Dr. Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle Alkaline Water

Introducing pH Miracle All-Natural Ionic Mineral Alkaline Bottled Drinking Water
* * *
• pH Miracle is bottled by a proprietary and FDA-approved water technology.
• pH Miracle consists of ionic calcium, ionic magnesium, ionic potassium, and trace amounts of ionic natrium.
• pH Miracle has one of the highest and most stable pH’s of any bottled water in the world, with a stable pH ranging from 9 to 10.
• pH Miracle will reduce and reverse the acidity in our body by flushing out the acidic waste, therefore, behaving as an anti-oxidant, which helps protect our body from free radical damage. The formation of free radicals (i.e. cancer cells, etc.) is created by a poor diet, environmental pollution, and bodily stress.
• pH Miracle helps balance our body’s pH, therefore, reducing symptoms, such as, weight problems, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.
• pH Miracle is micro-clustered water, which means that the molecular structure of the water is formed in such a way as to rapidly penetrate on the cellular level. pH Miracle is more effectively absorbed on the cellular level than any other leading drinking water currently on the market.
• pH Miracle tastes better. A blind-taste test was performed, comparing the taste of the pH Miracle all-natural ionic mineral alkaline drinking water with eight (8) other leading brands. Almost two-thirds of the taste-testers from this blind-taste test chose our water as the best-tasting water.
• pH Miracle more readily absorbs into the body’s blood stream than any other drinking water, therefore, increasing circulation and hydration, which helps increase overall energy levels of the body.
• pH Miracle water helps to neutralize the lactic acid build up in the muscles when performing strenuous work or exercise, therefore, reducing and eliminating aches and pains in the joints and muscles. Aches and pains are caused from a lack of circulation and hydration. Because pH Miracle is so hydrating, it increases circulation, therefore, helping to relieve the body’s aches and pains.
* * *
There are two different kinds of alkaline drinking waters offered on the market today, as follows:
The first kind of alkaline water is ionized water, which is electrically-charged water.
Ionized water uses electrolysis (or an electric current) to break apart the molecules in the water in order to increase the pH. However, ionized water has hard (inactive) minerals in the water, which our body has a difficult time absorbing. Also, once the electric current is removed, the water eventually loses its electrical charge and reverts to its neutral state, therefore, rapidly diminishing the pH. Once the pH is diminished, ionized water is no different than tap water.
* * *
The second kind of alkaline water is pH Miracle, which is ionic mineral water.
pH Miracle ionic mineral alkaline drinking water doesn’t use an electric current, but it only uses positively-charged minerals (i.e. minerals in their ionic form) to raise the pH. There are no hard (inactive) minerals in the pH Miracle water;
• therefore, compared to ionized alkaline waters currently on the market,
• pH Miracle has unique advantages that far exceed all other brands.
* * *
For more information please visit: https://www.phmiracleliving.com/p-643-ph-miracle-bottled-alkaline-water.aspx

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