A Proven pH Miracle Beverage With Lemon and Bicarbonates In Reversing Cancer


A simple recipe helps to buffer the metabolic and dietary acids in reversing a cancerous condition. The protocol has followers all over the world, and their health is evidence of its effectiveness. It is important to note that scientific research in the field of oncology shows something very important:

Patients with cancer have the force themselves and energy for self-healing with the help of positive thinking, only need to help the process.

The recipe:  240 ml of filtered water or distilled

1 tea spoon of pHour salts of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride

The Juice of one lemon

One thought on “A Proven pH Miracle Beverage With Lemon and Bicarbonates In Reversing Cancer”

  1. This sounds true to me as I can get rid of athletes foot / tinea with a combination of sodium (bicarb), potassium (cream of tartar) and calcium carbonate. According to Italian oncologist Simoncini, cancer is a fungus. I take 1/2 tspn each of bicarb and cream of tartar, and calcium tablets as indicated according to The Biochemic Handbook on cellsalts. Yes, calcium needs to be kept in balance with magnesium too, plus the other cellsalts being silica and ferr phosphosphate.


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