Koch’s Postulates and HIV, AIDS, HPV, HEP C, Hantavirus, Ebola, SARS, West Nile Virus, and Many More Phantom Viruses

What ARE Koch’s Postulates?

Koch’s postulates are a set of conditions long accepted as the requirements for establishing a fixed microorganism, filterable bacteria (virus), bacteria, yeast, and mold in the cause of a specific disease. The case for HIV, AIDS, HPV, HEP C, Hantavirus, Ebola, SARS, as with the identification of any causative infectious agent, should depend upon meeting these parameters, of which there are four.

The Four Parameters That Constitutes Proof That a Germ/Virus Esists and Causes A Disease!

1)  The germ or virus must be found in all cases of the disease.  Tissues said to be affected by HIV, AIDS, HPV, HEP C, Hantavirus, Ebola, SARS, etc., including primarily the white blood cells of the immune system, particularly the T-cells, the brain neurons in dementia, skin cells in lesions, such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, as well as, theoretically, any cell in the body expressing the CD4 surface receptor said to be the key to germ or viral entry.

The abundance of uninfected T-cells, about 1 in 500, in all patients is the definitive argument against the false claims for high cell-wall particle ‘loads’ or ‘burdens’ in infected patients.  The absence of active, infectious unidentified virus automatically disqualifies HIV, AIDS, HPV, HEP C, Hantavirus, Ebola, SARS, West Nile, Epstein Bar Virus as a player of disease.

2)  The germ or virus must be isolated from the host and grown in pure culture,  Even for the most experienced virus hunter, a virus that is so extremely scarce is difficult to find.  Only with rare luck and extreme persistence has ANY virus been extracted from an antibody-positive person.  This amounts to finding the proverbial needle of HIV, Ebola, etc. haystack of human DNA.  This difficulty speaks to HIV, AIDS, HPV, HEP C, Hantavirus, Ebola, SARS, West Nile, Epstein Bar, Etc. lack of potential in causing ANY disease.

3) The purified germ or virus when isolated must cause the disease again in another host.  There is no animal or human model for HIV, AIDS, HPV, HEP C, Hantavirus, Ebola, SARS, West Nile, Epstein Bar,  Swine Flu, etc., and where there is NO animal or human model, you cannot establish Koch’s postulates.  Is is even more than disconcerting to think of the number of primates that have been injected to this day in an attempt to produce, HIV/AIDS, HPV, HEP C, Hantavirus, Ebola, SARS, West Nile, Epstein Bar, Swine Flu, Etc., without success.  All of these virus’s have received a special dispensation from Koch’s postulates.

4) The germ or virus must then be isolable from the newly infected host.  We are now back to problem 2!

The Antibody That Isn’t Theory!

According to germ or viral theory, an antibody is a certain antidote for a pathogen.  According to the viral theory, however, the more antibodies you have to ANY so-called virus, the sicker you get you are said to be HIV, HPV, HEP C, EBOLA, Hantavirus, Epstein Bar, etc., positive.  You are told by your Doctor you have a disease without ANY identified viral load!  Being diagnosed with a virus is the only ‘disease’ in the allopathic file cabinet in which antibodies and now symptoms without antibodies are used to diagnose a disease.  This defies every known law, rule, guideline, fact, and behavior in the germ or viral theory book!  It is also unbelievable that vaccine research proceeds on the basis of producing antibodies, which are acid buffers and protect the alkaline design of the body, on the basis of producing antibodies to HIV, HPV, HEP C, Ebola, Hantavirus, Epstein bar, Swine Flu, etc.  Apparently these, ‘synthethic vaccines’ designed by man will signal recovery, while the body’s own antibody production signals death!!!!!  Am I missing something here?  What is this ALL about?

Bottom-line ALL of the virus’s mentioned above have received a free pass to existence and disease causing without meeting Koch’s postulates!  This is the reason I call them ALL pHantom Viruses!

To learn more about virus’s, vaccines and HIV, HPV, HEP C, Ebola, etc. read, Sick and Tired by Dr. Robert O. Young.  And you might enjoy reading the rest of the story concerning what is wrong with the autoimmune theory.  To get a copy of Sick and Tired go to: http://www.phmiracle.com or http://www.phmiraclebooks.com

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