Reversing Autism With The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet


The following is another unsolicited pH Miracle Testimony on reversing Autism from Tony Paterniti:

Our 21-year-old, severely autistic daughter (low-functioning) met Dr. Young last night. He spent some time connecting with her and sorted out the extreme crisis she had been going through for the past week – thrashing wildly about in apparent pain, with loud vocalizations and no sleep for a full week.

We applied his immediate suggestions, and by the time we got home at around 10 p.m. (the meeting was some distance from our home), she was quiet and still. Heading up to bed an hour later, we could see the exhaustion of the past week finally descending upon her, looking for rejuvenation – and knowing she would find it.

Elena slept peacefully through the night. By morning, it was clear that the serious gut issues Dr. Young had tuned in on had been cleared – at least for the moment. Clearly, we are now on a path with Elena that can only lead to more good, more health and greater well-being.

And for this, we feel extremely grateful and happy.

Blessings on you and on your assistants, Dr. Young – Especially during Elena’s time of extreme crisis, you were – and are – a godsend.

Tony & Ziek Paterniti

9 thoughts on “Reversing Autism With The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet”

  1. Just a minor correction: Elena is 19 and a half! Have no idea why I wrote 21 – except, perhaps, my own exhaustion after the week we've just been through! šŸ˜‰


  2. I would like to know what Dr. Young did in such a short period of time to make a difference. I have a 10 year old grand daughter with Autism.


  3. Please Dr Young, what did you do in such a short time to make Elanas life more manageable, would love to know……………..Gerry


  4. The pHlush and pHour salts cleanse the colon and have done wonders for my autistic daughter. Crystal is healed from joint pains and swelling. She is a very happy girl.


  5. Great article. I don't have one clue as to what is left for me to eat. I have IC and medullary sponge kidney disease. I have to avoid oxylates as well as IC no-no's. I used to like to eat, even enjoying it as one of lifes great pleasures. Now, I have guiltfests any time I pick up a spoon or fork. So many things in life are now gone.alkaline diet


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