Alkaline Water Kiosk

The World’s First Functionally-Structured Alkaline Water Kiosk Now In Irvine, California at Farm Direct Natural Food Store.

Dr Robert O Young shares his New alkalizing water kiosk that produces clean, stable, alkaline, ionized, electron-rich, functionally – structured water. Start an alkaline water business in your area today. A great way to help people with their health and fitness while making passive income.

I build each kiosk right here in sunny California – so Made in the USA. Currently there is nothing out their commercially that produces functionally structured alkaline water making this water kiosk an incredible business opportunity.

My functionally-structured alkaline water kiosk vending machines could be placed in Health Food Stores, Grocery Stores, Health and Fitness Gyms, Shopping Centers, Amusement Parks, Water Stores, Malls, etc. inquiries at: or


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