Alkalinity is the Key to a Healthy Mother and Pregnancy!

Conception and a healthy pregnancy takes place in an alkaline environment at a pH of 7.4 or greater. Once the sperm has fertilized the egg a drop of blood appears. From this one drop of blood a life begins. The healthy development of the fetus will be determined by the body’s ability to maintain its alkaline design and its ability to produce healthy red blood cells. Don’t you know that every cell in the human body is made from red blood cells? Eliminating ALL acidic foods and drinks form the diet such as alcohol, coffee, tea, soda drinks, sport or energy drinks, carbonated water, animal flesh, dairy products, vinegar, mushrooms, corn and corn related products, peanuts, chocolate, fermented foods, and all forms of sugar will help support the body in its ability to provide a healthy alkaline environment during the pregnancy. To help support the alkaline design of the body and to build healthy red blood cells it is important for the Mother to eat liberal amounts of high chlorophyll fruit and vegetables such as kale, collard greens, spinach, parsley, leafy greens, grasses of all kinds, sprouts, cucumbers and avocados. In addition to eating a plant-based alkaline green diet it is important in the development of the membranes of stem cells to red blood cells for the Mother to ingest liberal amounts of organic, cold-pressed, polyunsturated oils from hemp seeds, flax seeds, borage seeds and avocado. Once again remember that the baby is made from the blood of the Mother and the blood of the Mother is made from what she eats and drinks. An alkaline lifestyle, which also includes drinking 4 to 6 liters of alkaline water, taking alkalizing mineral salt, and exercising daily will prevent all acidic symptoms during pregnancy including morning sickness, constipation, acid refulx, heart burn, excess weight gain, fatigue, tiredness, skin outbreaks, irritation, inflammation, flares, and sepsis. To learn more about the alkaline lifestyle and diet read Dr. Young’s book, The pH Miracle revised and updated –

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