Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Multiple Sclerosis – MS

A Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – The pH Miracle Protocol!

I woke up one morning in July of 1994 and could not move the right side of my body.  For some reason I thought I had an inner ear infection.  I called my Uncle, an ENT,  who was in the process of moving his office and asked the nurse to call in Antivert.  I finally called him at home a few days later and told him what was going on and he told me to go see a neurologist.

I made an appointment with a top neurologist who wanted to admit me into the hospital right away.  I begged him to let me go home so he sent me for an M.R.I.  I brought the results back to his office and he showed me the three-spots on my brain and admitted me into the hospital the following day.

I spent the next eight-days in the hospital undergoing every possible test known.  The doctor said he was running every test to rule things out.  One of them was a spinal tap and that would take several days to come back.  I diagnosed myself with brain cancer and decided to take out meat from the diet.  One of the hospital employees, a dietitian came into my room and was concerned that I was not eating meat.  Even at that time, I knew that meat was not a good thing.  I had heard somewhere that it would feed cancer cells, of which she said she knew nothing.
On the eighth day, I begged the doctor to let me go home.  He told me he was waiting on a cancer specialist.  I was getting better and I told him that I did not think I had cancer, because if I did I would not be getting better.  He said that he did not think it was cancer either and sent me home with an appointment to be in his office in the next day or so.

On my follow-up visit, I was informed that the diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis.  I knew nothing about this and was prescribed Clonazepam.

I did pretty well for the next few years just taking that and then down the slippery acid slope I went.

I did not change my food and started to have anxiety attacks.  For this I was prescribed Xanax and Restoril at night for sleep.

Then I began to have pain and was prescribed hydrocodone.

One day as I was driving to work, I got confused with the direction I needed to be going.

I went back to the doctor and was told that I needed to begin with Avonex, an Interferon, or the Multiple Sclerosis could get worse.

I followed this protocol for 17-years.  I was now taking, Provigil (to repair the neuropaths in the brain), Amantadine (an anti-viral), Xanax, Clonazepam, Hydrocodone, Restoril and the occasional Prednisone with the weekly injection of Avonex.

In March of 2011, I could see that I was not getting any better.  I knew that if I continued down this path I would not live much longer.  I stopped taking all the medication at once onMarch 1st, 2011.  I told myself that I would have some withdrawal.  I was always running out of medication and knew what to expect – sort of.

I had heard about wheatgrass and getting my body a little more alkaline.  I had no idea what that meant, so I went to work on the computer to find out.

I started to change my food.  I took out meat, dairy, everything white and began to cut back on sugar.

I was on facebook one day, and one of my friends shared a post from Dr. Robert O. Young.  I was fascinated.  I began to delve into his work and read whatever I could find.  I bought his book, ‘The pH Miracle’ and began to follow the protocol. I had his list of alkaline foods and stuck to the highly alkaline list.  I added pink Himalayan salt and his pHour salts..  I added baking soda to all my water.  I put a Reverse Osmosis filter in my kitchen and changed everything about the food I bought and the food I prepared.  I went through my pantry and got rid of all the garbage acidic, processed foods.  I was now only using the seed oils and taking them on a daily basis.

Everyday I get better and better.  I know this is a lifestyle and a journey.  I have since added caprylic, myco-detox, colloidal silver, iodine, potassium and a mega multi-mineral.

When I started all this, it was all I could do to get out of bed and get to my recliner without a nap.  I started walking my dog two-miles a day, bought a rebounder for the lymphatic system, went for lymphatic massage.

I have recently joined a gym that has Whole Body Vibration and water massage that I know is correcting a blocked lymphatic system.

I no longer have any symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.  I am pain-free, tremor-free, anxiety-free, muscle-spasm free, migraine-free, stress-free.

In hindsight, I can see clearly that all of my problems throughout my life were a result of acids that I was ingesting.  As a child I had allergies, for which my mother was giving me medication for.  When I was 18, I had meningitis – twice.  I would get incapacitating migraines that would make me sick to my stomach, I got bronchitis at least once a year, laryngitis frequently.  Since I have been following the pH miracle protocol and lifestyle, I have not been sick once.  I no longer have any pain.  I have not had a headache in over three-years.

Thank you, Dr. Young

Ruth Morgan

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