Reversing Sinus Cancer – An Unsolicited Testimony

When I was 19 years old, during the mid-eighties, I had a very uncommon kind of ‘chemical accident’. At the time, like other curious young people of my generation, I experimented occasionally with sniffing amphetamine. The sniffing of chemicals such as legal highs, cocaine and alike, has rapidly exploded in popularity since my day.  And so I suspect there is a proportional and unfortunate increase in the number of sinus cancer patients thus making this article all the more poignant and timely.
Before the notorious addiction to amphetamine had a chance to establish itself (which was often surprisingly rapid in most cases) I had already fallen victim to a horribly adulterated product. One day I went to buy some amphetamine powder and assumed I had received what I had asked for. While actually what I had bought was some kind of powdered bleach. Something I only later realised after sniffing the vile concoction into my sinus cavity. A product undoubtedly more suitable for washing clothes or unblocking drains than sniffing into ones nasal passage. And yes it did hurt.

I didn’t rush to a hospital as I never wished to admit I had just sniffed a pile of bleach into my head. Perhaps in hindsight this was a mistake. Although to this day I’m not convinced there is a lot anyone could have done for me at the A&E department to reverse the damage I had already just done. It’s clear to me now I had already burnt a hole in the inside of my head, seriously damaged the membrane inside my sinus cavity and destroyed valuable defences between myself and the outside world. The membrane in the sinus cavity is notoriously thin, being only one cell thick, which of course is precisely why this is the preferred route to take chemical drugs and achieve an instant high. Nevertheless, I rather naively prayed there would be no long term damage.

Within about 7 years of this accident, at the age of 26 I came down with all the full-blown unmistakable symptoms of sinus cancer, affecting the left side of my head. A tragic result I also partly attribute to my continued smoking habit after the ‘bleach incident’ itself.

One hundred years ago the number of people developing cancer was about 1 in 80 people. Now it is closer to 1 in 2. The reason for this is very straight forward, and has been directly attributed to the irresponsible use of chemicals put directly into our air, water and food, mostly by big corporations. Meaning very simply if we use chemicals irresponsibly our chances of developing cancer rise in direct proportion to this miss use. And my story is certainly no exception to this testimony, in fact directly reaffirming its validity.

For a short while I thought I had got away with it. I almost managed to forget about the dreaded ‘bleach incident’ for a short time, although looking back I was never quite the same since that fateful day. A permanent yet subtle change had occurred, albeit hard to notice to begin with, like a timer on a bomb set to start ticking. Continued cigarette smoking seemed to cause gentle friction over this damaged area of the original burn injury in my sinus membrane without my even knowing. For the first time in my life I started to get permanently sick, tired, and could never figure out why. For a 23 year old man this simply did not make any sense, no one could explain what was wrong. It was some years ago since ‘the bleach incident’ by this time, I had all but forgotten about it to be honest, and I couldn’t put 2 and 2 together or make any sense of the deteriorating situation.  

At around 26 years old I woke up one day with a huge persistent blockage in my left sinus cavity, accompanied by a further deterioration in my health, both mental and physical. I first tried blowing my nose to relieve the blockage, but it simply would not shift. In fact repeated blowing only made the blockage rapidly larger, more inflamed and even more irritating. It was a vicious circle of the worst nature imaginable. Words can hardly capture or convey what misery the onset of this disease brings with it. A Catch-22 situation where everything one tries to do only appears to make the situation worse, and quickly options become fewer and further between. Panic can quickly set in and even more irrational strategies employed, as the aggravating symptoms rapidly send the victim into a spiral of frustration and psychosis.

Typically repeated antibiotic prescriptions do not shift the blockage, which is in itself is a huge tell-tale sign of sinus cancer that should be ringing alarm bells immediately. A permanent blockage in the sinus cavity is extremely uncommon, especially if it lasts for months uninterrupted. Rarely does a foreign object or particle get stuck without our noticing, and that’s usually blown out, or is otherwise fairly easy to detect. A lingering cold/flu is quite literally the only other remaining explanation for a blockage. However this will only last for a few weeks, at the very most. Therefore, sinus cancer is very literally the last remaining explanation for large and persistent blockages to the sinus cavity, and therefore a relatively easy disease to diagnose with the right knowledge.

I later learned that animals can also be affected by sinus cancer. For example sniffer dogs have notoriously high rates of contracting the disease (or indeed any animal that has sniffed up too many dirt/pollutants) is more prone to catching this disease, albeit fairly uncommonly in the wild. However, the results are always highly disturbing. Usually the animal quickly descends into a state of full-blown panic and frustration, not understanding what’s happening, while trying to remove the persistent blockage to the nasal cavity and rapidly loses all control. Staggering backwards, shaking its head from side to side – puffing and blowing frantically – banging its head into trees (or whatever is in its path) for up to a week before it eventually dies from exhaustion.  

At the onset of my nasal cancer symptoms I booked my first appointment to see my GP who referred me to an ENT specialist and told me the next available appointment was in 6 months. For 6 months I waited, already very ill. When finally the day came for my appointment I presented with all the classical full blown symptoms of sinus cancer. However, the ENT specialist was completely unable to recognise these highly unusual symptoms even though they were very clearly explained, plainly severe and blatantly obvious. He ran a few simple tests, staring into my ear with his gadget, peering up my nose with his naked eye, then told me I was apparently fine and that I should go home. It all seemed very brief and sudden, that I should have waited for 6 months for such a fast appraisal of such a serious condition.

I made another appointment, again for a few months later. I was even more determined to get some kind of serious tests done and find some tangible conclusive answer to my awful problems, yet I had the same lack lustre unprofessional response as my first appointment. A quick look up my nose, then sent home with a few bottles of chemicals this time, nasal sprays that I should try 3 times a day.
A few months later I went back and told the ENT doctor the sprays are no good, they are making me worse. He just shrugged and said ‘well try these instead’ we have lots of different sprays. A few months later I went back and complained again that the nasal sprays are not working, they’re making my symptoms worse. To this day I’m still utterly dumbfounded by the totally unprofessional and cowboy like attempts at treating someone so ill from so called ‘medical specialists’.

Perhaps somewhere in my mind I began to realise there was no easy answer to my problems and quietly sensed that there was nothing any traditional doctors can do to help. Somewhat ironically I later discovered that the totally incompetent nature of the ENT specialists I had visited was to be a mixed blessing, and very possibly saved my life. For I now realise very clearly that if the ENT specialist had recognised the blatantly obvious symptoms of nasal cancer when I first presented them, and given me a scan, an MRI or a simple probe with an endoscope into my nasal cavity (which would have taken only 2 minutes) they would have found a whole heap of problems straight away. This would most likely have involved the standard responses and immediate remedial proposals including surgery, radiation treatment, followed by chemotherapy.  Treatments I honestly don’t believe I would of survived.
How did 2 different ENT specialists fail to notice the most obvious symptoms of sinus cancer when they were repeatedly staring them right in the face? The most likely answer was that the disease is so rare (even rarer in the younger generation) that the possibility was not even considered. Such a young person with sinus cancer at 26 years old is after all practically unheard of. Furthermore the ‘medical specialists’ I saw didn’t seem to know anything about the unique and highly unusual symptoms of sinus cancer. Otherwise I assume they would have recognised at least one of the symptoms. A fact I find bewildering looking back, but a stroke of fate that I was later to realise could well be the reason I am still alive.

I knew in the back of my mind it was serious, but to be told by a traditional doctor ‘’you have cancer’’ may also have resulted in a further drop in my moral and all the consequent anguish, which may well have sent me into yet more panic and irrational thought patterns, on top of the ones I already had.
Ultimately I was left alone to struggle with the disease on my own for the next 20 years, while I had no idea, at least at the beginning, what it even was. No one can imagine how ludicrous a situation! 

Walking around with this crippling illness, badly affecting the left half of my head, for a reason no one even knew. If people spoke to me, they would have to talk to the right half. The left half was ‘out of order’. People struggled to communicate with me as I was constantly distracted by the irritation, left literally unable to have a normal conversation with anyone. I could only focus on what people were saying to me for short periods, as I became increasingly isolated and distracted.

My whole life slowly fell apart, I could never sleep properly, constantly irritable, always sick and tired, my marriage fell apart, my job went with it, everything seemed to be sliding down the drain for a reason no one even knew. My teeth suddenly started to loosen around large areas of my mouth while bad abscesses and ulcers appeared that simply would not go away. I lost many teeth all in the space of about 2 years, while the worst affected area was in the top left hand corner (right below the position of my suspected tumour).

By way of an introduction, sinus cancer appeared to punch out half of my teeth. I had teeth flying out in all directions, and yet still no one knew why. Twenty years later I can now only eat using the few remaining teeth I have left on the right side of my mouth, and therefore very grateful for my blender! I later discovered that disastrous dental decay, loosening of the teeth and persistent ulcers are all standard features of nasal cancers. Yet another huge ‘pile of symptoms’ my doctor (and dentist) had failed to spot.  

The symptoms were multiple, complex and often severe, but at least did seem to ‘come and go’ a little and give me a few moments rest from time to time. On several occasions, during bad days, thoughts of suicide crossed my mind, but I did have occasional ‘better days’, that importantly gave me hope. I tried to stay positive, and I kept telling everyone ‘I’m getting better’ when in reality I was still the same. I also think it was important to both believe and tell people I was ‘getting better’ as it certainly helped me to stay more positive, even if it simply wasn’t true.

Main symptoms of sinus cancer

* Constant thirst.
* Constant drooling discharge from my left ear.
* Sudden arrival of an enormous allergy to air born pollutants, dust etc (that was not there before the cancer arrived – no previous history of allergies).
*Loss of sense of smell (smell sense permanently replaced by above allergy).
* Gradual decay of top left jawbone (has left me without teeth and unable to eat on the left side of my mouth).
* Rapid loosening of all teeth, persistent ulcers/abscesses.
* Inability to speak fluently, articulate words/sentences clearly, swallow normally or breathe properly.
*Loss of vision, especially long distance became blurred.
*Floaters – clouds of specks, strings, and squiggly lines appearing in visual range (possibly due to previous head injuries as well).
* Constant inability to sleep due to constant irritation.
* Associated illness/perpetual exhaustion due to lack of sleep.
*Bladder issues. Bladder would only fill to half-full before it needed emptying (or very painful if attempting to fill further). A typical sign of a further tumour present in or around the urinary tract.

The consistent lack of sleep and consequent exhaustion were a perpetual struggle to deal with. The constant irritation around the sinus cavity seemed to increase when lying down, due to increasing inflammation, to the point where I quickly became scared of trying to sleep. And really wanted to sleep standing up to relieve the pressure and inflammation! I quickly realised that when our sleeping cycle is destroyed, so is our life.

I also noticed very early on I seemed to be incredibly thirsty, all the time. I asked myself why, but could never come up with a reasonable answer. I perpetually found myself drinking a lot of water. And only recently have the reasons for such a persistent thirst, for so long, finally come to my attention.

>> My body was trying to dilute excess acid and alleviate the toxic build up that would help the cancer to metastasise and spread.

I later discovered that all cancer patients suffer from this same insatiable thirst. It is a simple self-defence mechanism that comes into play, much like a dog may seek to chew grass when it feels unwell. I always felt a temporary and much appreciated relief from my symptoms after drinking a lot of water, although this was always fairly short lived. So desperate was I to get rid of my symptoms I occasionally found myself drinking even ridiculous amounts of water. Later I realised that excessive water consumption may quickly become a very dangerous situation if not accompanied with the appropriate salt intake. And at the time I was not particularly ‘salt-aware’.

As flushing excess acidity from the body takes with it valuable salt, this can deplete salt levels to a dangerously low level if not replenished, from where death may quickly ensue. Thus avoiding chemotherapy/radiation/surgery and attempting to treat my own cancer had its own perilous risks that could easily have turned tragic at any time.

The plus side to spending 20 years drinking so much water has been an unexpectedly youthful looking skin at the age of 46 year old. The result of more than 2 decades battling cancer from home has left me looking at least 15 years younger than I actually am! This fact alone makes me, somewhat ironically, living proof of the validity of all the assertions regarding acid/alkaline blood in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer.

During the early years of my ailment I also noticed a highly noticeable alteration in my symptoms in relation to consuming different food products. People who are sick are naturally more fragile, and more sensitive. Indeed anyone who has been seriously ill should be able to relate to this sentiment. For example I noticed very early on Vitamin C and drinking orange juice helped me feel better for a few minutes. The relief didn’t last long, but it was very noticeable. Although I later discovered the sugar content in orange juice is very high, at least I was on the right track. Similarly eating chocolate bars and junk food made me noticeably lack lustre, almost straight away. Albeit hard to understand, my body was trying to show me what to eat, and what not to eat. I kept listening to my body. Although the signals were often overwhelmingly confusing, I kept trying to decipher and distil the useful pieces of information that helped even fractionally with my symptoms.

Gradually I managed to reduce my smoking habit, improve my diet and kept battling the persistent symptoms. I should confess that smoking at this stage was an incredibly stupid thing to do. Even in small amounts. And realise this disease could well have beaten more quickly if I had gained more control over this issue at an earlier stage. Several more times I tried going to the GP around the age of 29 years old, after giving up with the ENT specialist, only to be met with yet more flat refusals of help. 

One GP even got very upset with my presence in his surgery and started raising his voice announcing ‘I’ve had cancer you know, now please leave’. Little did he know he was already talking to a cancer patient. This was the typically pathetic nature of all my visits to see GP’s, so I quickly decided to give up going, after all what was the point?

I wasn’t well enough to keep up with normal healthy people, but I could just about get by on my own. I decided to stick to life at my own pace and suffer the consequent isolation. I quickly learned healthy people don’t have time for sick people, or the patience. At times this really frustrated me to an extreme, on other occasions I could fully understand why they felt so annoyed having to slow down for me. Perhaps the worst part of it all was that I wasn’t able to ‘keep up’ with healthy people, or even able to be there for a partner/hold down a girlfriend.

Around 2011, at the age of 43, I finally had a break through. I looked up ‘symptoms of sinus cancer’ (I think it was from the Cancer Research UK website). BOOM! Oh my god. Every single unique and dreadful symptom I had suffered from for the past 20 years was on that list, all carefully and accurately explained. I searched further lists, again, identical symptoms to my own. For the first time in over 20 years, finally, at last, there was a sensible, deadly accurate and rational explanation to my terrible 20 year-long health issue. The penny finally dropped.

I am in fact grateful to Cancer Research UK (though not for any other reason I hasten to add) for providing the public with this vital information concerning the accurate and detailed symptoms of different types of cancer. The numerous traditional doctors I had seen clearly had absolutely no clue of what the basic symptoms of sinus cancer were, not even specialists.

On finally finding out about the nature of the illness I had been suffering from, I set about re-visiting my local GP, I booked an appointment to see the most well-known and distinguished amongst all our local GP’s for his experience. This time armed with all the relevant information. My GP was initially caught somewhat unawares, realising I had been left abandoned and rejected for the best part of 20 years, suddenly here I was waving all the answers in his face.

He began by reeling off the same mundane and frankly plainly insulting statement I’d heard so many times before from so many other GP’s “you should be dead by now”.

I was always slightly perplexed by this sentence, “I should be dead by now”. For it was always accompanied by a miserable look on their face full of contempt, as if they were genuinely disappointed and heartbroken I was still alive. Did I just hear that properly?

I explained that I was learning about the ‘pHmiracle for cancer’ on the web, and the concept of blood alkalisation from a Dr. Robert O Young PhD.  My GP became immediately agitated. He started straight away firing some blunt aggressive questions “who is this chap Dr. Young? Is he English?” I said “I’m not sure. I’ve just started researching his work and reading about his protocol, I can’t remember where he comes from”. My GP was still not happy “which university did he go to?” I said “I don’t know. 
Does it matter?”

This sort of strict interrogation was not just suspicious – it rang alarm bells in my head.
I tried to continue the conversation. Explaining the concept of blood alkalisation to my GP but he got even more agitated. He began trying to infer the whole acid/alkaline idea was ‘made up’ and a ‘bogus theory that simply had no truth to it’ – ‘all a figment of my imagination’ apparently. I politely asked my GP to research some of Dr. Young’s work and try to learn something about the man before so enthusiastically slating all his theories. And he did at least promise to watch something before my next appointment.

The next appointment came and I asked if he had found out anything about Dr. Young? He immediately tried to change the subject. I then asked him about the possibility of getting a scan done, an MRI. I’d been waiting for 20 years, was today my lucky day? His response again was immediately aggressive and defensive. Suddenly he flew out of his chair and started ranting and raving as he marched around his surgery, waving his arms around, shouting about chemotherapy statistics and death rates. Is this really happening I thought to myself? I couldn’t bear to watch so I just looked at the floor, not wishing to make eye contact with him.

I said “Look, I’ve not come here to be harassed and harangued. I’ve come to ask for a scan”. My GP was off again, more shouting, more marching around, more ranting about cancer death rates. I repeated my original request “I’ve not come here to be harassed and harangued”. Nothing appeared to calm him down and he was clearly ‘losing control’.

My thoughts turned to a documentary I had watched recently on the web where scientists had witnessed the tumours on dogs go into full remission after being fed wheatgrass/barley grass juice. I had found it fascinating that dogs have been curing cancer for millions of years by chewing grass and was frankly amazed that not one doctor in the whole country appeared to even know anything about it. The world’s daftest dog knows exactly how to treat cancer? But my GP doesn’t have a clue? What on earth is going on?

I had, like many people, wondered why dogs chew grass when they feel ill. So I asked my GP if he knew why the tumours on dogs consistently went into remission after being fed wheatgrass juice. He wasn’t able to reply, he just fidgeted very nervously.  I tried one more time “dogs have been curing cancer for 6 million years and you seriously have no idea about any of it?”

He just sat there, staring at his computer screen, refusing to speak. He started reaching for his phone, I had the impression he wanted to call some kind of security or the police, to get me removed from his surgery. What on earth was going on? A cancer patient, finds out he has been lied to by his doctors for 20 years, and this is the response? Shouting and abuse? I told him ‘I was shocked’ and got up and left in disgust.

Clearly, he was very nervous of a lawsuit placed against him if a scan had come back confirming I had cancer, which would have also confirmed serious negligence on his part, and many of his colleges/specialists also. This was plainly obvious. He also seemed to clearly suspect I would/could use an MRI scan to prove the efficiency of ‘alternative medicines’ and blood alkalisation in treating cancer and, worse still, publish them on the web.

The motives for blocking me getting a scan seemed to be multiplying in front my GP’s very eyes. I had no chance at all, unless I went private. And does beg the serious question: how many other cancer patients are GP’s blocking from getting a scan? Clearly I was not alone. This malpractice is rampant.

After recently talking and connecting with many other cancer patients in my local area (and from around the world) over the past year, the exact same stories regarding lack of professional care available from GP’s/traditional doctors/specialists kept re-surfacing. In fact every single cancer patient I have spoken to has reiterated precisely the same sentiments regarding their experiences with traditional doctors, regardless of the specific nature of their cancer.  

>> My GP failed to notice (or in most cases even listen) to the nature of my symptoms,
>> Result? The patient was left to walk around for months (or years) with worsening condition/symptoms,
>> Result? Patient had to return to the GP, on multiple occasions, as the frustration grew worse and the cancer was left to spread,
>> Result? The cancer was finally diagnosed at a very late stage, only after sustained and repeated episodes of desperate pleading with the GP,
>> Result? Patient has to undergo drastic treatments, major (usually multiple) surgeries, radiation, and high-dose chemotherapy and usually dies very prematurely (or had their life expectancy significantly reduced) due to the ridiculously late detection of their symptoms, and brutal nature of the treatments.

How many times have I heard this? I’ve lost count.

I therefore began to research alternative cancer cures on the internet. And found the website “” from where I began thousands of hours of research. Like so many cancer patients that have just realised ‘I have cancer’, I began frantically trawling through countless websites and endless reams of information to the point where my head was about to explode. I sympathised with anyone and everyone stuck in the internet maize of alternative cancer treatments until the early hours trying to sort the lies from the truth. I saw how quickly panic can set in, how a wrong path can be easily taken, and how easy fortunes can change in an instant.

I immediately began compiling my own list of cheap, quick natural anti-cancer treatments I had gleaned from my online research that I can summarise in the following short list.

Anti-cancer internet solutions

*The Budwig Protocol. Cottage cheese and Flax seed oil beaten together using a hand-held blender to add to any meal. It tastes nice and all seemed to be carefully researched by Dr. Joanna Budwig herself during the 1950’s. Dr. Budwig, a bio-chemist, studied blood and noticed that her recommendation helped to remove lactic acid build-up released by cancerous tissues, which showed up as a yellow colour commonly found in the blood of cancer patients, resulting in improved health and positive effects upon tumour growth.
*Apricot kernels /Vitamin B17/laetrile, one of the most popular anti-cancer treatments on the web for which scientific research was conducted in the 1940’s then allegedly buried by pharmaceutical companies.  
* MSM. A naturally derived mineral from plants and vegetables initially showed reduced cancer rates in lab studies on mice bombarded with carcinogenic compounds, now the web is saturated with scientific studies supporting its anti-tumour potentials.
* Extra Virgin Coconut OiI. Contain ‘phytosterols’ known anti-cancer compounds.
*Maple Syrup and Sodium Bicarbonate protocol.  A simple theory, cancer cell goes to eat the sugar, and gets alkalised with bicarbonate. Many people contest to the effectiveness of this protocol however I only tried it for a limited period so cannot comment.
* Sea Kelp. Recommended for the high Iodine content needed to support the thyroid gland (although new pollutants entering our oceans have pushed this option into jeopardy).
* Fresh Turmeric Root (a fascinating substance with a long and ancient history in treating all manner of illnesses including cancer).
* Ginger, Garlic and Galangal Root (all shown to have anti-cancer effects in vitro and in vivo).
* Ginseng tincture (a number of studies appear to suggest that Asian Ginseng can slow down or even halt the progression of tumours, although their validity is still not confirmed, its long history as a medicine suggests there is most likely truth to these assertions).
* Sage/Rosemary/Thyme/Oregano/Parsley/Coriander (all shown to have anti-cancer effectiveness).
*Indian Spices: Clove/Cumin/Cardamom/
* Black Onion Seed (often called Black Cumin or Nigella Sativa) this Ancient Egyptian anti-cancer ‘super-spice’ has proven anti-cancer properties.  Scientists have discovered a black seed component known as Thymoquinone. A study at the Texas A&M University showed “Thymoquinone inhibits tumor angiogenesis and tumor growth”. The Brazilian Journal of medical and Biological Research published a study in June 2007 on the anti-tumor properties of black seed extracts noted “the study showed that there was a clear reduction in the growth of cancer cells in mice that were treated with black seed extracts (up to 95%)”
*Sour Sop/Noni Juice (3 PubMed peer-reviewed scientific articles confirm anti-cancer properties).
* Urine Therapy. Mentioned on 300 different occasions in the ancient medical Hippocratic texts, also Dr. Burzynski has been extracting anti-neoplastons from human urine and injecting them directly into the blood stream of cancer patients with remarkable success, sending problems like stubborn brain tumours into remission. I also note there is a recent surge in anti-cancer testimonials appearing online reporting extraordinary success in treating numerous different types of cancer, as well as a host of other ailments, using urine therapy. Perhaps most importantly, the occasional drink of one’s own urine lends us a timely reminder of what we have been drinking or eating, effectively highlighting if we have been consuming something bad and if there should be any adjustment made! Personally I have been consuming between 1 and 2 cups a day.
* Adding a pinch of Sodium Bicarbonate to the filtered water I was drinking to create my own rudimentary alkaline water.
* Colloidal Silver. “The silver nano particle emits a specific magnetic resonance-890-910 terahertz which is selectively destructive to pathogens”. Reputedly scientists have watched over 600 different viruses and bacteria killed in vitro by silver ion particles. Its use as an anti-cancer treatment may also have some value (although more commonly used an antibiotic), so I also included small amounts of this product in my protocol, made at home with 3 x 9 volt batteries (preferably using water put through a reverse osmosis filter) and 2 pure silver rods, consuming about half a cup a week.

All of the above items I gradually incorporated into my diet, as one by one I sought to place each new candidate on the above list into a meal/drink/smoothie/juicing preparation. And here began the radical diet changes that were to continue for the next year or more. Incidentally I also found the information provided by the group ‘Eden Prescription’ on the web of all the anti-cancer compounds contained in so many different everyday foods very useful and easy to understand.

Around the same time I come across the Youtube video entitled ‘The Importance of Juicing’, by Dr. Robert O. Young and was immediately intrigued and captivated by the simplicity of the acid/alkaline hypothesis. Chlorophyll in the leaves of green plants absorb sunlight, the electrons of the chlorophyll atoms become more excited, so logically we eat/drink foods for the electron-rich content which we may store as energy. It made perfect sense to me, green juice is liquid sunlight! So I immediately gave it a try.

Here began a very important education. Further facts to contemplate included the exact similarity of the chlorophyll molecule to that of haemoglobin. I was amazed. The blood of the plant, becomes the blood of the animal, it’s like for like. If all our body cells first began as a blood cell, no wonder green juices help to treat a thousand different illnesses. And no wonder cows are so big and strong! These were all important stages of enlightenment on my path to beating cancer.

For eons people have wondered, ‘why is it women get all edgy when it’s their period?’ For eons men have fed women meat and chocolate to build their blood. Why are woman angry when they have their period? (No prizes for this answer) they want their greens, of course!

The enlightenment continued! I quickly found a cheap plastic juicer for £30 and started experimenting. And low and behold, began to notice I felt much better almost immediately. My body kept telling me “Woah! This works, I’m feeling better” so I carried straight on with it and never looked back.

After wearing out the plastic juicer I opted to buy a manual metal version, I found the BL-30 which I still use religiously to this day. It took me a while to develop the right technique to using it and it does require some arm effort. It’s designed as a wheatgrass juicer to handle tough fibrous products and does take some getting used to. I found softer less fibrous veggies like spinach/cucumber need to be mixed with more fibrous greens like kale or wheatgrass to achieve a more satisfactory rinse, or the residue is still a bit damp. Once I had that bit worked out it was plain sailing all the way.

I noticed that the benefits I personally obtained from juicing can be split into 2 clear categories: short-term and long-term.

If we happen to have been very ill for as long as I had, more than 20 years, then 18 months/2 years is a more realistic bench mark to aim for on the journey to returned ‘perfect health’.

Short-term juicing benefits I achieved in 2 weeks:

*A marked decrease in the general severity of all my sinus cancer symptoms.
*A highly noticeable brightening of my eyes to a more white, healthy and clear appearance.
*Increased energy levels.

Long-term juicing benefits (18 months):

*Return of crystal clearer vision (notably long distance).
*Return of energy levels to bring a much lighter, brighter disposition.
*Improved skin appearance.
* Return of sense of smell and free passage of air through my left nasal cavity.
*Improvement in dental health, whiter teeth, healthier gums.
*Improved bladder function, return to more normal fill capacity.
*Return of greater fluency to speech and improved articulation.
*Improvements to balance and inner ear/hearing.
*Improved sleep pattern due to lessening of irritation from symptoms; accompanied by renewed ability to rise earlier.

Destruction of bad habits

The adoption of juicing was also accompanied by the gradual but steady removal of acidic foods from my diet. Such as all meat and fish products/wheat/alcohol/dairy products/sugar/coffee/fizzy drinks/processed foods/GMO/bad fats (such as cooking with vegetable oils)/food additives. After all I couldn’t see the point in beginning the challenge of alkalisation if I was still eating too many acidic foods/drinks.

It was also around this time that I began to reconsider my smoking habit. Although it was only occasional I was increasingly aware of the detrimental effects that this might bring to my efforts to alkalise, much like eating acidic foods. After listening to Dr. Young talking about the causes of blood acidity, and remembering how red blood cells are permanently affected by carbon monoxide (not allowing them to re-bind with oxygen again during their brief lifetime), I began to think more seriously about my oxygen levels.

A clearer understanding of blood properties helped me to address my specific causes of blood acidity, so I believe this genuinely helped me to quit smoking. A task I achieved more easily I feel, given a clearer understanding and insight into the properties of my blood and the damage I was potentially doing to offset my attempts to improve it.  

After a lifetime of eating meat, meat-eating was also another dirty habit I had to give up! After watching a further Dr. Young lecture I was rather alarmed to learn that a significant proportion of human brain cells are also situated around the small intestine, where many of us leave large amounts of rotting meat. 

Notoriously meat is slow to digest and slow to move through the colon, so what effect could this have upon thoughts and ability to heal ourselves?

Avoid acidic people

The reality of British obesity has been recently labelled ‘a national tragedy’ by the media, and standing on any High Street to take a quick look around it’s easy to see why. I began to notice that if people were not fat, they were very pale, or both. Others I realised had seized up completely a long time ago, unable to walk, and left to stagger around precariously one step at a time. Somehow, the enormous ugly reality of excess acidity seemed to have been completely hidden from public viewing. It was the classical ‘elephant in the living room’. Yet once I saw through it, the whole world looked entirely different.

I wondered how much ‘easy-money’ can be made from selling toxic pills, to treat the 1000’s of different symptoms directly caused by acidosis by avoiding the causes. The mind boggles at the possibilities of rampant exploitation.

I also quickly realised cancer patients should avoid not only ‘acidic foods’ but also ‘acidic people’. They are usually quite aggressive, needy and deceiving. There was no avoiding this reality that was becoming clearer by the day. These acidic-people are clearly forcing too much nonsense down their own throats. The result of this is an unhealthy compulsion to ram nonsense down the throats of other people. And who is the most likely person to swallow nonsense? A cancer patient of course!

All over the world people are frantically trying to ram lies and bullshit down the throats of cancer patients as fast as they can. They simply will not give up. It’s like their life depends on it! I have often tried to stop people when I catch them in the act, and they don’t like it. A barrage of complaints, excuses and even hostile violent reactions have been the result. I have, sadly almost been beaten to death on one occasion by one sad culprit, and yes, some of these people will not hesitate to use violence. So my advice to cancer patients is simple: avoid acidic food AND acidic people, and your chances of survival will improve exponentially!

The logic is simple. If we stop forcing nonsense down our own throats we will find it less necessary to force nonsense down the throats of other people. And this includes acidic foods! The result will be highly beneficial: a more harmonious and civilised world for everyone.

It has also come to my attention that people thoroughly enjoy talking down to anyone who is ill. Family members and friends can all begin the annoying habit of ‘talking down’ to the sick person, as if they are mentally retarded. More worryingly many of my associates became visibly ‘upset’ when I began curing my symptoms and improving my health. All of a sudden I wasn’t swallowing their nonsense anymore. 

Then I discovered that I was surrounded by people that honestly had no interest in my recovery whatsoever, in spite of their numerous claims to the contrary. The only thing that interested them was the cheap ‘ego-trip’ to be gained from talking to people as if they’re an idiot. Such is the enormous level of deceit among those who claim to ‘care about and help people with cancer’. Indeed how many cancer charities fall into this same category?

It also came as no great surprise to realise that over-weight people are often the first to develop cancer. When listening to cancer patients relate their testimonies I often noticed many of them always pointed to an ‘over-weight’ bloated picture of themselves at the time they developed cancer.

The Importance Of Juicing

A bit of shoulder effort and some pushing is needed to draw a pint of juice (so be warned!) with the BL-30 manual juicer, meaning that this type of labour intensive juicer is certainly not suitable for very sick patients (or the weak armed amongst us) but it has been perfect my needs. And it can be cleaned in two minutes flat! Further bonuses of a metal manual juicer are: it’s indestructible, will last a lifetime AND will go travelling and camping in the green fields where there’s no electricity. I had found the new love of my life!

I can’t endorse ‘outdoor juicing’ as much as I’d like to, as I’m not fully aware of potential safety issues regarding bacteria and soil based viruses. However I have tried this many times and so far, have never become ill. I had found myself stuck at home rather a lot up to this point, so anything that afforded me a little liberation and freedom from house hold chores and indoor juicing was a warm welcome indeed. 

There are, after all, many greens to be found in springtime in the local countryside, notably grasses/nettles/cleaver. As a basic rule of thumb:

– avoid picking grasses too close to the soil, leave a at least a 20 cm gap and remain aware that occasionally dangerous bacteria/viruses stray from the soil upwards into the grass (therefore safer after heavy rains)
– avoid foreign toxic plants you don’t recognise,
-stick to grasses, cleaver and nettle, all of which are in abundance at this time of year,
-always wash what has been picked
-avoid ‘old’ nettles that are flowering as they contain toxins that can damage the kidneys, only use young shoots,

Yielding a beautiful dark green juice with red and orange undertones, and all free!


The recipe I have stuck to for best results at home, with the occasional addition/variation:
One pint of juice first thing every morning including the following organic ingredients:

>> Kale/Spinach/Broccoli/Hemp Leaves/Wheatgrass/Celery/Cucumber/One whole lemon including peel/Fresh Ginger Root/Fresh Turmeric Root (available from most Asian Thai food stores)
I usually drink some powdered greens in the evening: 2 table spoons of wheatgrass/barley grass powder shaken up with apple juice/water.

Green meal smoothie

Due to my lack of teeth I also pursued the blending option, and formulated my own ‘green meal smoothie’ using a traditional blender and as many of the following ‘anti-cancer’ organic ingredients as I can find. Note you will need a ‘hardy blender’ 500 watts or more (or it’ll blow up!):

>> One handful of Spinach/Sage/Peppermint shoots/Parsley/Fresh chopped coconut/One Ripened Banana/Soaked Hemp Seeds/Pumpkin Seeds/Almonds/Piece of Lemon plus Peel/Slice of Ginger and Turmeric/Goji Berries/Crushed Cinnamon bark put through a coffee blender/Fresh Aloe Vera/Fresh Pomegranate/ Sea Salt

The number of possible variations to the above recipes are of course practically infinite, yet I found this to be a useful starting point of reference, and hope it may be of benefit and inspiration to others.

Typical meal

While on the subject of the different foods that may help treat cancer, here is a typical meal preparation I have been using during the course of my recovery that has personally served me well.  Including the following organic ingredients:
* Sweet Potato 
* Sprouted Lentils/Mung beans/Moth Beans   (left to soak for 24 hours, then rinsed twice daily)
* Grated carrots/beet   
* Tomatoes/ peppers  
* Onion (spring)
* Avacados
* Herbs (sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsley, coriander)  
* Greens, broccoli/spinach/Parsley
* Spices (garlic, chilli, cumin, clove, black seed)  
* 1/4 chopped lemon plus peel and/or Tamarind
* Ginger/Galangal/Turmeric
* Sea salt

Either heated very briefly (2 minutes at the most with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) or eaten raw with hemp seed oil.

Final stages of recovery

Around 2 years ago I heard about another doctor, Dr. Robert Melamede PhD who was talking about treating cancer with cannabinoids often in conjunction with a chap from Canada called Rick Simpson from Canada. I tuned into several radio shows where both men discussed the different types of cancers they had successfully treated using cannabis oil. Reporting on the many miraculous success stories from both callers and past case histories I was very interested to hear how the reversal of so many stubborn cancers (deemed wholly untreatable by traditional medicine) were all apparently being sent into remission.

Quoting Dr. Melamede ‘’there are over 800 peer-reviewed scientific studies published in Medical Journals since the 1970’s that all confirm the positive effects of cannabinoids in halting and reducing the size of cancerous tumours. If anyone can be bothered to read them.’’

Not long after hearing about Dr. Melamede I was chatting to a friend locally who suggested I call into a radio show he was hosting to talk with Rick Simpson directly live on air. To my great surprise I found myself hosting about 6 full shows with Rick, each 2 hours long and picked up a lot of useful information along the way. It was a great education, and must admit I found the man wholly inspiring together with his constant stream of success stories and good humour. For a long suffering cancer patient like me this was sweet music to my ears.

Around this same period I tuned into another Dr. Young lecture and heard the magic words ‘don’t smoke it, eat it’. I hasten to add that although I only smoked occasionally, it was still enough to off-set my various other treatment plans and impede my success. I was beginning to see the light! Which neatly coincided with the end of my problems, for it was not long after this I realised giving up smoking is ‘easy’ (or at least it was for me) if cannabis is eaten in the evening. It cured my cravings to smoke and gifted me a good night’s sleep, which marked the end of my problems. The rest of the ride was all downhill after this moment of realisation. I later heard many other stories of addiction cures using cannabis oil, including many cocaine, alcohol and heroin addicts also finding relief and an easier route out of their destructive lifelong habits.

I have also been the unfortunate recipient of several very heavy blows to my head during my life, one from a car that hit me head on, the other from an ‘acidic heavy person’ who was rather upset I wouldn’t swallow his big fat lies! Both blows were extremely hard and could have easily killed me if my skull had not been as thick as it is, and small signs of brain damage have certainly been in evidence. I was therefore delighted to hear about the observations regarding the ‘regeneration of brain cells with the use of cannabinoids’.

Studies such as the ones recently done at Saskatchewan University confirm ‘nerve cell regeneration and neurogenesis’ with the use of synthetic THC. Further scientific evidence of the ‘neuro-protectant’ qualities of cannabinoids also appear to provide the last and only hope for anyone left with serious head injuries/nerve damage like myself. There are very clearly ‘no options’ left for anyone left with a serious head injury as conventional medicine simply does not have any solutions. The possibilities of treating our own cancer with cannabinoids is therefore great news for any cancer patients with bad head injuries, as it has the potentially additional and rather pleasant ‘side-effect’ of helping us to ‘grow new brain cells’. Although not 100% confirmed, it certainly looks very promising.

Many debates have raged online for years now regarding the relative safety of the various different solvents used to make cannabis oil, so I quit the idea of making oil fairly early on and decided to take the ancient path. Using a small amount of organic goat’s milk to cook up the already crushed/powdered dried flowers (powdered in a coffee blender), quickly and effectively extracting the oil in the milk and drinking it, providing the same ‘Rick Simpson Oil’ (dissolved in the milk) minus any potentially dangerous contaminants. And personally I have never noticed any difference in the healing potential from extracting the oil this way, yet remarkably few people, even mention this method as a possible alternative.

Although in the treatment of skin cancers carefully extracted cannabis oil does appear to be a highly useful treatment, assuming the causes of body acidity are also addressed.

I later learned cannabis oil will not ‘automatically’ heal all known cancers on its own like many people assume. Like most things in life, it works best in combination with other things. For example, I know someone who recently died from leukaemia, very young, while taking the recommended dosage of cannabis oil. It later transpired he was awfully over-weight, was eating large amounts of acidic foods, while smoking copious amounts, at the same time as ingesting the cannabis oil. Result? He died. I relate this very sad story to hopefully prevent another similarly tragic outcome.

For me the cannabis therapy (used shortly before bed) was not only important because I had not slept properly in 20 years, it also taught me how to smile again and lifted my spirits considerably. After so long feeling sick and depressed, this was a huge blessing. All cancer patients can easily become depressed I discovered, and that depression, of course can be very detrimental to recovery. Incidentally I found juicing greens highly effective for lifting my spirits during the day light hours, and the cannabis milk effective for the evening. For the first time in ages I was smiling all day and all night, and my symptoms were disappearing with each passing hour.

I did however run into some quite unexpected obstacles. I noticed that when people saw me happy, they often became insanely jealous, argumentative, and did whatever they could to try and drag me back down again, occasionally quite viciously. The result was I had to mostly close myself from the outside world, and acidic people for my own safety. Realising the battle to cure cancer involves fending off friends, family, police, any jealous third parties (who may have lost a close relative to chemotherapy) and a host of other angry elements all scratching at my front door.

Incidentally juicing the cannabis plant (whole flower heads and leaves) is also a great idea, as long as the plant has not been allowed to sit near too much pollution and absorb too many traffic fumes, as hemp notoriously absorbs toxins from our atmosphere and actively turns them into compounds less dangerous to our health and the environment.

My thoughts have recently returned to this picture I was shown about 20 years ago by a random stranger. Clearly showing the ancient Indian deity, Lord Shiva holding a vessel containing ‘green liquid’. It really didn’t mean a lot to me at the time, I had no clue this could be the cure to cancer! I believe the picture was the one below, which I found 2 decades later on the web. I therefore ask myself how we have we known about the cure to cancer and the principles of alkalisation for over 5000 years? And why are we still being told there is no cure to our diseases?

Description: C:\Users\shaman\Desktop\images1OVLTHKS.jpg

At the beginning of this testimony to the benefits of natural products to treat cancer, I highlighted the surprisingly close similarity of my own story to that of the human race as a whole: namely the irresponsible use of chemicals and the consequently direct proportional rise in cancer rates. There is also a strong argument that lies within this testimonial for the legalisation of all drugs. Illegal drugs and a distinct lack of education, encourage dealers to actively contaminate relatively safe clean products which may easily end up in the hands of an unsuspecting youngster, resulting in predictably disastrous consequences.

Now that so many corporations (and occasionally ourselves) are so rapidly polluting our natural environment, the human race is currently entering a similarly disastrous ‘giant chemical accident’ situation to my own experience. I therefore hope we can take heed of the lessons in my testimony so they can be used on a grander scale to help the entire world. To prevent far larger catastrophes that may soon affect the entire world population. Indeed I would like to see all the natural anti-cancer strategies further evolved, combined, and improved to create increased benefits for all members of the human race, so I can rest in the knowledge that my own struggle has certainly not been in vain.

One Love, One Truth, One Health

One thought on “Reversing Sinus Cancer – An Unsolicited Testimony”

  1. I applaud you on the courage and dedication it has taken you to rise above your challenges and to seek out an answer to your health problems. I can also attribute a great deal of success in regaining aspects of my health to an alkaline lifestyle courtesy of Dr Young and his teachings. I highly recommend Dr Young's books and videos and have read many of them from cover to cover. My copies are all highlighted, dog eared and full of tags to help me local certain recipes and pages in an instant. I am still working towards my goals and wish you all the best in your journey to good health.


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