Chronic Acidity Leads To Chronic Inflammation and Chronic Inflammation Leads To Cancer

“Chronic Acidity from an Acidic Lifestyle Leads to Inflammation that Leads to Cancer that Leads to Death!  Now you know the pathology of cancer and death”.  Dr. Robert O. Young
. . .

Our body’s immune system forms a defensive shield that any fighting force would be proud of. One of its most powerful weapons is inflammation, a carefully orchestrated maneuver designed to eliminate enemies such as bacteria, injured cells and chemical irritants. Without it, we probably wouldn’t survive beyond infancy.

But inflammation has a split personality – one that can wreak havoc for those unfortunate enough to experience it. And we now know that inflammation’s dark side is a powerful force in cancer development, where it aids and abets tumor growth and spread around the body. The longer the inflammation persists, the higher the risk of associated carcinogenesis.

A new study shows how inflammation can help cause cancer. Chronic inflammation due to infection or to conditions such as chronic inflammatory bowel disease is associated with up to 25 percent of all cancers.

Chronic Acidity Leads To Chronic Inflammation and Chronic Inflammation Leads To Cancer.  Therefore the cause of cancer is excess  tissue and organ acidity which has not been properly neutralized or eliminated through the four channels of elimination – urination, defecation, perspiration or respiration.  So what causes chronic acidity?  An acidic lifestyle and diet.  the ingestion of meat, dairy, sugar, lack of exercise and stress are the primary contributors to chronic acidity that leads to inflammation, cancer and then death.

The solution is a plant-based green organic live food diet, alkaline water, daily exercise, lowered stress and finally a spiritual connection to God and All living things that have the breath of life.

Read The pH Miracle revised and updated and Revese Cancer Now by Dr. Robert O. Young –
A Full Body Medical Diagnostic Thermography can help to identify the areas of Inflammation.

Call Universal Medical Imaging Group or pH Miracle Living Center to make an appointment for your Thermography Scan.

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