Reversing Type I Diabetes with The pH Miracle for Diabetes Protocol!

2nd pH Miracle’s Diabetes Cure Update from Malaysia: New low of my blood sugar! Today is my 21st day of pH Miracle Diabetes Starter Pack. It is 88 mg/dl or 4.9 mmol for my blood sugar (8 hours of fasting). I started with 180 mmol and my peak was 450 mg/dl or 25 mmol in June without medication. I read about pH Miracle in September and started alkaline diet but only started the cleansing on 12th January 2014.

From 15th day tp 22nd day, there were many healing crisis in my physical body and emotional well being. Sometimes, I feel depress, uncertain and negative minded. Thinking positive, praying and reading spiritual books are very essential in this stage. I also watching lots of positive lectures (by DR Robert Young), videos and movies to motivate myself. Besides that, I also used sodium bicarbonate, enema and coconut oil a lot to get rid of fungus and acidic apart from the Diabetes Starter Pack.

Thank You again, Dr Robert Young and wife . This is my 2nd Miracle (from 5.6 mmol to 4.9 mmol). My next moiracle is 4.0 mmol or 72 mg/dl. I will maintain alkaline diets and water, juicing, rebounding and supplements of pH Miracle.

Picture of my partner, Lisa Chua, a UK trained pharmacy manager in a well known local hospital. She said i am the first person she has ever met to reverse diabetes!

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