Will The Real Quacks Please Stand UP!


“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein 1879 –1955

The medical establishment, lost in the false belief that they “know best”, have become blind to the obvious statistics of harm that Big Pharma drugs and needless surgeries cause.  Ironically, they are quick to label anything outside their dogma quackery and pseudoscience; such as the ph Miracle alkalizing lifestyle and diet. And sadly, when those in the holistic healthcare arena challenge this ignorant concept, the challenger is often dismissed as a “brainwashed sham artist” or an “uneducated idiot” without really being heard.
Doctors Diet Advice
When did such arrogance become so deeply entrenched in our professed superior modern society? When reading the history of medicine some of you would laugh at what was once widely thought to be effective medicine. Surely we have not regressed back to the close-mindedness of the Dark Ages Inquisition, dismissing any contrary opinion as heresy. Or have we?
Outcry for a Change
In today’s world, there seems to be an outcry for a change in healthcare or wellness care, and I’m not speaking about the healthcare we hear about in politics. No, I’m speaking of health care as opposed to sick or disease care.
If modern evidence based medicine, which is based on testing and observing, thus, “proving” the effectiveness of treatments, is so successful in its fundamental premise, why are people sicker than ever?  Shouldn’t the opposite be occurring?  Especially here in America, the self-proclaimed most advanced country in the world of medicine! (Currently with a health ranking of 39 in the World)
Thousands of people a day die from conventional medical care (the medical treatments from conventional medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death just behind heart disease and cancer) and, yet there are basically zero outcries from the ‘skeptics’ of natural alkalizing health care. As though in some sort of trance, they simply repeat the same mantras against alternative care…“it’s quackery care”… which is, mind you, the very thing they accuse alternative advocates of doing: chanting mantras against Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)!
Furthermore, despite the mounting presence of evidence that is in favor of the pH Miracle alkalizing lifestyle, diet and natural health care approach, they nonetheless bury their collective heads into the ground in denial, but not without first crying “but it’s still quackery!”
Scrutiny of Modern Medicine
An intelligent person should be asking why conventional so-called medicine is not subjected to the same scrutiny that “alternative” or “traditional” or “complimentary” or “alkalizing” protocols or treatments constantly are, especially when the failures of so-called modern medicine (only 100 years old) are resulting in more and more needless injuries and deaths, not to mention the very diseases they are supposedly fighting against are statistically getting worse.
Cancer in women is NOW 1 in 3 and cancer in men is NOW 1 in 2.
So if the health and well-being of the community isn’t benefiting, then what else can it be?
MONEY? What is a person’s life worth anyway?
We all have heard of horror stories of injuries caused by a medical doctor (Medical Doctors are NOW the 3rd leading cause of death in America), but we excuse it for some reason. Well, a major reason is because we aren’t even able to sue a medical doctor for negligence, as such legal actions (aka. “Frivolous Lawsuits”) were blamed for higher insurance premiums. Of course, in the relatively rare event (as compared to medical doctor’s accidents) when an injury occurs with a chiropractor or holistic practitioner or with my own current legal challenges, it becomes a front page stoning by the so-called skeptics. Of course they are chanting, “Quack, sham artist, lack of evidence based medicine, alkalizing and a vegan diet is harmful, etc”.
The hypocrisy is truly mind-blowing!
A good example is comparing a chiropractic “adjustment” to a osteopathic “adjustment”.  Although, oddly enough, despite the years of training and expertise of a chiropractor, for some reason (beyond logical belief) skeptics proclaim that a spinal “adjustment” is safer when a osteopath does the procedure than the chiropractor; especially when referring to the neck. In other words, chiropractic = quackery; whereas, osteopath = safe.
Let me ask the obvious question here. If it is quackery and unsafe, wouldn’t that exact procedure still be quackery no matter who delivers the adjustment? Moreover; don’t osteopaths receive substantially less training in adjusting or manipulation techniques than chiropractors?
Who would you trust?
Aren’t you glad people are finally waking up and realizing the truth who the real quacks are?
I am!
Education NOT Medication!
Education NOT Vaccination!
Self-care NOT Health-care!
Prevention NOT Intervention!
Younga Care NOT Sick Care!
To learn more about the New Biology and a new way of living, eating and thinking read The pH Miracle book 1, The pH Miracle revised and updated book 2, The pH Miracle for Cancer, The pH Miracle for Diabetes, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, Sick and Tired, Back to the House of Health book 1, Back to the House of Health book 2, The Blood, The Third Anatomical Element, The Origin of Organic Beings, Reverse Cancer Now, Herbal Nutritional Medications, A Finger on the Magic of Life, Pathological Blood Coagulation and A Second Thought About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/Ebola Hypothesis – www.phoreveryoung.com/blog

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