Is Body Warming Trashing Your Body?

How To Live Beyond 100 Years Healthy and Strong Physically and Mentally! The following article appeared in the Toledo Free Press by Diana Patton on how we create “global warming” or “Acid Rain” from within the body.

We’ve all heard of global warming. Its premise is that the build-up of trash and waste we generate produces toxic gas that is causing the Earth’s atmosphere to deteriorate — which is literally heating up the Earth. What you may not know is that something quite similar happens when trash and waste build up in your body. Toxic acidic fluid forms, causing your body to deteriorate — leaving the body chronically sick, tired and diseased. I’ve coined a new term to describe the phenomenon: “body warming.”

Dr. Robert O. Young, microbiologist, scientist, nutritionist and author of “The pH Miracle” and “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss,” has studied the human body at the cellular level for more than 25 years. The premise of Young’s work is the human body must remain in balance in order to thrive. The balance he’s referring to is your pH balance; pH means “potential for hydrogen.” Your body is 70 percent water. Young says, to be in optimal pH balance, the fluid within your body (your blood) should test at 7.365, to maintain a healthy alkaline/acid balance. Think of pH imbalance as your own personal form of acid rain. But instead of damaging Earth’s soil and lakes and, eventually, the fish, trees and plants that thrive in them, pH imbalance damages your internal “environment.” That’s why I call it “body warming.”

If you are too acidic over time, your immune system becomes severely sluggish. Your endocrine system gets out of whack. Your vital organs begin to shut down, and your bones become brittle. If this acidic state continues, the result is chronic disease, even death. How do we get to a state of body warming? – Too much stress and negative thinking. If you are very stressed and “feed” yourself a steady diet of negative thoughts, you will eventually produce massive quantities of acidic trash and waste in your body. In turn, they produce the toxic “liquid” called acid.

Dr. Young says negative emotions are capable of creating two to three times more tissue acidity than foods or liquids we consume. Tissue acidity results in sickness and disease or dis-ease. – A reversed way of living and eating.

Dr. Young suggests we are polluting our bodies with too many acid-producing activities, among them smoking and drinking too much alcohol. We also produce acid because of our excessive intake of acid-producing foods, such as dairy products, sugar, animal protein, processed grains and junk food.

And, finally, Dr. Young says we lack activity and exercise. Over time, all these factors add up to produce the toxic liquid called acidity, causing “body warming.” But not all is lost. Just as proponents of “global warming” “go green,” we can “go green” to counter body warming.

Here are five easy-to-stick-with tips to help you achieve pH balance and enjoy better health:

1.Change the way you think. List a half-dozen past experiences that brought you happiness, joy and/or excitement. When negative thoughts arise, think of those past experiences. In addition, incorporate more prayer and/or meditation into your life.

2. Try a simple detoxification plan and increase activity. By detoxification, I mean temporarily remove certain foods that cause acid build-up, and sweat enough to release your body’s toxins. For example, replace pasta or bread with extra broccoli portions for 10 days. Increase your activity by devoting 30 minutes a day to build up a sweat; try 10 minute intervals of a brisk walk, jog, a moderate walk or whole body vibrational exercising.

3. Eat more alkaline fruits: Enjoy lemon in your water, grapefruit in the morning and avocados with your salads.

4. Water rules: Drink your body weight in ounces (e.g. 130 pounds of weight is 130 ounces of water). If that’s too daunting, start with half your body weight in ounces and work your way up. And make sure the water that you are drinking is alkaline.

Test your pH every single morning. Purchase pH strips at: When you first wake up in the morning, pull off a strip and test your first morning urine only. The urine color should be no lower than 6.8 but ideally above 7.2. To help increase your urine pH and in turn your tissue pH may I suggest the mineral salts. To become part of our alkaline community go to: To read more about pH Miracle Living go to:

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