Does Your Body Run On Sugar or Salt?

Does the body run on sugar or salt? Or does the body run on electrons in a matrix of salt at a pH of 7.365?,


Learn more about pHlavor salt here:

One thought on “Does Your Body Run On Sugar or Salt?”

  1. I had a mini-stroke at my job November 2008. That’s when I found out I had high blood pressure. Both numbers had hit 200. Only by the Grace of God am I still living. I was blind in my left eye for over a year due to the fact that the blood vessels behind my retina had exploded. Had Retina surgery in Jan. 2010 which restored some of my vision but not all. So I can no longer drive and I have a great deal of trouble judging distance. Salt is my enemy. Nearly all my Dad’s side died of either cancer or strokes. Actually more strokes even though some of them had cancer. My mother’s side Diabetes. My mother, her sisters, my aunts and my cousins have either lost sight or limbs to diabetes. Neither one of my parents were fat. My Mom weighed 95 lbs most of her life even after having children. My Dad was about 160 lbs. Yet high blood pressure and a stroke killed my Dad at age 65 and diabetes plus pancreatic cancer took my Mom at age 68. I’ll be 56 next Feb. 2015. I’ve eliminated as much as possible both salt and sugar from my diet. High blood pressure and diabetes are running rampant in the Black, Hispanic and Native American communities so my question for you is why? Is it genetic that people of color are predisposed to these two horrendous diseases? I eagerly await your answer. Grace, Peace & Blessings.


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