That’s what I did as a young boy and still do as an adult! From my thoughts I have created a new way of living, eating and thinking! I have created new sciences I call the New Biology, the New Immunology Theory, the New Nuclear Physics-based Theory, the New Theory of pH, the New Theory of Nutrition, the New Theory of Metabolism, the New Theory of Latent Tissue Acidosis, the New Theory of Water, the New Theory of Non-Invasive Diagnosis, the New Theory of Psychology, the New Theory of Hematology, the New Theory of Pleomorphism, the New Viral Theory, the New Germ Theory, the New Vaccine Theory, the New Autism Theory, the New Theory of ADHD, the New HIV?AIDS Theory, the New Theory of Lupus, the New theory of Leukemia, the New Stem Cell Theory, the New Digestive System Theory, the New Periodic Table Theory, the New Cause of Disease Theory, the New Self-Cure Theory for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease and many more NEW and exciting theories. HOW DID I DO THIS? I stopped learning and I started thinking and creating!

I have been enlightened by a 12-year-old autistic boy on what was wrong with me or in better words what was right with me. All these years I have wondered why I was so different in my mind and thoughts than other children and NOW adults. NOW I KNOW!

I still have an infinity of thoughts and creativity that flow from me daily. Thoughts or ideas that could NEVER be learned at school but could only be realized by thinking and creating. I think this is true intelligence!

I think and therefore I am! I think and I know! I think and thank God!!!!!!! I think and can NOW be at peace with ALL my thoughts!!!!!!!!!!

This is what Neil Solomon, MD,  former head of research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, on the science of Dr. Robert O. Young.  “Dr. Young is on the threshold of a New Biology if proven will revolutionize the medical and biology worlds as we know them today.”

Autistic Boy With Higher IQ Than Einstein Discovers His Gift After Removal From State-Run Therapy


Stop Learning NOW!

To learn more about my theories go to the following blog link at:

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