9 thoughts on “Look What Dr. Robert O. Young is Up To!”

  1. And this is what “Dr.” Young has been up to (courtesy of Wikipedia):

    In 1995, Young allegedly drew blood from two women, told them they were ill, and then sold them herbal products to treat these illnesses. He was charged with two third-degree felony counts of practicing medicine without a license, but pled guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge. Young argued that he had never claimed to be a medical doctor, that the women had entrapped him by asking to be part of his research, and that he “looked at the women's blood and simply gave them some nutritional advice.”

    In 2001, Young was again charged with a felony in Utah, after a cancer patient alleged that Young told her to stop chemotherapy and to substitute one of his products to treat her cancer.

    Subsequently, when an undercover agent visited Young, he allegedly analyzed her blood and prescribed a liquid diet. The case was taken to preliminary trial, but charges were dropped after the prosecutor stated that he could not find enough people who felt cheated by Young. Young dismissed the arrests as “harassment” and stated that he moved to California because the legal climate there was more tolerant.

    In 2014 Young was arrested in San Diego and received 18 felony charges relating to practising medicine without a license, and of theft. According to the Medical Board of California's press release chronically ill patients were paying Young up to $50,000 for his treatments.


  2. @Robert Allen, What's amusing is that you're using Wikipedia as a source for anything. If Wikipedia presented both sides of a particular argument in relation to a topic or person, it would be valuable but instead we get a constant stream of bs extolling the virtues of all things related to allopathic medicine and mainstream views.


  3. @John Thurston

    Anything untrue in the Wikipedia article?

    What makes you so pathetic is the way you stand up for this dangerous fraudster, charlatan and quack exposing you as are despicable as he.


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