Deadly Immunity!!!!!!!!!!

The following is a link concerning acidic vaccines and their link to autism and other neurological dis-ease.

This link and article was uncovered by using the Freedom of Information Act request, by John F. Kennedy Jr. My hope is when you read this article it will be enough to really motivate you to rally against the powers that be who blatantly hide the truth about the toxic acidic effects of ALL vaccines that jeopardize the health and well-being of every child across our country and the world! Please write your congressman or congresswoman today and ask to put an end to ALL mandatory toxic acidic vaccines.

“Vaccinations are all acidic and toxic to the body and provide no true immunity. True immunity is found in a person who is maintaining the alkaline design of their body fluids at 7.365 or better with an alkaline lifestyle and diet!”

Uncovered via the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT reported

Deadly Immunity

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