The pH Miracle Living Center

Limited Time Special Retreat Pricing - $395 per night

After suffering and fighting colitis for years, Jennifer found relief in a matter of days during her stay at the pH Miracle Center.
YOU CAN TOO!Jennifer Colitis Video Testimonial
Dr. Robert O. YoungFor those who have always wanted to take advantage of the personal healing touch of the pH Miracle Center, now is the time.
Dr. Young has approved an offer to help more people than ever take advantage of the healing available at
The pH Miracle Center! 
Book a Visit for 2014 and
Save $1000s
Offer Ends Jan. 5, 2014

The Offer:
Just $395 per day
Click Here to Email Us Now
to Register or for More Details
pH Miracle Retreats

Price Includes:
Alkaline Meals
Cooking Classes
Lectures by Dr. Young

Younga Yoga
Picturesque Walking Trails
No minimum or maximum stay required.

Also, as an added bonus, we are offering $1000 Off Full Evaluative Testing.
Includes: Full Body Ultra Sound, Full Body Thermography, Live and Dry Blood Analysis and 3D Full Body Bio-Electric Functional Scan
Alkalizing Colonics and Lymphatic Massages are also available. 
Space is limited so please
contact us right away:
or Call 760-751-8321

The Rancho del Sol

Dr. Robert O. Young and the pH Miracle Center have been offering individual and group health retreats and educational programs at the Rancho del Sol since 1995. Rancho del Sol is a 46-acre rolling property nestled in the quiet foothills of Valley Center, California.

Within view of the rugged Palomar mountain range, Rancho del Sol is among the most beautiful ranches in Southern California and is home to several thousand organic grapefruit and avocado trees along with hundreds of beautiful flowering plants and bushes fed by six deep natural wells. The ranch serves as the Young’s private residence as well as the pH Miracle Center headquarters.

The Center offers nine different guest lodging accommodations. The guest quarters are scattered throughout the property and thus offer plenty of peaceful privacy for reading, meditation, relaxation, recuperation, etc.

Along with the classroom which hosts various group training and educational functions, there are several common areas that can be used for recreation and socialization. The back patio of the main house includes a beautiful pool, hot-tub, far-infrared sauna, and umbrella-shaded tables. There are several saunas and one other hot-tub strategically located near the guest houses. A newly-constructed tennis and basketball court is positioned next to a newly refurbished guest house. The gym and commercial kitchen are attached to the Salon Room which also serves as one of the guest quarters. Lastly, seemingly endless hiking/walking/jogging trails weave through the hillside and eventually lead down to the grotto, near the bottom of the property.

Southern California is famous for year-round sunshine, and there is plenty of it at the aptly named Rancho del Sol! The weather is almost always warm and sunny during the day followed by a welcome and comfortably cool evening with very little humidity. The winter months, however, are known as the wet-season. During these months, there is still plenty of sunlight – but the days are not as warm. An average summertime high temperature is between 85-90 degrees F. An average summertime low temperature is in the mid 60s. An average high temperature in the winter is between 55-70 degrees F. However, nightly lows in the winter can occasionally fall into the 30s.

Please contact Caroline Robitaille at for Registration.

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