The Blood Never Lies!

Malignancy/Cancer Can Be Seen In One Drop of Capillary Blood!

Dr. Robert O. Young’s 30 plus years of research on pathological capillary blood coagulation is based upon and validated by the published peer-reviewed work of Dr. Bolen, who reported in 1948, in the New England Journal of Medicine and reviewed by the American Association of Cancer Research, that a single capillary blood droplet pattern when coagulated is distinctive in cancer/malignancy in over 90 percent of patients evaluated and proposed a valuable non-invasive aid in the diagnosis of cancer.

An evaluation of Dr. Bolen’s work was done by Dr. Bray O. Hawk, Dr. George E. Thoma and Dr. John J. Inkley as a screening test for malignancy and the most recent version of this published article can be found in the American Association of Cancer Research peer reviewed journal at –

Dr. Young has evaluated over 1 million samples of coagulated capillary blood from over 40,000 men, women and children and has found specific coagulated blood patterns from capillary blood for malignancy of the brain, thyroid, lung, breast, liver, panreas, kidney, bowels, prostate and uterus with an accuracy of over 99 percent. A few of these blood patterns can be viewed at:

Dr. Young refers to this test as the Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test or MOST and this blood test is non-invasive, non-radioactive, 99 percent accurate and with immediate test results. This type of screening should be offered by every doctor in the world as a preventative test for ANY disease, especially cancer!

Dr. Robert O.Young’s published his first paper on pathological blood coagulation in 1994 and a copy of this paper can be found in his book, Sick and Tired – – or a single copy of his scientific paper called, “Pathological Blood Coagulation” is available online at –

Cancer Research
The most highly cited cancer journal in the world. Cancer Research is the top venue for articles of the broadest significance in the field of cancer.

An Evaluation of the Bolen Test as a Screening Test for Malignancy
We have screened 505 patients for malignancy by the Bolen test. There were 66 positive tests, of which 12 were substantiated by histologic evidence of malignant neoplasm, while 54 appear to be false positives. With… CANCERRES.AACRJOURNALS.ORG

The picture below is of cancerous coagulated blood in a medically diagnosed metastatic bone cancer confirmed by CAT scan from the research of Dr. Robert O. Young. The CAT scan shows the reversal of metastatic bone cancer with a self-care to a self-cure protocol as outlined in Dr. Young’s books, Reverse Cancer NOW and The pH Miracle for Cancer! –

Dr. Neil Solomon, former head of research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, had this to say about Dr. Robert O. Young’s research, “Dr. Young is on the threshold of a new biology if proven will revolutionize the medical and biology worlds as we known them today”.

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