A Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Lupus – A Disease Without A Cause or a Cure NOW Has a SELF-CURE!

July 29, 2014 ; “exactly one year ago, I came back from California after staying at the Rnacho del Sol/pH Miracle Living Center, in Valley Center, California.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I was given to take control of my health. I learned lupus is a result of my own poor, acidic, lifestyle choices and how to restore my body’s healthy, alkaline design. After 12 years of searching my once uncontrollable lupus is now finally stable.

This August I am going into my 16 month without any meds. Somedays I can hardy believe anymore that I use to be in so much pain, needed monthly IVIG ivs, chemotherapy every six months and plaquenil on a daily basis just to get through the day and now I have enough energy to start my day with an hour exercise ..

Health does not happen overnight. It is a choice you need to make everyday.”

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT Dr Robert O. Young’s Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Lupus and ALL over Dis-eases read The pH Miracle revised and updated and Sick and Tired – www.phmiracle.com or www.phmiraclebooks.com

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