Personal Colon HYdrotherapy Apparatus for Colonics, Enemas and Douching!

The New and Affordable Personal Colon Hydrotherapy device for colonics, enemas and douching.
The Colon Hydrotherapy Chair Kit includes components for use as a stand-alone enema kit or a stand-alone douche kit. The Chair accessory is a perfect movable station for docking over most any toilet or other receptacle container and is to be used for the enema application only. The Chair accessory is a safe, stable, and dignified solution for administering enemas, whether in a home or clinical setting.
This product sets a new standard for administering colonics/enemas. The Chair may be placed over the toilet anywhere in a 180-degree sweep over the bowl area, according to the spatial layout of your bathroom.
• Chair with folding backrest and two lavage chair flex tubes
• built-in recessed handles and wheels for easy maneuvering
• built-in telescopic handle and wire hanger for suspending an enema container
• quick connect male and female fittings
• splashguard
Enema/Douche Kit:
• Enema/Douche Kit with 9L (2.37 gallons) water container
• Y-connector with pull-on/push-off shower spray head on one side and 3 feet (.91m) of flexible vinyl tubing with thumb clamp on other side
• two standard enema tips
• one standard douche tip
Accessory Tote:
• storage of components and accessories
Lavage Chair with backrest extended
56 L x 25 W x 38 H
Lavage Chair with backrest folded closed
46 L x 25 W x 36 H
Weight of Lavage Chair only
55 lbs.
For more information please email

 — with Robert O Young.

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