Out of Control Maryland Medical Board, and the Individual Employees involved, ULTIMATELY SANCTIONED by District Court – a Total Finding For the Plaintiff. Damages Hearing to Follow


HUGE Victory For Mark and David Geier against the Lawless Maryland Medical Board

Maryland Medical Board, and the Individual Employees involved,  ULTIMATELY
SANCTIONED by District Court – a Total Finding For the Plaintiff.

Damages Hearing to Follow.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

I predicted that this, or something like this, would happen.  The Maryland Medical Board, and the employees that work there, are and were, completely out of control.  They believed, and they believe now, that they are the ultimate law of the land, that they have no oversight, and that they are immune from scrutiny by the Maryland Legislature and the court system.

They also believe that they are not required to engage in “due process,” and that whatever rule or procedure they make up, for the moment, is uncontestable.  I have seen, in my career, Boards that exhibited bad attitude, and were, hence, brought back under control, but I had never seen before anything like the employees of the Maryland Medical Board exhibited.

But that Maryland Medical Board has just come up against reality.  A very experienced Maryland Judge, Ronald B. Rubin, on December 15, 2014 decided that he had had enough of the Maryland Board, and its individual employees involved in this debacle, and took an extraordinary step to smack these people back in line.  He issued a “Default Judgment” in the case, long before it ever came to trial, pointing out that he, Judge Rubin, had given the Maryland Board EVERY opportunity to comply with the law, and they failed to do so.  He did it, not on the merits of the case, but on the Maryland Board’s failure to comply with real “due process” in the court system itself.  His eleven page Order, which is attached here, he made public.

More, and VERY IMPORTANT, is that the Judgment issued by Judge Rubin is against not just the Maryland Board as a public entity, but against INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEES, individually, meaning that there are going to be some personal houses, cars, jewelry, seized, and salaries garnisheed, until their deaths, to pay the damages.

More, I predict, the Judge will, in the damages hearing, force the Board and its employees, to give the Geiers all of the discovery they sought in the first place – so that the Geiers can use it in their OTHER  case.  This coming time, I predict, Judge Rubin will have his courtroom packed with armed Montgomery County Deputy Sheriffs prepared to take to jail, immediately, not only the Maryland Board attorneys who fail to produce, but ALL of the named Defendants, under a “Contempt of Court” charge.

Now, we are getting somewhere.

A Perspective…

The Autism Leadership world is divided into two groups – (1) Those that are Goal Centered and FUNCTION, and (2) Those that give the appearance of doing something, but actually accomplish nothing.  NOTHING.

The Geiers belong to the first group, with over 250 publications in the area of effects of mercury in vaccines and medications, most of which are in peer-reviewed journals, they demonstrate a daily activism almost unparalleled.   They travel around the world presenting at world health conferences on the problems of mercury.  They testify in court, and design court cases, working with attorneys.

Unlike group (2) they are not interested in holding yacht parties.  They have no interest in having their photo taken with a Congressman.  You will find no pictures of them, on FaceBook, partying, with a drink in their hands.  When they testify in front of a government committee they are prepared, and rely on science.  They are not afraid to use the “V” word (Vaccines).  When they speak, they speak the truth, and it resonates.

Which is why they are a target..

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Tim Bolen

PS Please support Dr. Robert O. Young in his battle for health freedom who is also being wrongfully persecuted in San Diego County, California by the out of control California Medical Board and the San Diego District Attorney and their employees.  You can make donations to his legal defense fund at: www.phmiracleliving.com/t-InnerlightFoundation.aspx

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