Vegus Foods, from Ireland and THE pH Miracle, UK, hydroponically grow organic broccoli and wheatgrass SPROUTS and then presses the broccoli and wheatgrass sprouts into FRESH juice. We have been doing this in Ireland NOW for over five years!
Some really great things are happening for us!
A well-known American retailer of health foods has come to us to buy both juices to be produced under their name and sold throughout their stores in America. We reached an agreement. They want purchase and sell a lot of our juice products.
Just recently the social media site Twitter showed a world-wide trend for “Broccoli Sprout Juice”. That means that many more people around the world have taken an interest in our pressed juices. As you probably know it takes a whole lot of people to “trend” something on Twitter.
This “trending” happened because scientists in America and in China collaborated on a study that proved conclusively that you can lower the negative effects of air pollution by drinking broccoli sprout juice. The study was published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention!
In addition, BBC World News did a segment on air pollution during which the Anchor and a scientist agreed that drinking broccoli sprout juice is a good way of reducing the impact of air pollution. Then they drank some of our broccoli sprout juice which had been nicely displayed on the anchor’s desk during the segment.
The BBC came to us for our broccoli juice because Vegus and pH Miracle has the world’s first and only commercial produced pressed broccoli sprout juice!
All of the free publicity has created a huge demand for fresh sprouted broccoli sprout juice and with a knock-on effect for our fresh sprouted wheatgrass juice.
So here is our problem which is also our opportunity! We need to expand our production capability very quickly to grab these incredible Worldwide opportunities.
To ramp up our sprout growing and juicing production for this incredible product and market in the next 60 – 90 days we will need funding of $150,000.
These funds will provide for a processing unit that will produce up to 1.5 million doses per month and sprouting rooms to produce 250,000 doses per month of broccoli and wheatgrass sprout juice. The cash flow from the initial sales will fund additional grow units until the overall production increases to 1.5 million doses per month. The additional cash flow generated will be used to add an additional processing unit and more grow rooms taking us up to 3 million doses a month or more of freshly produced broccoli and wheatgrass juice.
To put these numbers in perspective, each consumer will use one dose a day so that will help us reach a production of 1,000,000 broccoli and wheatgrass doses per month. Today, we have only supplied 30,000 people, in the world with our fresh sprouted broccoli and wheatgrass juice. So there is alot of upside to the fresh sprout juice market. The good news is we can meet this market with your help while we are sending you free packets of out broccoli and wheatgrass juice each month. Each packet of hydroponically grown pH Miracle Broccoli or Wheatgrass juice contains 1 ounce of fresh juice and has a shelf-life of over 3 months. You can carry the packets in your purse, pocket, or a backpack and drink them anytime.
A portion of each sale of pH MIracle Broccoli and Wheatgrass juice will be donated to direct research to find new ways to reduce air pollution as well as sickness and disease, including cancer.
The published research on our sprouted juices tells us that the magic ingredient in fresh broccoli sprouts is “SGS” which breaks down to yield an isothiocyanate. This phytochemical works in your body to help get rid of 61% more of the air pollution that your body has absorbed. Every day!
This latest report in the Journal of Cancer Prevention joins more than 700 studies published about SGS and isothiocyanates: Cancer, Alzheimers, macular degeneration, cardiovascular conditions, rheumatism . . . and the list goes on and on. A natural pH Miracle.
Our broccoli sprout juice is loaded with isothiocyante because our processing breaks down the SGS to release this powerful antioxidant called, isothiocyanate. (Independent laboratory analysis has shown that one shot of the pH Miracle Fresh Sprouted Broccoli Juice yields 36 mg of the isothiocyante.)
What about competition from “extracts”? Not a problem! One of the popular extracts being sold advertises that each dose contains 2 milligrams of the SGS. But it lacks the myrosinase to break it down. Even if you had the myrosinase in your body (not likely) to break down the SGS, the most isothiocyanate you might extract would be about ½ of a milligram.
So what’s a better deal? pH Miracle fresh broccoli sprout juice beats that extract 72:1!!!!
No wonder demand is growing. And being the World’s only commercial producer of fresh broccoli sprout juice we need to expand, FAST!
Please participate in our expansion by making a pledge – the perks include great discounts, free pH Miracle broccoli sprout juice, free pH Miracle wheatgrass juice. Do it now – there is a wonderful early bird special.
Pledge and make breathing less dangerous and help us prevent sick and disease around the World!
About the pH Miracle Broccoli and Wheatgrass Juice!
We grow the plants to their peak and then quickly harvest them and extract the juices using only mechanical methods – no chemicals. Then we immediately package them and treat them with very high pressure (78,000 psi!!) to lock in all the desired freshness and nutritional values.
To learn more about all the good hard science that backs up our broccoli and wheatgrass sprout juice please Google “Broccoli Sprouts”. Then when you are totally convinced by the scientific evidence and want to have this natural pH Miracle juice every day we think that you will come to the conclusion that the only way to do this right is with pH Miracle Juices.
Where does the money go?
Our BIG purchase is a packaging unit. We put sheet plastic and juice in at one end and collect packaged doses of juice at the other end.
The other significant cost is the building our new grow chambers with hydroponic systems. We have been doing this NOW for over five years and know exactly what to do.
Because of our experience and know-how our expansion will be very smooth. No trial and error – just a straight track. From funding to production in sixty days is a practical and achievable target.
Vegus and pH Mirale already produces the perks so that fulfillment is a sure thing no matter the level of success of this campaign.
We ship by First Class mail to anywhere in the World. The post office in Ireland is very good – we can still count on next day deliveries. But delivery to you depends on the service of your local post office. (Timbuktu and Antarctica are a bit slow) The packages we ship are small enough that they will fit in most mail boxes. This means you do not have to be there to receive them.
Custom duties and sales taxes
In most countries the shipments will be exempt from duty and tax as personal postal imports – but some countries may be cheap enough or mean enough to assess duty and tax. (America has a high exemption of $400 while Canada has a limit of $20.) Sorry we can’t help you there. But we will always put a customs declaration on the packages.
See our website for more information and to purchase your pH Miracle Broccoli and Wheatgrass Juice –https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vegus-juices-expansion#home orwww.phmiracle.com
Thanks for taking the tme to read this! Be well with alkaline health and fitness. And please share this wonderful news of fresh organic broccoli and wheatgrass sprout juice with everyone you love and care about.

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