A Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Lyme’s Dis-Ease

Hi, Dr. Young.

We spoke on the phone a few times and you had asked for my testimonial regarding my alkaline diet and how it affected me and/or changed my life.


In 2000, I had been bitten by a tick and had become infected with Lyme’s Disease. The issue was that I didn’t know I had Lyme’s for 10 years!  I didn’t get properly diagnosed until tests were run to find out why my arms were going numb. Anyway, once I was finally diagnosed, nothing that any of my medical doctors had given me had helped at all. In fact, I just felt worse.

There was a girl who worked with me who said pretty much all day, every day, “Disease cannot live in an alkaline body”. One day it stuck and I began researching alkalinity and I discovered ‘The pH Miracle’ website. I went out and bought The pH Miracle for Weight Loss book. At the point when I found your book, I was overweight, had hives daily, migraines, stomach aches, muscle weakness and extreme stress. After a few months following your program (while in Culinary school) I had lost 17 pounds, my hives were gone and my migraines were too. After one year I had lost a total of 45 pounds!

Unfortunately, little by little, I began eating a little more acidic food and in two months I had regained 10 pounds, the hives and stomach aches returned and so did the headaches.  As you said when we spoke, The pH Miracle is a lifestyle, not a diet. I have now begun to wean myself back off of gluten, sugar, meat, alcohol, etc.

The pH Miracle has changed my life!

Thank you so much for all that you do and your dedication to health and wellness.

-Carrie Blendowski (age 43)

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