Meet Dr. Robert O. Young in Fort Lauderdale/Miami and New York City!


Welcome to NEW LIFE EXPO 2015. Renaissance Man Entrepreneur, Mark Becker has done it again. He is bringing the NEW LIFE EXPO, the largest Holistic Health, Alternative Medicine, Anti-Aging, Metaphysical and Spiritual Expo in America for over twenty-five years to Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida on March 14-16 and New York City at the Hotel Pennsylvania, (33rd St and 7th Ave.) on March 20-22, 2015, showcasing over 200 innovative cutting-edge exhibitors and speakers from around the world including Dr. Robert O. Young, (The pH Miracle Man), Dan Millman (The Peaceful Warrior), Lynn Andrews (The Medicine Woman), Judy Satori, Kat James, Sean Morton and a multitude of Holistic Medical Doctors. Isn’t it time that you begin to experience all of the things you wanted to try but just couldn’t find the time for?

Dr. Young will also be offering ONE-on ONE consultations during his visit to Fort Lauderdale from March 14 to March 18 and his visit to New York City from March 19th to March 24th.  To learn more or to set up your ONE-on-ONE consultation with Dr. Young email to: or call 760-484-1075.

So if you are the person who wants to open your mind to all possibilities to reach your maximum potential, then NEWLIFE EXPO is for you. The law of attraction will have you meet thousands of people who have a zest for life like yourself.

Have you read about complimentary medicine or integrative medicine or holistic medicine or alternative medicine and you know that you must learn more about it, but just haven’t?

For all of you, you owe it to yourself to come to the NEWLIFE EXPO on March 14-16 in Fort Lauderdale/Miami Florida and March 20-22, at the Hotel Pennsylvania on Seventh Avenue at 32nd Street . You will be entering the Disneyland of mind, body and spirit. For only $20 at door you can experience lectures, dance performances, music and exhibits daily. A true Miami and New York Bargain.

Let the NEWLIFE EXPO answer all of your questions. You will be able to attend lectures (nine lectures going on every hour for these three days) taught by some of the most innovative minds on the planet, as well as meet the authors you have read about. Let them answer your deepest questions and autograph copies of their books for you.

Visit the NEWLIFE Bookstore located where every book will be sold for half-price. Think you will go hungry at the expo? Never! Visit our Natural Foods Dining Area. You can even have your palms read and your backs massaged.

Visit the 150 exhibit booths and sample their products and share their knowledge. Our incredible panels: The Nutrition Panel, Three Strange Universe Panels, the Sexuality & Sensuality Panel, the Vibrational Healing-Light Language Panel and Raw Food Panel.

Don’t miss our 150 lecturers who will enlighten you with their expertise. Yes, experience the products of the new millennium. Don’t let life pass you by. You know that the water you drink isn’t healthy, but you do not know which water purifier to buy. You want to buy an air purifier but you don’t want to get ripped off. You have a friend or relative who isn’t feeling well and their doctor isn’t helping them but your intuition knows that your doctor doesn’t know all of the options he/she has available to them. Or your life isn’t as healthy or vital or as exciting as it used to be. Come to the NEWLIFE EXPO and meet over 14,000 people who want to learn the same things as you. Take a weekend out of your ordinary life and enjoy an extraordinary world of possibilities. Who knows, you might even fall in love. One thing I can promise is that your life will never be the same. Aren’t you worth $20 for a day or $40 (in advance) for a whole weekend and explore what may be tomorrow’s new healing discoveries?

Dr. Robert O. Young will also be offering One-on-One consultations during the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami and New York City New Life Expos.  If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Young you can receive additional information by emailing to:  You can also call at: 760 484 1075.

And remember… it’s YOUR body, YOUR Health, YOUR LIFE and YOUR choice!!!
For more information or to register go to:

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