The Lupus Mystery Solved!

True immunity is found in managing and maintaining the alkaline design of the body with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. White blood cells are NOT an army of soldiers going out to war to attack foreign invaders from the outside world nor do they ever attack healthy body cells. White blood cells are garbage collectors that swim throughout our alkaline body fluids picking up the garbage from what we eat and drink. They also remove cellular debris from broken body cells to food fragments.

Sickness and disease is born in us and from us. Lupus is NOT an auto-immune disease where the white blood cells attack healthy cells. This is a scientific illusion. Lupus is caused from a build-up of metabolic, dietary, and environmental acids in the connective tissues that have NOT been properly removed through the four channels of elimination – urination, defecation, perspiration and respiation.

Clean-up the internal environment, open up the channels of elimination, heal the gut, start building healthy blood and hyper-perfuse the connective tissues with alkalinity and ALL the acidic symptoms of LUPUS will be removed! Mystery solved!

Anyone interested in a self-care to a self-cure for LUPUS? To learn more about self-care to a self-cure for LUPUS read the pH Miracle revised and updated and watch and share the following youtube documentaries of Ida Kolader who reversed her LUPUS with an alkaline lifestyle and diet withou drugs!

Current medical science states that there is no known cause or cure for Lupus. It is a mystery! There is no mystery for the cause and the cure for Lupus – Watch these two youtube videos – The first video is for the cause of Lupus – And the second video is for the self-cure for Lupus –

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