Diabetes is Caused from Bowel Congestion or Constipation which leads to Poor Circulation and Elimination!

Treating diabetes with vinegar and ice cream would be equivalent to treating diabetes with Draino, a very strong acid for clogged drains.  Vinegar is a strong acid and will break-up congestion in the 9 yards of the intestines.  This will help to lower blood sugar with the risk of damaging the delicate intestinal villi.  So with vinegar you receive short term benefits with potential long term damage to the intestinal villi or root system of the body.  When the intestinal villi are damaged you have reduced ability to make stem cells.  With reduced stem cell production this can lead to all blood and organ dis-ease symptomologies.  The best way to reduce high blood sugars is to improve bowel elimination.  High blood sugars are caused by constipation of the small and large bowel.  There are natural ways to improve elimination such a eating a plant-based alkaline diet to increasing alkaline fluids to 1 liter per 30 pounds of weight.  To break-up and eliminated undigested proteins I would suggest the pH Miracle pHlush which contains magnesium oxide which has shown to increase health bowel movements to 4 to 6 each day.

Is Diabetes sneaking up on you?
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Dear Deborah,

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Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!
Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!

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Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!
Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!

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