Mystery Solved – There is a self-care to a self-cure for Discoid Lupus.

The skin is the third kidney for the elimination of toxic metabolic and dietary waste products which are not being properly eliminated through urination or defecation. This forces the blood to push metabolic and dietary acids out into the connective tissues. If the acidic metabolic and dietary waste products stay in the connective tissue this will lead to inflammation or flares and eventual degeneration. So the body through the lymphatic system pulls the metabolic and dietary acids out of the connective tissues and pushes them out through the pores of the skin. These acids can be so toxic and poisonous that they can burn and damage the skin causing inflammation, ulceration and/or degneration of the skin. This is the cause of discoid lupus. The reversal of this condition is quite simple. Open up the channels of elimination via urination and defecation and start sweating daily through exercise. You must also eliminate ALL acidic food choices, increase you alkaline water hydration to 6 liters per day and start moving towards a plant-based green fruit and vegetable diet. In 21 days if you follow this plan as outlined in Chapter 11 of the pH Miracle revised and updated book you will find the self-cure you are looking for without drugs, such as, Corticosteroids.

To learn more about a drug-free, self-care to a self-cure protocol read The pH Miracle revised and update –

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