a copy for yourself and a loved one who needs this most:

Jean Swann hosted the Cure to Cancer Summit and asked important and provocative questions to the speakers that brought out their newest and most practical advice for any person facing any stage of cancer in their lives.

In the book and CD set you will get to learn from:

• Medical Doctors

• Natural Doctors

• Ph.Ds

• Holistic Doctors

• Researchers

• Health Advocates

• Scientists

• Cancer Survivors

• and More!

The important thing here is that we are asking you to not only pick up a copy for yourself, but to pass this on to a loved one who could benefit by knowing this information.

We are delighted to let you know about this new and life changing opportunity for preventing, healing, and overcoming cancer, and I sincerely hope you take advantage of this information and put it to good use.

We hope it helps support your journey towards health and healing.

Don’t wait, this information could change your life:

With admiration and appreciation,

Nathan Crane & Jean Swann

The Panacea Community &
Integrated Health International


We will will also be producing a live 3 day in person conference in San Diego April of 2014 and have just re-opened the doors to order tickets.

If you would like to meet many of the Doctors in person as well as join in the community of folks who are on a healing journey, then you can register here and get your tickets today – but don’t wait, it will sell out soon;

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