The Importance of Drinking Structured Alkaline Water – Part 1

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In this series Dr. Robert O. Young discusses the importance of structured water and it’s effect on human physiology.

One thought on “The Importance of Drinking Structured Alkaline Water – Part 1”

  1. very body has been running after alkaline water because they are health conscious alkaline water is antioxidant , alkaline,detoxifying, better hydrating, micro clustered reduced, hydrogen rich these are the words told by every body who sells alkaline sticks, pitchers,mugs,bowls,flasks filters and catridges etc etc by adding alkaline artificial syenthetic ceramic balls to water with out seperation of alkaline and acidic water in electrolysis method they just raise the ph of water to make it alkaline
    what is the difference between such alkaline water and a alkaline water produced by alkaline water ionizer by splitting h+ and oh- ions do these ions get electrified,energetic and charged in electrolysis


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