The Most Common Cause of Vision Loss


The carbohydrates present in a diet can influence
the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD),
the most common cause of vision loss in older adults,
according to a report in the American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition.

“AMD appears to share several carbohydrate-related
mechanisms and risk factors with diabetes-related
diseases, including (eye) and cardiovascular disease,”
write Dr. Allen Taylor, of Tufts University, Boston,
and colleagues. “However, to date, only one small
study has addressed this issue.”

To investigate further, the researchers conducted a
study of 4,099 participants, aged 55 to 80 years,
in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study.

The team classified a total of 8,125 eyes into one
of five AMD groups based on the severity of the
dis-ease and other factors.

Regular consumption of a diet with a high-glycemic
index — a diet containing carbs (acidic grains, pasta,
high sugar fruits) that quickly raise blood sugar
levels — significantly increased the risk of AMD
relative to regular consumption of a diet with a
low-glycemic index (alkalizing low sugar fruits
and vegetables).

The researchers calculate that 20 percent of AMD
cases could have been prevented if subjects had
consumed diets with a low-glycemic index.

“The eyes are 97% to 98% water and are very sensitive
to acidic water and foods. Using alkaline drops
such as a 1% saline solution in the eyes can be
very helpful in buffering localized acidity in the
eyes,” states Robert O. Young, Ph.D.

“If you want healthy eyes you must maintain the
alkaline design of your body fluids by reducing
dietary and metabolic acids with the four
foundational food groups:

1) Alkaline water at 9.5 pH

2) 9 to 12 servings of alkaline vegetables and fruits

3) Liquid mineral salts, and

4) Healthy long chain poly-unsaturated fats.”


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, July 2007
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