Reverse Cancer NOW! A pH Miracle Reversal of Sinus Cancer!

    • Hi Dr. Robert O. Young,

      After reading the utter nonsense written by David Gorski on the internet I was compelled to write to him and tell him of my own cancer reversal experience and miraculous results with your pH Miracle alkaline diet protocol. 

      The same letter I have sent him I shall try to forward to you. I have taken this slightly unusual step as I feel my own highly unusual experience with cancer provides a perfect example, and perfect evidence of the validity of all your assertions. As well as providing a shocking comparison of ‘conventional’ versus ‘alternative’ therapies in the treatment of sinus cancer. Crispin
  • Crispyn Gazilion

    36 minutes ago

    Crispyn Gazilion


      Thank you for replying to my letter. 

      I am not the man pictured above, fortunately for me. However, I so very nearly ended up in his position. And I would like to try to explain to you why that is. Much like watching a bus threatening to slide over the edge of a cliff, my life almost went the same way. I have stood on that cliff top path for a long time and seen very clearly what happens to others when they slide off the edge.

      I am reluctant to provide you with too many specific details of my situation after having read your plain rude and frankly childish rant about an accomplished scientist who has 30 years more experience than yourself in the field of micro-biology. This makes me highly suspicious of your intentions, quite naturally.

      I am however willing to provide you with some basic background details.

      I have suffered from an identical cancer (for the past 20 years) to the man in the photograph above. Effecting my left sinus cavity, left eye, left inner-ear and left top jaw bone. The horrific symptoms have been so severe that on several occasions during the last 2 decades I have been tempted to suicide.

      * Constant drooling discharge from my left ear
      * Horrific allergy to air born pollutants, dust etc (that was not there before the cancer arrived – no previous history of allergies)
      * Gradual decay of my top jawbone (has left me without teeth and unable to eat on the left side of my mouth, now stuck with this for the rest of my life)
      * Rapid loosening of all teeth
      * Inability to speak, articulate words, swallow or breath properly
      * Constant inability to sleep due to the constant awful irritation
      * Awful illness/perpetual exhaustion due to the perpetual lack of sleep

      Here is a picture of my mouth…edging toward the tragic situation of the man above.

      After starting Dr. Young’s protocol a year ago I am experiencing my first “normal days” of health in over 20 years. To say I am grateful to this man would be a ludicrous understatement. I woke up this morning ”perfectly healthy”…after 20 years of utter misery.

      How did I survive 20 years of sinus cancer you may be wondering?

      And how is it I only lost half my teeth, instead of half of my face?

      The answer is simple David. I drank copious amounts of water, and tried to stick to healthy natural foods. For 20 years I was incredibly thirsty.

      Why would I be incredibly thirsty?

      Why are all cancer patients always incredibly thirsty?

      Why is an insatiable thirst such a common symptom among cancer patients?


      As acidity builds up in the body this makes the cancer patient feel thirsty. Very thirsty. The body, naturally seeking to try and stay alive, does not want to be floating in a bath full of acid (acidic blood) while we have cancer. Is that difficult for you to understand?


      Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering cancer thrives an acidic low-oxygen environment, for a good reason.


      A further somewhat unexpected side effect of drinking massive amounts of water everyday for 20 years is that I now look 15/20 years younger than my age. Well, fancy that. I am nearly 50 years old David for goodness sake! I will be 47 in a few days time.

      Now I am feeling better and recovered it’s completely obvious to me why I was drinking so much water, for so long. And why I was so thirsty for so long, and why I look so much younger and why I have survived cancer where others have not.

      If you were guzzling ridiculous amounts of water for 20 years would you not ask yourself why that is?

      Drinking copious amounts of water for 20 years, and avoiding acidic drinks, like Coke/alcohol/etc (and listening to my body) has meant that acidity and toxins have been flushed from my system much faster than, for example, with a person who does not have cancer. The result is, my skin looks younger. This is solid concrete proof that every word that Dr. Young says is true, and for that matter, profound proof that your article is nothing but atrocious nonsense from start to finish.

      From my position it is very easy to tell what went wrong for the man who has been left with only half a face.

      Like myself, he was a smoker. He was addicted to smoking cigarettes. And as the symptoms arrived, he realised he was unable to give up smoking these wretched things. Oddly enough the act of smoking cigarettes gives a temporary respite to the symptoms and anxiety cancer brings, albeit temporarily. Lung cancer patients are the same, they seem to carry on smoking even after being diagnosed and warned of their impending demise. The only question then lies in whether the patient is able to mitigate the resulting acidity, low-oxygen levels and inflammation caused by the smoking.

      The first problem with smoking is that it lowers oxygen levels in the blood of course. Come on! Carbon monoxide knocks out red blood ells, acidifies the blood, which leads to the spread of the disease. And yes, Dr. Young helped me to understand the principles of body function (alkaline by design – acidic by function), understand my blood and the nature of my disease, and inspired me to give up smoking. Quite simply, I realised that spending so much time and money on treatments would all be off set if I continued to smoke. Plus, finding the picture above, and reading up on this mans tragic problems, also inspired me to give smoking the push.

      Sinus cancer first presents itself as a stubborn blockage in the sinus cavity. Large and impossible to shift. Repeated anti-biotic prescriptions also of course, fail to move it. I was left having fits on the floor, blowing and blowing trying to shift it. I can not describe the misery. There is no end to it, at least so it seems. I have seen animals with sinus cancer, they stagger backwards shaking their head from side to side. The irritation is beyond imaginable, it drives the animal quickly berserk and insane. Banging its head against trees while staggering backwards, the animal usually dies a few days later. What is, arguably, one of the most unpleasant ways in which any sentient being may leave this earth, let alone a human.

      Therefore, maybe you can begin to imagine my astonishment upon reading your article about Dr. Young. Locking up Dr. Young will have only one completely predictable result. It will leave millions of cancer patients to eat the wrong food, drink the wrong drinks, not fully understand why they should give up smoking, and leave them ALL to fry to death in an acid bath. Leave millions of cancer patients to fry in an acid bath? Why this will mean a lot of work for surgeons wont it David? Oh yes. It’s easy to tell what motives are. I’m sorry David, but you do not fool me at all.

      We all know there’s a ”cancer tidal wave” heading straight toward us, and clearly the opportunity to exploit the vulnerable and the sick has never been greater. Many are rubbing their hands together with glee. The potential profits from exploiting the vulnerable are astronomical.

      All I can do is urge you to think again about what you have written about Dr. Young. He is an honest man, with a high intelligence and a heart, who cares about people’s health. Before any doctor should be allowed to become a doctor they should ALL be checked to see if they have a heart. It should be a mandatory prerequisite. This, David, is all that’s wrong with our current medical system.

      I’ve seen surgeons perform miracles. Perform heart by-passes on patients that have gone on to out-live their surgeons! Repaired damaged limbs and so on. So why drag your profession through the mud over such a simple issue. Are we all so stupid that we can’t tell that bubbling oxygen through water will raise the pH and clear the water of disease? And have the same effect upon our blood? Maybe some people are, but not me!

      A similar case to this one was recently shown to a Country Court Judge involving a child with cancer. The judge was shown to photos. One of conventional treatment, the other of alternative. 

      After viewing the photograph of conventional therapy and a mutilated child, the judge had to leave the stand to be sick. He was visibly shaken with revulsion. It was too much for him to bare. Another factor that you could do well to bare in mind. Not everyone agrees extreme stupidity, and horrific mutilation is the answer to cancer.
      Here is a picture of me today cancer free.
      • To learn more about reversing cancer with drugs, radiation or surgery read The pH Miracle revised and updated, Sick and Tired, Reverse Cancer Now and listen to the pH Miracle for Cancer CD’s.

One thought on “Reverse Cancer NOW! A pH Miracle Reversal of Sinus Cancer!”

  1. So let me get this straight. You are claiming that you lived with cancer of the sinuses for TWENTY YEARS?! You also make the claim that your cancer was cured by drinking large amounts of water? Who knew? Water can cure cancer! Sure, that sounds plausible.

    You do realize that if a person has cancer in the head or neck area without proper treatment the person will succumb to the cancer in just a few years.

    You also claim: “Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering cancer thrives an acidic low-oxygen environment, for a good reason.”

    This is also incorrect. Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize for his his “discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme.” Let me also correct your assumption that cancer can't survive in an oxygen rich environment. This is flat out WRONG. Some types of cancer such as the blood cancers grow and thrive quite well in an oxygen rich environment. That is why treatment in an hyperbaric oxygen chamber is contraindicated for patients with cancers like leukemia.

    You make so many incorrect claims I'm not sure where to begin, except to say cancer can not be cured by drinking large amounts of water. Nor can it be cured by drinking Robert O Young's green smoothies.

    You also make the claim that the medical profession is strictly profit driven and that doctors don't care about their patients. I suppose Robert O Young is giving his services for free right? Except for the thousands of dollars a day he was charging people to get enemas, green smoothies, massages, and a yoga class.

    You do know that Young is not a medical doctor, and he was recently arrested again, for playing doctor without a license, and for theft. He is awaiting trial and facing 18 felony charges. But I'm sure you will just say he's being persecuted. After all why don't they leave him alone and let him pretend he's a doctor and treat sick people.


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