Cow’s Milk Is For Baby Cows!

Imagine another species coming in and deciding humans are a good & tasty source of protein – imagine them imprisoning all fertile females and artificially inseminating them every year – imagine our sisters giving birth but having restricted access to their babies for a brief time, before their babies are stolen away to be killed and consumed… imagine this cycle repeating until the woman is physically SO exhausted and incapable of bearing any more young. Imagine this woman, with no more value to her captors, being sent away to slaughter… Female chickens, pigs and cows truly suffer the most, for they are the only “machine” there is, to produce what has been accepted as “food”. Food = her babies. It takes less than a 15 second Google video search to appreciate how much she loves and wants to protect her babies… Be Kind ☯

“After repeated cycles of forced impregnations, painful births, relentless milking’s, and crushing bereavements, their spirit gives, their bodies wither, their milk dries up. At the age when, in nature, a female cow would barely enter adulthood, the life of a dairy cow is over. When her milk ‘production’ declines, she and her other ‘spent’ herd mates are trucked off to slaughter. Some are pregnant. All are still lactating. As they are shoved towards death, they drip milk onto the killing floor… All dairy operations, including Organic, exist solely by doing to millions of defenseless females the worst thing anyone can do to a mother. Dairy consumers support this practice with their purchases.”

Animals of both sexes suffer under institutionalized exploitation. However, the female of the species often experiences more prolonged abuse, including an ongoing cycle of forceful artificial insemination (mechanical or manual rape), physical abuse of her mammary glands, and invariably being separated from her young; all of these are emotionally brutal experiences for the female members of any species.

(Male animals are also sexually abused; not only through the industry practice of castration, but also by being used as semen ‘donors’).

I often ponder in disbelief our culture’s uncivilized ways and what people choose to fund with their purchases. It’s hard to imagine a human being taking a crying baby from his mother shortly after birth, to have his throat slit.

The ‘dairy cow’, riddled with painful ailments as a result of her exploitation, and physically ravaged from the sexual abuse she has experienced, is eventually killed to be eaten when she is no longer producing; typically at around five years of her otherwise 20-25 year lifespan.

It’s unjust for humans to steal milk that was designed by nature to nourish growing babies of another species. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anybody would want to drink cow’s milk; perfectly designed for baby calves.

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