The Truth About Cancer


EPISODE 7: Diagnostic “Do’s & Don’ts” – Proven Treatment Protocols Part 1

Dr. Ben Johnson, Medical Director at the pH Miracle Center in Valley Center, California, starts this episode of “The Quest for the Cures…Continues” and explaining how mammograms cause cancer and what other options women have to detect breast cancer.

The science of breast Thermography has opened the door to the earliest screening for abnormalities in breast tissue that Western medicine has ever known.

Mammograms are considered to be so dangerous due to the heavy amounts of ionizing radiation mammograms use. A single test can expose you to the same amount of radiation as 1,000 chest X-rays—that’s nearly the equivalent of three chest X-rays per day for a year. The safest and very accurate tests for breast screening are combination of Thermography and Ultrasound.

Please consider to check your breast with safe, affordable and non-invasive diagnostic tests like medical Ultrasound and Thermography.

Call the pH Miracle Center for more information:
Early Detection Saves Lives!

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