Reversing Type I Diabetes

A Testimony Laurence Yap

I live in Malaysia. I have tried so many sporadic approaches in my last three years in Malaysia. I hit 460 mg/dl in June 2013 after testing my blood sugar in a hospital in Ipoh, Malaysia.

After reading and watching the pH Miracle programs and books by Dr Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young, I ordered the product all the way from United States. The transport cost is 60% of the product cost. It arrived a week later.

I started the program on 12th of January. Today my blood sugar is 100 mg/dl (per-diabetes). It is also the 10th day of my pH Miracle for diabetes program. Before I started the pH Miracle for diabetes, my blood sugar was 180 mg/dl. I started the pH Miracle for Diabetes and my blood sugars have been dropping everyday. It is truly a Miracle to me. I want to continue to do for 21 days and drop to 73 mg/dl. My girl friend, LM Chua, is very supportive of this program. I cannot do this program without her encouragement.

I wish more people in Asia will come to know about pH Miracle, especially my colleagues in Singapore, Malaysia and Shanghai.

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